Today’s Advent Offer (8.12.2014)

Hello everyone,

today’s advent offer for EU server includes:

- 180 days of premium account

Price: 49,96 USD (40.65 EUR)

Meanwhile on Russian server, today’s offer is: Fury + garage slot, 100 percent crew + 5 slots in hangar, 4200 gold – for 33 USD.

33 thoughts on “Today’s Advent Offer (8.12.2014)

  1. wow the russian deal sounds good, i want to get a years worth of premium again, it’s a good offer when it’s on…

    • Try the NA server “mission”…15k xp for a small handful of silver consumables, repeatable daily :|

      • Ok, just checked and that sucks too, but still you get something for it. T

        he premium time could be some value to others but I already have premium time and I don’t want to commit myself to the game for such long term. I’ve been playing almost every day for a year now, but I don’t know if it’s going to be so in the for the 180 days.

  2. At least this time it’s a decent offer. A full year is still cheaper (about only 1 € total though) .
    At least WGEU is improving their offers.

    I will still be waiting for that 10 % off 360 day premium account though.

  3. This Prem account deal would be good, if you could use it with your existing gold in the game client. But I have not seen such offers for about a year. :(

    • I would think they do this to prevent people who get free gold to be able to get (large amounts of) free premium.

    • If you have gold in your garage it means you have already paid the money. But WG wants more money, they want new income. By purchasing with gold you only create a possibility you will “like buying with gold”, and maybe, just maybe, you will buy some more gold in the future. But if you have to buy stuff in the premium shop for money, it means instant and guaranteed profit for WG.

  4. Damn, I’d love that RU server deal…I still need to buy Fury. Going to try & get it on Weds, if its still available.

  5. This deal is not so bad, it’s a decent offert for the guys who don’t want to throw 80€ in WG pockets (my case). But as usual russan deals are better :(

    • Decent? Where is the difference whether you throw 40,-€ for half a year or 80,-€ for one year into WGs throat?

  6. WG for EU have no brain…
    Each offer for RU server is much more better and relevant for purchase.
    EU events is one big not interresting fail

  7. Wait, the in game 6 months premium isn’t discounted? That’s shit if it isn’t. I’ve bought gold just to get it!

  8. It’s a business decision with short-term profit… don’t know about the long-term consequences of acting thus, though. They obviously need EU to balance the RU business problems and take into account some bad feedback from some players…

    But why complain?
    I mean, you don’t go into WalMart and complain that the bananas are on discount, not the apples… Yell at the staff there “why can’t i pay coconuts with goods i bought from you, why cash?”… “Why are oranges cheaper in european WalMart than in russia?”

    Just take it or not; just play this game or don’t…

    • It is a matter of principle. Let me explain:

      I come from The Netherlands and we had a children’s feast called Sinterklaas. ALL shops/webshops have discounts (10/15/20%) on all kinds of products. But children’s toys stand out on top. Why?
      The discounted prices were in almost ALL cases the same as the normal selling price were in June to August.
      So distributors and shops increased their prices of products 2 months before this holiday and now they sold items as ‘discounted’ thus making more profit.

      Now you can call this alright, because hey THEY say it is discounted. But in reality it is just the sorry state in which and how companies want to make profit.

      The same holds for WG, they sell it under the note discounted but in reality (look at the T-34-3 for example) nothing is discounted and the company just tries to lure willing buyers.
      Such practices stink in my opinion.

      THB: the discount on 4000 gold +400 for 15 euros a few days ago was a nice and good discount.

  9. Really wish US did the Advent calender offers.. It looks really fun and would of made them tons of money.