US Server Forbidden Mod Q&A

Hello everyone,

probably for the sake of clarity, Wargaming NA decided to make a Q&A thread, where players can ask whether that respective mod is legal on US server. While in general terms the same conditions apply for all servers, please note that something being illegal on one server does NOT mean it’s automatically illegal on other servers – no idea why this is not unified, Wargaming is just funny that way.

From the thread:

- Warpack is illegal (duhhhh)
- the Battle Assistant (the arty mod) is legal
- XVM is allowed
- sniper-mode zoom-in and zoom-out mod is not allowed, except for replays for free camera

Explanation for the zoom mod from WG manager Pigeon_of_War:

This goes back to our Lens Scope prohibited mod rule. If you can zoom with your Sniper mode so much it removes foliage from the position you are in or the position you are zooming, it is Prohibited. These mods do exist and it seem to be caused be a mix up in someone coding it (accidentally?) so that you can zoom so for that it incidentally causes the foliage to be removed. Just note, it’s Prohibited if it removes foliage. Regular Zoom Mods that allow you to just increase the the area you are currently looking in are fine (for right now, we do reserve the right to change this at anytime, of course

So if you have an account on US server, you can ask whether a mod is legal or not. Haven’t seen any such thread for EU.

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  1. what about the mod that allows u to see the tanks that your platoon are seeing? even if they are at 900m

    i suppose its ilegal, but that mod will explain a lot of weird things, specially in CWs

  2. I know about zoom mods that increase zoom up to 30x, but how far one must zoom for the foliage to be removed?

    • No, there are two zoom mods :

      -allowed : just makes bigger the area you see (like a numeric zoom on a cell phone)

      -prohibited : zooms like your camera was getting closer to your ennemy and this makes disappear the foliage (like an optical zoom on a camera)

      This is what I understood

      • *30 does actually remove the foliage directly in front of you and kinda “removes” the one in front of the enemys as the part of the tree (eq 15 leaves or the pack of leaves they have) stays the same size it would be in times 8 which is usual zoom. so the tree is still there but its leaves are just 1/4 of the size they should be and you can see between them.
        Doesn’t work for spotting of course but makes shooting easier

  3. How they can understand what mods are you using?
    I am using 16x zoom from Jove modpack. I think this is legal as it does not remove leaves or anything. Can anyone confirm if JOVE`s modpack includes any forbidden mods? Should not, this is one of the most reputed Russian streamers from Virtus.PRO. Still a confirmation would be nice?

    • 16x zoom should be legal, it (WGs stupid render engine) just starts removing bushes in front of you if you use 30x or higher
      AFAIK (don’t use this in an argument)

    • there is some hidden info in the replays… you just need some1 from that battle to send a replay where you appear; and some mods can be detected, others cant.

    • Because if your a dumby you upload a replay and or a screenshot.

      So the non-dumbys are not recording replays -simple.
      Replays = Record your client

      • Haven’t u read what Jesus sainz wrote? It’s enough for somebody else to upload his battle in which you participated.

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      • Doesn’t say illegal anywhere :)
        “Regular Zoom Mods that allow you to just increase the the area you are currently looking in are fine”
        He’s actually saying it’s fine.

  5. EU can’t be bothered to respond to the first topic about mods that died after 3 pages since they did not want to respond and sort out any confusion. So not expecting EU to do this ever. Ectar and iScending have to little time since they are being smart asses on other topics on the forum. Something tells me ectar is sick of responding to anything form the community atm. His responses are getting more and more arrogant of late. The post he made about Fury was the least discreet way of saying “we do what we want so FU” post I’ve seen from WG in ages. And his calendar post equally so. That was more or less “don’t like it then F-off”

  6. in my opinion…. if you are using mod which gives you any sort of advantage you can subtract 3-5% off your win rate, depending on advantage it gives you… warpack users are 10% worse than their stats

    just my opinion…. and if you say it does not give you advantage then why do you even use mods? (cosmetic changes to hud is ok)

    • Which are mods that give you an unfair advantage? Does my WR go down from 54% to 46% for using XVM stats and map mod?

