Olga Sergeevna Photos from Let’s Battle Magazine

Hello everyone,

I am sure the story of Mad Jack Churchill in the Russian magazine is interesting and all that (Listy wrote about him some time ago), but we all know what drew most attention – Ola’s photosession. Well, without further ado, the pics, ripped from the magazine, courtesy of Roman J.







60 thoughts on “Olga Sergeevna Photos from Let’s Battle Magazine

      • So we are going, eventually, have a European Line (Italian, Hungarian, Czech, Swedish, etc) .

        We will need female crews for these tanks.

        May I suggest our RitaGamer (covers both Portuguese and Dutch tank lines).

        Much better than the usual Russian, Belorussian, etc ladies who look like they can bump start a T-62 on their own, and originate from Bakewell ( British culinary joke)

  1. Regarding this session: i prefer stright porn from porn producers, instead of from game producer rated for kids allegedly – and having NO human crewmembers at the same time.
    Whole this says: I am a girl. A lower entity. I am for fucking only. Learn this, kid. Now go wank in a corner and then go play some tonkz.

    Not mentioning that some pics are technically bad, they cut expenses even on that…

    OK, now i go wank to some real porn, from real porn producer :P .

  2. As far as Russian women go… This one is nothing special. Silly pictures, too. And for all of you jackasses thinking this is a girl made to do monkey tricks: odds are, she chose the pictures and the poses herself. Eastern European women are very much in charge, even if they do try to make themselves look as sexy as possible.

  3. well, if the ruble will fall eaven further, WG might place other items in the shop if you know what i mean :D

  4. LOL.. You guys..
    Ola is not just good looking, she has a great sense of humour, as well as being intelligent.
    I met her online the first time, when she was working in support, before the EU office in Paris was opened, and has seen her rise through the ranks in the company to her present position. The WoT TV clips, and her work in videos for WG is actually not her main job.
    She works as a P.A for one of the executive officers, and doing a damn good job there.
    The marketing work she does in the video dept was a coincidence that began while she was still working in support, and she thinks its fun to continue doing it.
    She is also a great friend, who keeps in touch, and has great empathy.

    The only thing she is bad at, is dancing ;) which can be seen in this video that was made to spice up my spirit while I was fighting cancer last year : https://youtube.com/watch?v=XKJvMP-HkEg

    • Wow, it’s kinda emotional to see all these people from around the world wishing you well. :)
      I don’t know you but still hope you got your cancer treated and health back to normal. I lost my dad to cancer a few years ago, so I understand how hard a subject it is. Cheers from France.

  5. She really is damn pretty. She’s definitely one of the better aspects of WG lol. I remember when she used to do the videos for them; always so enjoyable.