Today’s Advent Offer (17.12.2014)

Sorry for the delay. Personal errands.

Today’s advent offer for EU server includes:

- KV-5 + slot
- 3000 gold

Price: 47,99 USD (38,45 EUR)

Meanwhile in Russia, the current offer is 50 percent off on all gold and premium days (only in the store though). Still, the EU offer today seems actually solid.

41 thoughts on “Today’s Advent Offer (17.12.2014)

    • The should get 75% discount as the ruble is going down to the sink. It is not good for anyone that currency is struggling so much … we dont need, nor we want, the Russians to be mad. See what happened in 1917, almost 100 years ago.

  1. Is KV-5 actually worth it? What is the average income for a battle compared let’s say to Lowe or Jt88?

    • KV-5 have good damage compared to the price of single shell. It has also great rof. Rest depends on the skill/preference.

    • It does worth it in my opinion, but not as a credit farmer tank. It has a decent income of course, but to me, mine is more like a “let’s just play something different for fun” kind of tank. For credit farming, i prefer my JT88 or IS6. The difference betwenn the income of a KV5 and a JT88 is hard to say, it really depends on your playstyle, and how familiar with each of these, but for me, there is at least a good 15% income difference between them. Or more.

      • One point on your guide:

        The “weak spot” next to R2D2 is actually the best armored part of the armor ^^

        So it’s not a weak spot at all!

  2. Le gentle giant.

    Dont buy it tomatos because without weakspot knowledge you are not going to penetrate anything but the Baguettetanks.

    • It is!

      I bought KV-5 + slot a year and a half ago and I paid 37 euros
      , so it’s definately a good deal ^^

        • It’s situational imo.

          On the top of the team it’s really good, T6-7s get wrecked by this tank (except maybe Tiger H who can destroy you fast if you don’t pay attention.

          T9′s are harder to deal with, the lowish pen makes it hard to reliably damage them.

          It does make good credits, 270 per shot at 300 alpha is great! Also a good crew trainer your heavy crews.

          I would say it’s worth it, it’s also cheaper then the other T8 heavy premiums

  3. Didn’t they sell the KV-5 for +/- 7500 gold in the past?
    So if they sold it for 7500 gold in the past, this advent calender offer is not that great.

    1. Todays advent offer = 1x KV-5 + 3000 gold = €38.45

    2. Buy the same worth/amount in gold = 7500 + 3000 = 10500 gold
    - 1x 10000 gold pack = €35.79
    - 1x 500 gold pack = €2.25
    total: €38.04

    So this KV-5 advent offer is not that great….. (correct me if i am wrong)

  4. This is actually a good deal for once! But they should add an e-learning crash course in reverse sidescraping as well :-)

  5. Id recommend people buy this one, I got the KV-5 in summer 2013 and it’s an absolutely amazing tank!

  6. with the failing currency on RU server i wouldn’t be surprised if they see a type sale