Today’s Advent Offer (7.12.2014)

Hello everyone,

today’s advent offer for EU server continues in the whale hunt tradition again and includes:

- Chi-Nu Kai + slot
- 14500 gold

Price: 61,74 USD (49.99 EUR)

Meanwhile on Russian server, today’s offer is 50 percent discount on hangar slots. Seriously, what’s with the expensive packages, WG trying to milk as much as they can?

51 thoughts on “Today’s Advent Offer (7.12.2014)

  1. They always try, nothing special. I wouldn’t mind it, if they would work hard on this game, but they are lazy asses.

  2. I wonder just how many suckers have spent good money on these so called offers, just how many are spending? I’m watching for something worth while but so far nothing but over priced wastes of cash.

    • ..well, im pretty sure there are a few people out there, who are buying it. There are cca 50 000 000 wot players, and lets say 0,001% will buy it (= 500 players per day, by average price of cca 50 euro per bundle, = 25 000 euro per day) x 24 days = 600 000 euro, which is not bad :)

      • I dont get you, what’s the problem with big packages?
        As long as you get your worth for it?

        If you buy gold rather regularly then it’s better to spend 100 euro once a year then 10 euro every month.
        If they used small packages as you seem to wish, then the final price would be higher

        this offer is made based on 50 euro gold deal, when you buy it you get Chi-Nu-kai and slot for free which is 1800 gold nominal worth or 900 gold for patient buyer.

        It is clearly better offer then one usually available – you get like 6% extra compared to standard 50 euro package

        with 100 euro package you get extra 1500 gold (comparing with two 50 euro packages) which is close to 5%

        If you regularly buy gold you should already be buying 100 euro pckage. Buy 2 of these offers and you will pay 1 eurocent less, get the same amount of gold (2×14.5k + 1500 for second tank), Chi-Nu-Kai and 2 slots for free.

        It’s not “hell I have to get this” but it is better offer then any available normally

        • On the other hand, it’s severely overpriced for someone who usually doesn’t buy gold. Like that BT-SV for 100 euro with shitload of gold. I understand it’s rare tank, but as I have no use for so much gold in near future, this package is worthless to me even though I would like to have that vehicle.

        • Not everyone likes so spend so much money at once, even if they can easily afford it. Fury wasn’t avaliable for purchase with gold, so screw everyone who buys large amounts of gold. Advent offers aren’t anything interesting so far. +50€ with some gold and a tank, exept some rare tanks you could get the same offer any time of the year. They reveal this stuff daily like it’s something special. Most of the time it’s 5-10% off normal offer. Also T5 Premiums go on sell every month.

  3. heh this advent calendar is funny..hope tomorow we will have some tier2 prem tank for 200Eu :P

  4. Kewl, a mediocre premium tank and a shitload of gold.

    Got the tank alread, wont buy the gold. And offer number 7 is scraped for me again

    REALLY? I mean, is it so hard to do sth. where your customers feel appreciated instead of MILKED?

    WTF WG

  5. The problem with this offer is the claim that it is at an 11% discount, but 14,500 gold normally costs £39.47 and this offer costs……..£39.47. The tank and garage slots are supposed to be free, so where is the 11% discount?

    This actually breaks UK trading laws, as the offer is misleading and is no offer at all.

    But who wants these stupid bloody offers anyway? Why dont they understand we might want the tank but we dont want the gold.

    • They understand we want the tanks but want to squeeze some more money out of us on that occasion. Isn’t that just natural for a company?
      Same principle when they made the deal with the crappy outdated and expensive mouse plus the Panzer IV Hydro.
      I still try to sell that damn mouse….but of course nobody wants – it’s crap :)

      As long as they don’t sell a M60, VK72.01 or a Panzer IV/V I’m not interested anyways as I have all other premiums I wanted already. :(

      Guess next time they sell those I named with their clothing collection that might attract some homeless and guerilla fighters but not serious gamers.

