RU/ASIA Bundles – Grosstraktor, T-34-85M, KV-5

Hello everyone,

so, in a way, that old leak, where it was said that “something” is planned for Christmas with T-34-85M and Grosstraktor was right. Only it wasn’t the NY mission (that’s why it was so easy to believe that the T-34-85M would be the marathon tank, since I knew what was going on), but RU shop bundles (which we will probably get too, as ASIA has them as well).

The bundles (valid from 15.12. to 19.1.) are as such:

- KV-5, 30 days of premium and 2000 gold: 50 USD
- T-35-85M, 30 days of premium and 950 gold: 30 USD
- Grosstraktor, 30 days of premium and 3750 gold: 30 USD

The Grosstraktor is NOT worth it (I tested it, it’s shit). T-34-85M? Maybe. KV-5? Well, that’s a known one.

34 thoughts on “RU/ASIA Bundles – Grosstraktor, T-34-85M, KV-5

      • With a worse gun, which is about 50% of what makes the T-34/85 good. I wouldn’t get it until you really want a rus med crew trainer that actually plays like a med

          • Well, KV-220 is not for sale and it’s also a heavy tank… you probably mean KV-5?

            And T-34-85M will be a solid vehicle. Yes, it has less penetration. That sucks a bit. But Type 58 and the Shermans also have that same amount on tier 6, so it’s not /that/ bad. Armour should be incredibly trollish, it has like 90mm sloped front. Pretty amazing.

            Even VK3001P has only 132mm pen, unless you play it with the L/70 and why would you when the L/56 is the only thing that makes it worth playing over the 3001D or 3002M.

            TL;DR, slightly gimmicky version of T-34-85 with the only /real/ downside being the cardboard (15mm?) rear with the fuel tanks inside. But if you want a crew trainer for your Soviet mediums… this is a good offer. T-54 mod. 45 will take ages to arrive, and Matilda IV is… ‘special’.

              • I checked the RU store, and no KV-220 there. The bundles are KV-5, T-34-85M and Grosstraktor. And, if I see it right, a bundle with all the gift tanks from previous years (Tetrarch, M3, LTP, T1E6, T7 CC and Vickers).

                Definitely no KV-220.

    • The premium T-34-85M is basically the same as the chinese Type 58. You already have to fire quite a bit of prem ammo with it, but with this prem tank you can at least afford it. So it will be a good prem tank.

  1. idk if i’ll get one of these, i do quite like the design and gun of grosstraktor (more or less tier 3 t28 medium but heaps worse). and the t35 85m i dont really like the looks. i hope these come to normal prem shop tho. :)

  2. 85M seems like a good enogh stalin crew trainer (other soviet prem mediums are terribad). I might actually get, when it’s on 30% discount in the game client.

  3. Well,the KV-5 offer is not bad.I mean,if you already buy premium acc. you pretty much have to pay about 20 Euros for it,which is nice.

  4. EU offers will have 10K gold minimum and they will cost 60 Euro each for the cheapest one. We all know how well the Fury went compared to the other regions. 2x the price compared to the cheapest bundle in the other regions. I expect nothing less this time either.

  5. I presume these bundles don’t work for the NA server? I know it’s overpriced, but I’d love to get a grosstracktor for the collection

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  7. Even tho people say the Großtraktor is shit, i will buy it anyway if it comes to the EU store too.
    Im German tank collector, so I anyway want it on my garage. =)

  8. the NA has BT-SV bundle KV-220 Grosstrackor and the T-34/85m plus the WZ-111 so ill say good buy to my disposable income and free time nice to see the prices aren’t jacked up though.

      • I have bought sth similar
        Yes the tank is hopeless.
        But in fact you are buying it with a cost of a lunch. The amount of pure gold in it makes it pretty well to decide. Wargaming never fails on taking your bucks away yay? :D

  9. SS, do you know if they will let us buy the T-34-85M with gold later ? or is it buy able with cash only ?

  10. We must have been good little tankers this year on the NA server. So many goodies to blow your money on. I’m definitely getting the BTSV, the T-34-85M and the light tank bundle. So many of the hard to get premies available, this is going to really round out my collection of hard to get tanks.