I don’t do this in general, but a small favour, that might be liked by people. Want to win one of three tier 8 premium tanks, just “like” the Wothungary.eu FB page. Basically, they’ll pick three winners out of those people and give them tier 8 premium tanks.

Oh and did you know which real life locations is Himmelsdorf based on?

Otherwise, not much today. The only piece of info is that the individual missions in 9.5 will be disabled, they will be enabled only after the New Year marathon. It’s possible they might change yet between 9.5 relase and their enabling.

Also, a WG employee confirms that regarding the 50 percent discounts on gold and premium account, it in effect means that because of the falling Russian currency, it means that the players can buy their premium account and gold for the same prices as they were a few months back WITHOUT discount (SS: it got really expensive for the Russians because WG shop prices are tied to USD). Another developer however adds that there might be something like a “double discount”, when you buy the gold with discount now, later on you can buy stuff for it, that is also on discount (SS: this is valid for RU server only).

34 thoughts on “18.12.2014

  1. Good for the russian players, they managed to get 75% discount if the buy gold at the 50% discount and then tanks or other items with 50% discount with gold. Seriously, keep them happy pls. I prefer them shooting in games than outside in the streets.

  2. Wot is Belorussian right? Well then fuck Russia or give all countries with economic crisis discounts, Greece is part of EU sooooo

    • how many players Greece have?….. their game needs to be played….. still, the costs are relatively low and something is better than nothing….. but if you suddenly lose millions of players then they cant shut down servers….

      stupid situation, who would have thought it will affect us through the game

        • you wish it was 1000 euros :P
          and even they are 1000 euros for some cases there are soooo many taxes feees and wtf else that from these money you dont get that much to spent on other stuff other then bills taxes and some food

  3. So going back to the discounts and do some numbers to demo the final discount %:
    Say that normally:
    10k goldis $40
    Premium Tank is 10k gold

    Now, we have 50% discount on gold so I can buy 10k gold for $20, but then when I buy the premium tank for gold, this tank has a 50% discount so I only need 5k gold. How much was my discount?

    I am happy for those russians.

    • Your discount was 50%
      Because you spent $20 before the tank discount.. And after the tank discount you still spent $20….

      Yea… Ask a basic math question expect someone to give you a durr reply…
      I started to say that the Ruble has been devalued by 51% (This is moving a lot so it might be +/-5 by the time 3 people read it, I hope 3 people read it!).. So 100% – 51% = 49%
      100% / 49% = 204%
      204% * 50% = 102%
      102% * 50% = 51%
      100% – 51% = 49%
      … So a 49% discount… But I thought that might be a bit… meh….

  4. Hi guys.
    you are wrong!
    before crisis cost for 1 premium mounth was 10$ or 300-310 rub.
    now it is cost 10$ or 595 -640 rub., with discount 298 – 300 rub.
    you can look. it same price )))

  5. So Russians got fucked up by their economy and now WG gives them discounts. EU countries have to pay vat, so they pay more than anyone else, WG doesn’t give a fuck.

    I wait for the day Russian economy crash and burn (no hard feelings, it’s just business, and yet still quite possible to happen) and WG will be forced to turn to EU for money. And I hope every decent player will show them middle finger until they change that terrible attitude of theirs.

    • What an asshole you are really. You want a whole country to bankrupt just because you can’t get over the fact that wg has the right to do its business in whatever way it wants.

      • Putting game aside … yes, I very much would like Russian economy to go to stone age for the sake of the safety of the rest of the civilised world.

        it is beside the point. I am guessing the country will get to such state whether I would like to see it or not. It’s simple connecting the dots based on the info we all have available for us. And then WG will have to turn to EU. And then it’s middle finger time.

    • it is silly.
      Russia the only country which has all minerals and therefore can’t go out of business.
      any European country can be crossed in 2-4 hours by car, and Russia 10-14 hours by PLANE
      you learn history and geography)))

        • bad roads are not a problem!!!
          I can always go behind vodka by grandfather’s tank T34, it brought from war in 1945.
          it is possible to ask the father’s tank T72, but the main thing to feed a bear!!!
          and since morning to play a balalaika)))

    • Not likely,
      They just now hunker down for the attack on there currency.
      Trade War, Currency War and the World War happened before.

      When BRICS goes live full out 2015 the world of hurt will be west, this all being fanned on by the measures taken towards those countries. The cost is already huge with all company’s doing business with Russia before and now just eats the losses all over Europe.

      The only thing I hope for is that the now ongoing race for a new big war just to put the brakes on with BRICS that it will not happen, because it will as the last two times be fought in Europe with us here paying for it and dying in it.

      US have 50 million on food stamps, about 90 millions without a job that want to work but are not in the system to be counted any more, ridicules amount of unfunded obligations so it’s not going to well if you bother to check a bit. The solution is a new WW for the maniacs that tend to gravitate to power so you do not care about who caused what.


  6. The one thing that I wonder about is whether WG hedged against the fall in the Ruble, when they did it, and for how much as a percentage of their Ruble denomintated business.
    The Ruble was fairly stable until January 2014, then begins to fall, bottoms in May 2014, then rises again through until a peak in July 2014, and then begins a more rapid decline until September 2014, when it begins an even steeper decline in value that seems to be continuing hard at present. So the Ruble has dropped just over 50% of it’s value against the US dollar in the period January 2014, through to December 2014. That’s part of the reason the central bank in Russia has just had to announce a negative interest rate for money on deposit from larger organisations (this is a fairly desperate economic lever for a central banker to pull).

    If WG did not hedge the Ruble they may have lost alot of income due to the currency fall, if they hedged the Ruble, they may not have lost, or may have reduced their losses. In extreme cases when a company hedges a currency it is possible to make a profit on the transaction, but this is very unusual.

    To understand this properly google either FOREX or IFRS 7

  7. Time to start watching the prices on the other servers. WG may decide to raise prices, without mentioning anything, to make up for the revenue shortfall from the RU servers.