      • mod that gives you information you dont have on clean client are the worst, second place would be mods that makes gameplay convenient to play (e.g arty aim mod, more zoom, aim bot…)…… only mods that are ok to me are purely cosmetic mods (skins…)……..

        how many times i forgot where the enemies are and they flanked me?…. maybe 1% of the time, but still its 1% up in stats, if you add it all up you would make your stats better by few %

        • It appears that you know little about mods then.
          Aimbots are not merely convenient, they are an automation that circumvents the need for the player to actively participate. A total paste-eater with an aimbot has a distinct advantage over a player who has to both drive and aim at the same time.
          More zoom in and of itself doesn’t give you any info that a clean client doesn’t have, it merely takes the info that the server provides the clients and displays it differently, but still requires you to have the skill to aim. That puts in in a different league from something that eliminates the need for skill.
          But if it actually removes the foliage rather than merely magnify it (and the gaps between the leaves) then there is a problem as that is actually altering the data as opposed to merely how that data is displayed. WG says there is a shrub there, then you better show the shrub!
          Skins are kind of a grey area as most are “hit skins”; instead of making a German tank look like the cat it’s named after, they mark out the weak spots. They negate the need to memorize the weak spots of each tank, thus serve to negate some need for skill far more than a zoom mod does.
          XVM is likewise cosmetic, at least if you decline to activate the entirely optional part of it that displays publicly available information. Declining to do so only really affects the Over Target markers, Capture Bar and Mini-map…. and WG is rolling the mini-map portion of it into 9.5.
          You are arguing that a mod that negates the need for skill (skins) is less of a cheat than one that merely alters the view in ways that do NOT show you anything that isn’t already on the screen? You are putting sights that still require one to aim in the same category as bots that negate that requirement? Wow! You really have no idea about game balance or computers, do you?

  7. In a game where a right click automatically tracks the center of the enemy target and you get nice red outline of it, why does it even matter if something removes foliage or not ? I don’t get it.

    Moded arty camera, received dmg announcer and stratospheric zoom out to see where tanks are in urban environment are much more game-breaking (compared to random new player with no mod) than that.

    • 16x should be ok it starts removing foliage in the zoom mod right in front of you at 30x or more

  8. If you play ESL for gold then comply with their rules, otherwise bot, cheat and hack on fellas. WG doesn`t mind.

  9. The one that annoys me, being an NA server player, is that the EU allowed damage announcer is banned, since it shows who’s shooting you when they’re not spotted. Came in handy as a scout, since you could see that theres, say, an Obj. 704 lurking off in that general direction and cloaked.

  10. Is mod, that shows on minimap where enemy is aiming, legal?
    Is OTM reload timer legal?
    Is white tracks/wrecks legal?

  11. That list is a big load of shit IMO. Personally i only use 1 mod and thats received damage announcer anyway.

    WG should find a way to block such mods completely (game refusing to start), or implement a cheat detection system and ban the cheaters. Simple as that.

    Flashing that shitty list in front of our eyes wont change shit. And WG EU staff can blow me hard btw.

  12. So let me get this straight, Arty can use that cheat of a mod but tankers can’t use a zoom sniper?? Fuck you Wargaming, FUCK YOU TO HELL.

    • Surely only campers need zoom sniper.. Are you all saying you camp all the time?
      I’m amazed at all the butthurt going on about zoom mods when most of you complain bitterly about anyone camping.
      Talk about double standards..
      Make up your minds what you want guys, jeez…

  13. “- XVM is allowed”

    That’s a load of BS right there. Why won’t they grow balls and state that xvm-stats are ruining the game? Such fun much gaem, when enemy arty focuses solely on you because you happen to stand out in the crowd, no matter what kind of tank you happen to drive.

