Panzer III Ausf.K – Upcoming Tier 5 Premium/Reward

Hello everyone,

it was leaked earlier that the supertesters will be testing new German tier 5 medium tank, Panzer III Ausf.K. So far, no pictures or stats appeared, but we’ll have a look at this vehicle today from the historical point of view.

First off, it’s not a fake, as some claimed on forums. It’s a paper design from 1942, that was really considered as an upgrade to the aging Panzer III. Basically, they took the Ausf.J hull and added a turret from Panzer IV (presumably Ausf.G). It’s a very obscure vehicle, that was described in Panzer Tracts as such:


And that’s all we know about it, so you can expect most of the statistics to be “fake” – based on balance rather than historicity. It will likely be slower than both the Panzer IV and Panzer III/IV for example due to the increased weight. The role of this vehicle is unclear as well, my guess is it’s not a regular premium tank for sale but some event/reward thing, but who knows. We’ll just have to see.

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    • Wut? Aim bloom when moving is actually one of the lower values on tier V, only 0.2. However, it may feel like it blooms a lot because of tank’s speed and maneuverability.

      Pz III/IV is a great tank, only the view range holds it back. If they buffed from 320 to maybe 340 I would rebuy it in an instant. <3

        • Yes, aim bloom is not good, but COMPARED to other T5 vehicles, it’s a lot better.

          Also, complaining about not being able to pot shot without aiming at T5? Name ONE vehicle that can do it on this tier, please.

          • M4 Sherman with the 76 mm gun. The aiming circle blooms a lot less on US tanks in general while turning the turret or moving.

    • Regular Pz4 has 80 and its hardly sufficient as a protection against tier3 tanks. Which can be bypassed with simply shooting 30mm side armor or 20mm rear. Turret armor and commanders cupola are thin too.

  1. Didn’t they say the reward tanks for the Individual Missions will change each season? I think is likely this is the remplacement for the StufIV

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  3. There is not a confusion ? Spielberger mentions the ausf. K as being a command tank with a second radio (the loader being used as radioman), chassis number 70201 to 70400.

  4. If it’s going to be slow and will have rather weak gun, perhaps they plan to give it p preferential MM? Brits, Americans and Russians have special t5 tanks, even “mediums”, if you can call them as such. Perhaps it’s time for Germans?

      • It’s going to have Pz4 turret though, slowing it down. Something like pz4 with shmalturm, making it too heavy for dynamic manoeuvres.

  5. Well i personally think that Pz3 is really nice looking tank, and always considered Pz4 as ugly, at least the hull looks bad. T-25 also isn’t pretty.

    So in terms of eye-candy its an improvment.

    As for the gun, be it l/43, l/48 or t-25 gun: it makes no diffrence to me, i dont like all 3 of them. At tier5 they are somewhat reasonable for a medium tank, but they struggle a lot in tier6 battle, in tier7 even with APCR its ‘painfull’ experience(either bleed credits or accept you’re not doing much that game). Yes, T-25 gun got more penetration compared to other two, but aiming time ruins it and without good accuracy you won’t be able to use this penetration properly(shells aren’t hitting where you want them to hit).

    Most likely, its “pros” will be that its faster than current Pz4(better top speed? power to weight ratio might be bad), and will turn better(have better dogfighting capabilities) than T-25. “Cons” will be poor armament compared to Pz4 and probably lower speed “in a straight line” than T-25?

    I expect it to be weaker pz3/4. Like Sherman fury and Easy8, if you dont like regular tank(pz3/4) then you won’t like the special one. Maybe if it will have limited MM it might perform well enough, but if it will be getting into tier7 games then, welp, gl hf. :P