    • Open up a ticket with the ASA.
      I am sure once they make a ruling in 3 months and tell WG not to run this advert again that we wont see it.

  6. Wow, for the same prize one can get a Pz B2 wich is MUCH better premium than the Chi-Nu Kai (wich is an almost 100% copy of the Chi-Nu)

  7. “Seriously, what’s with the expensive packages, WG trying to milk as much as they can?”

    If this was a typical business, you might assess that the management are attempting to achieve a temporary boost to the balance sheet in order to – sell the company or create a valuation for some such purpose.

    I don’t know what you can deduce from the fact that its EU/RU servers which are grabbing cash, whereas NA and Asia seem to be chugging on as normal.

  8. That is not even whalehunting. Whalehunting should have something that appeals to whales(like rare tanks or something). This is a tier 5 tank that could be bought for 1500 gold (or when the regular 50% discounts come up for 750 obviously). That offer is so retarded like going flyfishing and hoping to catch a whale.


    A Whale

    • 16000 gold for 50euros is 320/10euros. Usually you get ~270 gold. So, this is not that bad IF you want gold. However, 50 euros is steep. Why not 30 euros or 20?

      30 euros offer with tetrarch was 275g/10euros. Not worth.

  9. The thing is: if i want gold I buy gold and not with a sad bundle like this. They got me with the BT-SV though, that I couldn’t resist.

    • I noticed those offers in the store it would surely be better buying the credit card offers and then waiting for discount which will happen on premium tanks over Christmas.

  10. Something from the Forum that might interest you.

    Aldramelech, on 07 December 2014 – 09:04 AM, said:
    “Right, the Japanese tank is free, the Garage slot is free, so your paying for the 14,500 gold, this I understand.

    But according to the big orange sticker next to the tank this is at an 11% discount. So for £39.47 your getting 14,500 gold at an 11% discount with a free tank and garage slot.

    But hang on, I go to standard gold purchases and look at how much 14,500 gold costs normally and surprise, surprise 14,500 gold cost…………wait for it……….. £39.47!

    So where is exactly is the 11% discount??????????

    You do realise you are breaking the trading laws of the United Kingdom?”

  11. Didn’t you all know, EVERY one in Europe is a wealthy decadent imperialist who sleep on piles of money ripped from the rest of the world.

    I have a good job and “could” easily spend such silly money on an online game, but sadly for WoT I also have an appreciation for value for money, and WoT’s european prices are generally just too high for what you get imo.

    I have bought premium time for most of my WoT time as at around £7 per month it helps enormously to cut down any “grind” for XP or Credits to get to the tanks I enjoy playing.

    But these packages, and the £1 to Gold ratios are just a piss take.

    btw the best package at the moment is the approx £23.40 one for 7000 gold and 30 days premium – that works out at 420 (yes 420) gold per £, vastly better than the average package of around 350 gold per £

    • If you play premium all the time then buying the 7k gold package is by no means your “best” one.

      The 25600 for 75 euro is your “Best” one.
      25,600/75 = 341 gold per euro

      The “Cherry on top” budle is an effective 9k gold
      9,000/30 = 300 gold per euro

      2k gold for cherry = yearly cost/12 (If you play it all the time why wouldn’t you buy a 12 month sub?)… Of course, I am ignoring the fact that they MIGHT discount 12 month subs later in the month.

  12. WG don’t care,they’re spitting out these packages and someone is buying them.
    Could be something to do with the rouble going down the toilet and WG trying to claw money back through us.
    There already is much bitching on RU server because things are getting more expensive as the game economy is tied to the dollar

    • Check the RU premium shop and notice the prices are higher there than on EU (showing in your local currency). :)

      • Because the Ruble is printed-on toiletpaper at the moment, thanks to Putin’s adventures. Guess why they go whale-hunting in the EU at the moment…

  13. Ugh, I’m really starting to get annoyed with WG EU.

    Also, does anyone know why on the advent calendar, days 8, 15 and 19 have a gold cloak instead of the standard grey one? Just curious.