    Or times when ppl who see you just switch to premium ammo and start to facef–k you through these parts of armor which they shouldn’t be able to pen. Those were f-ing great too.

    I know that in wars and sh-t it was a good idea to take out the commanders and such, but first you had to identify the bastard by his insignias etc. And i wouldn’t mind if someone would focus on me after few minutes in the game, if i would happen to hurt enemy team up to that point, or if i have driven “besterestu-tanku” of my team(top tiered heavy or TD for example).

    But what the f- am i supposed to do if enemy with xvm tell his/her team to get rid of me even before match started?

    And i’m not even purple in wn-whatever.

    Man, fk the xvm.

    • Well, to be fair, this is how it works in virtually every ‘sport’ on Earth. It’s not like the Lakers had to wait until the 4th quarter to know they had to double team Jordan…

      • That argument again … Did the Lakers also gang up on MJ and foul him so badly that he had to leave the game after 5 minutes with no penalty whatsoever? No? Good, cause you cant compare WoT to real sports.

    • Take it as a compliment and get on with it. Whinging on forums and blogs doesn’t change anything and makes you look childish.

      When I do play my arty I find purple/blue players the most difficult to hit instead concentrating on the slower heavies/td’s, which to be honest are what arty is there to take out in the first place. Just because you happen to be a good player doesn’t mean the opposing team all said lets kill x first. In about 21k games I can probably count on my hand the amount of times that has ever been said before the game starts.

      In regards to what mods should/shouldn’t be available we just have to leave it to WG to eventually sort out.

  14. Oh nice, WG NA opened Pandora’s Box.

    The problem with such threads is that the mod names, descriptions and features are now public knowledge. From there on its just a google-step away. That is the reason there is no such thread on WG EU. We’ve seen this happening with the Arty Mod SS wrote about a few days ago. Like every second arty seems to have it now. People are getting hit in impossible positions and the arty population seems to have quadrupled.

    Now everyone will know the name “Warpack” and I bet half the people here just googled how to get “platoon sight” beyond render range …

    Its a fine line neutral bloggers like SS have to walk, but these things should never be published on official forums. I really hope WG will remove the ability to mod World of Tanks soon. Yes, it will hurt the game in the short run and I like my mods too, but long term it will improve things alot.

    • The worry is that a reasonable number of improvements WG have made have been based on 3rd party mods in addition to the perfectly legitimate cosmetic ones.

      Personally i’d feel much more comfortable if the client at least monitored what mods are being used. At least then the most prevalent mods could be assessed for their legality in a meaningful way. As is (and as mentioned above) it matters little due to WG’s weak stance on them and even weaker ability to actually police them.

  15. I don’t why everyone is always crying about mods. World of Tanks big selling point is that you use mods, seeing as it’s 98% server side based there aren’t any real cheats for the game.

    So seeing as the cry babies can’t figure out what a real hack is, let me list some from other games:

    Wall hacks that let you go thru walls or climb up in to spots very high.
    Shot hacks that let you shoot thru hills, rocks ect.
    maps hacks that let you see where everyone is on the map.
    And my favorite from FEAR the atom bomb hack instantly kills everyone on the enemy team boom.
    I have not seen any of these hacks in WOT.
    If you can’t play the game when people use mods then find yourself a new game so we don’t have to listen to you cry all the time.
    For christ’s sake dry your eyes and grow a pair of balls!

    • The flipside is this, if you cannot move without a walking stick, maybe you should drop out of the race?

      Also, your definition of wall hacks is amusingly wrong.

      As stated above, extreme versions of zoom are a sort of wallhack (as in “seeing through things you aren’t supposed to). The platoon sight lets you see what you shouldn’t see, unless its a fake. Either way, as long as these things are technically possible, they will be used.

      The goal of a competitive multiplayer game should be to provide a fair platform with equal chance for any participant. Mods have always worked against this principle. The moment they tip the balance beyond any reasonable limit, they should be removed to even the odds.

      We are not there yet, but we might be soon.