Public Service Announcement – Sell Those Gold Consumables!

Hello everyone,

okay, here’s a short public service announcement, courtesy of VeryRisky (thank you). It’s valid for EU server but I guess it can be applied anywhere.

You see, from Monday (15.12.) till 19.1.2015, there’s a 50 percent consumable discount. Some of you might have gathered some gold consumables you don’t use as rewards from the missions in the past. Maybe they are sitting in your depot and you don’t know it.

If you want to sell them, now would be a good time, because from Monday, you’d get only half their usual selling cost for them.

44 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement – Sell Those Gold Consumables!

    • Those “food for crews” like Chocolate and Case of Cola are sort of useless for me. Selling each of them give me 10k credits back and that’s what I need more.

      • Also, over the next month they’ll be 50% off anyway, so you don’t lose anything if you sell them now and then change your mind and buy them back.

    • you get them for free, and sell them for half their price, instant $$ for those who need fast cash and especially those who don’t got prem tanks and account!

    • I sell them too because i dont Need them.
      Isnt that always the case, that during the discount the ones you got before are also cheaper when you sell them?

  1. I was thinking about selling all my consumables today just because from next week when will be 50% off sale i can get them for the same price and i need some money to buy new tonks

  2. SS didnt you write on the december event list that all REGULAR tanks would get a discount from 24/12 to 11/1 ??

    I cant see it on the event list on :c will this still happen ?

  3. I have 2200 premium consumables and 2000 regular consumables in my depot. I’ll buy some more at the discount, surely I won’t be selling any now :)

  4. The point is that you don’t need a stockpile for the next month. 100 premium consumables is 1m credits which I can free up now to buy tanks and restock mid jan.

  5. +1 thank you for reminding this!

    Just got 15M of (forgotten) credits, will use them for stocking up equipment for 1/2 price. And then, when selling a tank with equipment, I just sell it for the 1/2 of regular price… Reason? 0 credits loss, 0 gold loss (no demounting occurs)

    • That is an interesting proposition for a cheapshot like me, however equipment discounts are so rare, that I would have to spend tens of millions on equipment to be able to fully profit. I’ll keep on using gold for now.

  6. Wow guys, your depot management skillz!

    Just checked my depot – approx 100 small repair and first aid kits, 1 auto extinguisher, several hundred rounds of ammunition – mostly HE for various things, and a 3.7″ howitzer that goes on the Cromwell when I wish to annoy T37s in SH mode (“oh hai, Mr OP-Meta Scout, have 475 damage as I scream past you at 65km/h”)

  7. I play on the NA servers. We must have been bad little boys and girls. No Advent Calendar… No bundles… Just run of the mill junk. No goodies for naughty capitalists!!!

  8. Thanks, SS. Was gonna go through my depot and sell unused modules and prem consumables anyway soon, so better now than monday.

  9. I’m not gonna sell it – I use it :) In fact, they appear to be cheaper than regular (small) consumables. It’s quite easy to obtain them for free so… I switched many of my tans to gold canumables ;)