WG RU Removes Premium Tanks from the Premium Shop

Hello everyone,

if you are looking for another WG screwup – sorry, this time, WG actually did a really nice thing. Remember how I posted yesterday that between 18.12. and 22.12., Wargaming RU made ALL the gold and ALL the premium account bundles in their premium shop 50 percent cheaper?

Well, it has a followup. In order for the players to actually buy gold on discount and use it to buy premium tanks in the game instead of being confused and buying premium tanks in the shop for full price, Good Guy Wargaming actually temporarily removed a whole bunch of premium tanks from the premium shop. In other words, if you want a – say – T34, you can’t buy it as a vehicle in the premium magazine, you have to buy gold (50 percent off) and then buy it in the game for the gold you purchased.

Actually, I think this is pretty cool. Damn, I wish we had this kind of stuff on WG EU. But no, someone has to make it up to WG after all. The milk must flow!

53 thoughts on “WG RU Removes Premium Tanks from the Premium Shop

          • But at least our currency didn’t just drop by fucking 60% percent. There was a snarky comment saying “I went and exchanged for rubles instead of toilet paper – was cheaper anyway”

            Sad but true, one ruble is now 6 US cents or something like that.

    • T34 for 5100 gold. Interesting how WG lays all its love on RU, and doesn’t give a shit about EU’s frustration.

      • What EU’s frustration?

        I think it’s really nice that WG is dropping the prices for a nation whose currency dropped by 60%, while the gold is tied to USD.

        • How about you skip the sympathy and the tears?
          You forget their currency is under the frog’s arse because they thought it’s fun to take a part of Ukraine from them just because they felt entitled for it.

          Whole russian c*cks*cking from WG is like when an angry kid throws a tantrum and instead of properly disciplining them their parents even buy them a chocolate.

          • Their Russia is messed up because they don’t bend over backwards for the USA….

            If you want to know why oil prices are dropping, then I dare say look forward a few years when it is up around $200 a barrel and question yourself about who the $60 oil harmed.

            There are things in play here that are well above what we will know in our lifetimes.

            When the backlash from this currency market hits (Read EU and US Pension funds that have tried to short the currency)… You (or at least, your parents) will feel some of this strain too..

            • “Mr_Deo
              on December 18, 2014 at 6:27 pm said:”…If you want to know why oil prices are dropping, then I dare say look forward a few years when it is up around $200 a barrel and question yourself about who the $60 oil harmed….”
              never going to happen KID theirs new way to extract oil , Shale Oil Production and OIL Fracking. Crude Oil will never going to go above $130 a barrel .

        • Only for russia gold is tied to USD.
          While EU has nearly 1€ = 1$. (1 marathon-package 10€ wtf?)
          So our prices are 25-40% higher that dollar-russian prices.
          Russians have the best conditions since years.
          Better events, better prices, better special offers and WG listen only to russian community (IS7-buff wtf?).

          WG spews on EU since beginning.
          But they like to see EU-money?

          Since WG fashism-offensive to earn money with stalinist-slogans at EU i decided to give them no more money.

          Its not my fault if Putler is raging.
          Don’t expect pity to the only community that is handled as customers by a fashist propaganda company that suffers from the result of fashist politics they do support, while im threatet as unwanted moneygiver since beginning.

          • Why does everyone hate a good thing? I mean really all I’ve seen today in the comments is WG RU is Evil, Evil russia down with russia. God, could you Europeans just shut up. It’s annoying.

            • Its ok if the give discounts to RU. But its not ok to be handled as second class player all the time even when i pay more than the rest of the world. Come on, WG said officially that they dont care about what EU says.

              And its not ok to sell fashist slogan. I was grown in a country where russia stole freedom for 40 years. And now they want to sell me slogans of the biggest mass murder ecer existed?

              What would happen if i send a email to WG and ask them to sell SS slogans? And what it is about stalingrad-map? Why does this map needs to get this name? It was not possible to give it another name? Why dont we have maps called Obersalzberg and Führerbunker? Why the hell WG needs to put a map into game called after east ukraine city Charkow at the same time fashists warlords supported by russia build a terror regime?

              Well WG ist not just a concern that tries to make money. It makes politics, its slave of fashism. And thats why they officially say to me: Shut up, pay more than everybody else and dont forget to buy slogans from the big russian dictator that did terrot to my grandparents and parents.

              Yeah. You know what? Why dont you just shut up if u are not able to understand this.

              • It’s not a big wonder Wargaming doesn’t really care about what EU has to say if you consider all the toxic shit and non-sense a lot of EU players manage to produce.
                Just take a brief look at the comment section of this blog.
                All these conspiracy theories about WG and “oh WG really hates us” are getting old. Remember it’s just a company, and like any company, they don’t really care about you anyway. They just want your money after all.
                Now put that tinfoil hat away, wannabe WG-expert

                • BLABLABLA.
                  WG didnt care about EU from beginning!
                  So all you wrote ist just not true.
                  Its not caused by EU behviour.
                  They way EU is threaten startet before any EU player could react to.
                  Just from the beginning….
                  You just switched cause and consequence.

