9.5 Vehicle Changes

Hello everyone,

let’s look at the vehicle changes in 9.5.

The biggest change was probably the FV215b (183) rebalance. The armor change is described here (basically, front of the turret got buffed from 152mm (above gun), 127mm and 101mm (sides) to 170mm (above gun), 200 and 210mm (sides).

To compensate for the changes, following mobility nerf took place:

- terrain resistance nerfed from 1,2/1,4/2,4 to 1,8/2/3
- hull traverse nerfed from 32 to 24

Basically, the vehicle in the game is now a very, very slow but well-armored juggernaut (in contrast to the FV4005).

StuG III Ausf.G got rebalanced:

- stock track traverse buffed from 37 to 39
- elite track traverse buffed from 44 to 47
- 75mm gun (L/43 and L/48) traverse nerfed from -15/+15 to -10/+10

T37 Light Tank 75mm M6 and 76mm T94 depression got nerfed:

- 75mm M6 from -9/+20 to -8,7/+20
- 76MM T94 from -9/+20 to -8/+20

Object 260 got new HE shells with the same properties as the old ones, but it’s possible the old HE alpha will be nerfed again
Object 907 got buffed (see details here)

Several tanks got their tracks model changed (Tiger, KV-1S and others). It’s not visible in the viewer, but in the game, it’s not really so bright. Plus, the Sherman hull recieved a slight retexture, just some small shadows added.

Model changes:

Hetzer had this little hole in the mantlet under the gun. It was fixed.


Maus model was somewhat resized – armor remains the same, it’s just… different. The one with turret a bit to the front is new. Rightclick and “view image” for large size.

Jagdpanther recieved some Viagra. The longer one is new.

Additionally, T55A and Hitler Panther models were fixed (T55A was made lower and Hitler Panther turret was kinda moved), but it’s sort of irrelevant since the vehicles are not even in the game yet. What IS relevant however that they actually broke one of the models, the T-34-85M. They moved the turret to the right, but left the mantlet where it was, so now it’s clipping into the hull (needless to say, the visual mantlet was moved so, the visual and collision mantlet models do not correspond).

32 thoughts on “9.5 Vehicle Changes

  1. “- 75mm gun (L/43 and L/48) traverse nerfed from -15/+15 to -10/+10″

    I wonder how much impact this will have on StuG, it has narrow gun traverse anyway IMO.

    • And how exactly many you see StuGs running around with L/43 and L/48 (not top gun L/70)? If anything it would affect StuGGie in historical battles, which might reappear… soon(tm), I guess.

    • If you think 15 is bad (its rather good in fact) then you are gonna hate 10. The jagdpanther has around that though if you want a comparison

      • Damn, you are right, anyone in their right mind use L/70 of course :-P
        My bad.

        I guess some like the L/48…?

        • True, I guess this will encourage people to stop being retards and use the proper L/70 gun on it. I always cringe when I see other StuG’s using the derp-gun.

  2. Hitler Panther … what ? Special addition of Panther for Hitler with jacuzzi , mini bar and large bed to drive around Berlin with Eva Braun ? Wasn’t Maus made for that ?

    • I saw that on Russian forums, sort of – I think it’s kinda funny. You know, neonazis using 88 for “heil hitler” – so someone called it hitlerpanther :)

        • That’s because H is 8th letter in the latin alphabet, I’ve seen simillar pattern for other NeoNazi groups like Combat 18 where 1&8 are just numbers for A and H.

          • It really makes you wonder why WG frowns on nicknames with 88 in it…
            I mean, if you REALLY want to name yourself after a Nazi or neo-Nazi movement, you’ll always find a way to do it.
            Ban 88, or 18, and they’ll just rely on…I don’t know, maybe roman numerals, to make the number 18, which stands for the initials of a certain mustachioed man.
            It would even make sense, because Roman numerals = Romans = Italians = Mussolini = Facism = HITLER!

            There, WG must ban roman numerals.
            If you use roman numerals, you are a Nazi. Logic.

  3. SS, I’m someone who has been pondering starting a British TD line for a while, what’s your initial gut reaction on comparing the two different lines? I sense your disappointment with the FV4205, but FV 215 183 with buff/nerf might still be viable?

    • I am not disappointed in FV4005 because I thought it was a bad idea from the start. As for the FV215b 183 – tried it once. It’s so slow, like Maus – but Maus seems to accelerate faster. The armor of course doesn’t protect against gold spam, so hard to say. Personally, I think it’s a nerf, but then, I never really played that vehicle (definitely wont start now)

      • Thanks for the response. As a Brit myself I feel obliged to try them but I’m struggling through the heavy and medium lines as it is. Your preview showed the same as with all Brit lines IMHO some good tanks, some turkeys.

        • I dont see any turkey tanks on the Brit medium line – Cruiser 3, Cruiser 4, Covenanter, Crusader, Cromwell, Comet, Centurion 1, Centurion 7, FV4202. Weakest one there is maybe the covenanter, the rest are all excellent.

        • ANy tank with that much RNG and the ability to cripple others in one shot is retarded and game breaking.

          SS has always been right in the Waffle+183 war of both them being broken.

          Not OP but broken. The same as arty is IMO. They make bad players have the ability to hurt good ones for one mistake.

          Waffle for instance can track and kill the best player there is simply by clicking. The 183 can highroll and kill almost anything as well.

          It encourages hard camping where no one moves in fear of being smashed way to hard.

          IMO all arty should act like FV304. It hits often and accurately and punishes campers by hitting them over and over. It also makes arty get close enough to be spotted and killled. However things like Waffle are to much. 2 sec intra load time and snap aiming doesnt allow a person to escape. You cant fix a track and regain speed while being hit with 560 DMG every 2 secs.

          It promotes bad gameplay. So the 183 is a bad design period and as SS said it will always be either OP or UP no matter what.

  4. Holy shit that ground resistance on FV215b is hilariously bad. Is there any other tank in-game with such bad ground stats?

  5. - 75mm M6 from -9/+20 to -8,7/+20

    WG and his derp nerfs again… (like the 1cm less explosion radius on 183 mm HESH)

  6. lol mobility nerf to 183. J100 now is faster and still more armored than this, with 420 #yoloblazeit HEAT and gun that can actually snipe.

  7. So they buffed the StuG III. Not sure why they didn’t mention the L70 as well. Maybe it’s already on +/-10. Too bad they buffed the traverse speed, which was already great, instead of the much needed top speed buff.

  8. so they made the 183 a lot more boring to play just to entice people to play their new tank?

    how about not introducing the “same” tank twice and instead increase the fun of the game through diversity.

    It’s not like the armor is gonna do anything for the tank (see premium rounds).