Today’s Advent Offer (13.12.2014)

Hello everyone,

today’s advent offer for EU server includes:

- T1E6 US LT + slot
- Mk.VIc British LT + slot
- 3 days of premium

Price: 12,42 USD (9,99 EUR)

Meanwhile on Russian server, today’s offer is: improved free XP bonus. RU players today get 15 percent of free XP from battles instead of the usual 5 percent.

38 thoughts on “Today’s Advent Offer (13.12.2014)

    • No. It was given away as a new years present for free and people still felt like they needed their money back.

    • No. If you want to know how it feels in terms of power, think T7 except with no limited matchmaking and actually worse effective burst because of how inaccurate it is (though with a decent-ish reload speed and damage per shot, which it makes up for by having “eh” amounts of ammo that runs out quickly if you try to spam it). Playing it means often bringing a tier 1 gun into tier 3 battles. Oh, and it’s pretty big and the mobility is nothing special.

      • “mobility is nothing special” I have to disagree. I think mobility is the only + on this tank.

        • It’s not bad, it’s just nothing special at the tier. There are other tanks there that are noticeably faster for instance. 48km/h? Ehhhh… It’s essentially a fatter, faster (but not by that much), worse armed T1 Cunningham (actually using its tier 1 instead of tier 2 six-shooter) that in addition sees tiers 2-3 instead of 1-2.

    • it’s just for fun but they’re not that impressive!

      it’s more of a collectors edition for those who didn’t get it!

      • If you see a T7 cc and Te-Ke bundle, take it.
        First is lol and second is an invisible sniper.

    • yea… and they can give us 5x exp for every win too… and 50% discount on tier X… and give away Obj. 260 for free… so you people can cry that garage slots still cost 300 gold….

        • rly? :-D what is MY problem? :-D WG gives you offer (offer, they are not forcing you to buy anything) to buy exclusive tank, and what you people do is just cry about why they dont give you more…. damn, where are those days when i was coming here to read some news about wot… now all i find are some whining kids crying how bad WG is… rly considering canceling that little help i do via patreon just because of kids like you….

          • The only ones who spread uses insults like “kids” around are insecure teenages with miniscule balls.

            Fact! The offers are bad, very bad compared to all the other servers, who are getting vastly superior specials, offers and deals.

            • “Fact! The offers are bad, very bad compared to all the other servers, who are getting vastly superior specials, offers and deals”
              Don’t confuse facts with opinions little princess. Just compare WG EU’s offers to what people get on the NA cluster…

              And to be perfectly honest, Wargaming is doing a better job this christmas than it did last year. Maybe some of you might remember the planes we were offered last year on the WoT portal and the outrage it caused.

              Yet you little girls are still crying and nitpicking over offers of which some are not bad at all, just because the Russian server gets a little better offers.
              For the sake of your own sanity, stop the drama already. The advent calender could’ve been worse, like last year.

    • Me too! Although I have to admit NA server finally got a decent mission (decent = not complaining about it), namely:

      Win a battle and get 1+ kill in that battle to obtain 2x each small consumable (extinguisher, repair and medi kit).

      It’s easy to pile these consumables up just by doing daily doubles :-)

  1. I don’t envy Ectar, he fell silent on the forum this time, but he must realize that the EU department really gets screwed over day after day. Todays offer is not bad, however, seeing the the T1E6 was offered in a 50€ package last year, I got the impression it was a ‘rare’ tank. It’s the same situation as with the type 59, lot’s of longtime players have one. Concerning the T1E6, it can be obtained by everyone and their mom today. I think that’s a shame, a 30€ bundle and gold I would not have mind, but apparently this tank is not that special than..

    • The T1E6 never was a ‘rare’ tanks since most of us got one for free, as new years present back in 2013.

  2. Warning, the premium tanks T1E6 (750 gold) and Light Mk. VIC (750 gold) are today 50% price reduced, even if you cannot buy them in the game!
    So if you thought about buying this package as small gold pack with garage slots, althought you already have one or both tanks, you will get only half the gold price for the tank.

  3. Am I the only one thinking that EU are here only to make money for WG ?

    We get only premium packs that cost between 30 and 130€, while RU get in game FREE bonuses…
    That’s not that fair, we get “pay to enjoy”…

    • There you have pack that costs 10€, though not very impressive, I would consider it if there was T7 instead one of those tanks.

      • And its the very first minus 30 bundle we got. I dont mind they (ru) have ‘free’ things, but a few more bundles less then 30 euros would be nice.

  4. This years Advent’s Calendar is way better than last year’s… at least when it comes to availability of rare tanks.

    • /\ This.
      Crusader is excellent with 6th, camo, and so on. Don’t play the VIc much these days, as don’t want to lose my noobmeter rating (3rd best on EU. Such skill)

  5. You can get 750 gold for both tank if you already have them, so 750g + 750g , 2 garage slots 300g + 300g , and 3 day of premium 650 gold, so this pack worth about 2750 gold for 10 EUR. In the premium shop you can get 2500 gold for about ~10 EUR.
    So what an awsome advent deal again WG , thanks the big nothing! :)