                  If its just about making money, why does a concern does a PR-Stunt and sales fashist slogans to victoms of the biggest mass murder of all times that cames from the region where the concern is?

                  Thats makes absolutely no sense.
                  Its like i go to Auschwitz and sell swasticas and say its all about money.
                  What a fucking bullshit is this?

                • Nice! Two comments withour arguments.
                  Are you able to understand that EU was fucked up by WG from beginning?
                  So your pseudo-arguments dont work.
                  Nothing more to say.
                  “conspiracy theories” – yeah you behave like that.
                  Dont read – dont mention arguments – dont give arguments.
                  I like yyou as much as WG likes EU from the first day.

                • Next One:
                  If WG is really only interested in money – how they reach the state that i don’t give them money anymore? I was willing to give them money and i gave them XXX? Pls tell me!
                  I tell you: Fachism, breaking laws on EU, nerving premium tanks, sell fashism, propagate fashism, ignore any opinions from eu officially, let them pay more then everybody else.
                  And you are not able to understand this?

                  You don’t have to have the same opinion than me.
                  But if you completely ignore what causes my opinion and blame me without any arguments, you are just a troll.

          • Top US package is 25,000 gold for $100 ($100.00) (250 gold per $)
            Top EU package is 30,500 gold for €100 ($122.70) (249~ gold per $)
            So at TODAYS exchange rates… We are paying 0.4% more
            Far cry from 25-40%

            The “Token” things in game we did pay more for… But That’s because WG tied the tokens to the top gold packages — Except in EU, where they tied it to the 2,500 gold package. It is a slight of hand that most people will miss and that works as a great excuse (But it is tied to gold prices – see, and everyone is happy)…

            • You toke the best example for your opinion.
              But if you compare speial offers at a normal exchange rate things are different.

  1. when they sell gold in EU for 50%….. it means 30500gold = 49,99€?!

    i would buy it 4 times….. i need 122.000 gold :)

  2. CrimsonSam and Szakster
    you two guys are blind fools
    i didnt see that euro lost 50% of its value ….. u did ?
    If so, then i can understand that you are upset…

    • No no euro is gaining value! So we should pay even more – right?

      Your logic dont work bro…

      • yes it does.
        0,0something increase is BIT different than -50%
        and such companies have fixed rates which covers such small changes in currency rates …

    • Ye, I thought about it :D
      … then I asked myself “will I play on both servers?” Nop.
      Minimum 10 euros saved :P

      • If they allowed roaming then have a RU account that you play on EU server :/…

        Perhaps this is why roaming is not enabled ;P…

  3. I just bought a lump of gold, then used it to buy an E-25 at effectively less than half EU price.

    I imagine anyone on RU who doesn’t have an E-25 did the same!

    These discounts do ring alarm bells, though:

    If a conventional company was doing such a massive cash grab (new premiums, advent calendar, seasonal events, etc) and then – bizarrely – throwing in a “50%” off offer that negates the other offers, one might suspect that the balance sheet was being inflated temporarily.

    Inflated for what? Usual action might be a sale, or to ward off a bankruptcy, or back up a shares flotation, etrc, – or even a winding up. Interesting…

    • Wrong, balance sheets include net sales. No matter how much discount they give their balance sheet will only include the money they actually did receive.

      What you are talking about is using commissions to inflate revenue – sell something overpriced and pay commission after it. You can include the full price as revenue and commission will be a cost not something that reduces income.

  4. Get a job guys and stop with these retarded posts. If its too pricey for you don’t buy it, nobody forces you to buy anything.

  5. Now see, this is WG RU. They treat their players right with the offers and things, as was obvious from all the “today’s advent offer is” posts. I’ll withhold my shock until when WG EU start acting that way.

  6. Fuck those stupid EU bitches… they wipe their asses with money… they dont need discounts !

    I hope they die under presure of our money !

  7. Hi guys.
    you are wrong!
    before crisis cost for 1 premium mount was 10$ or 300-310 rub.
    now it is cost 10$ or 595 -640 rub., with discount 298 – 300 rub.
    you can look. it same price )))

  8. I take it it’s not possibly to gift a premium tank to a player from another server?

    Cause, you know, you can create a RU server account, buy an E-25 or something dirt cheap… then gift it to your main EU/NA account

    Tho I believe they thought of this beforehand

  9. So…..because of reasons: all us EU capitalists are rich bastards, having enough income and after all our fixed costs are retracted from our hugely rich incomes and we have TONNES of freely disposable income to spend!! /sarcasm

    We might have it better, that does not mean our net income and our fixed cost (which are proportionately huge) aren’t balanced out in roughly the same manner.