Today’s Advent Offer (20.12.2014)

Hello everyone,

today’s advent offer for EU server includes:

- Fury + 100 percent crew + garage slot + 5 barracks slots
- 4200 gold

Price: 36,93 USD (29,99 EUR)

23 thoughts on “Today’s Advent Offer (20.12.2014)

  1. MUHST BUY EXCLUSIVE TENK!!!1 Nevah availible again!1
    Oh, cr and useless equipment are missing. That must be an error.

  2. Didn’t WG say Fury will only be avalible at initial sale? Anyone else smell Type 59 on a final advent callendar day?

    • Put your tin foil hat back on!.
      WG will never resell the Type 59, purely because they hate it now. The fury, sure they might have said that at first, but thats to get people to buy it because “it will never be available again” and then they sell on special occasions

    • Here’s an idea, why don’t you show us where they said that instead of spouting rubbish you just made up.

      They said it would be on sale for a certain period, they never said it would never be seen again.

  3. Yes the statement was that it would be sold again on future special occasions, though didn’t expect it this quick, blimey!

  4. dam im glad with this one, i wasnt playing during the Fury event so i didnt get the opportunity to buy it..

  5. This really bothers me, not because I don’t want others to obtain a Fury, but because WG clearly indicated for what period of time the Fury was available in shop. The way WG is treating its playerbase is beyond disrespectful, they create these illusions of ‘rare’ tanks whilst most of the time they can be acquired again later.
    I don’t know about you guys here but I’m really reconsidering buying anything more (unfortunately, WG has milked me enough already).

    • Remember kv220…
      Type 95 has been sold a few times too

      I wonder when the M6A2E1 will be sold again

      • wait just for a few days …

        WG is so much about getting money recently – I would suspect the Type 59 for the 24th or that they even piss-off CW players by selling the M60 or VK72 …

  6. With the Fury tank they never said anywhere, that it wont be sold again. Here’s a link to the news on it’s sale on official WOT EU portal

    With the KV-220 though they really said, that it’s on sale only for that time, altough it was sold many times after it – atleast if I remember right.

    I understand that you are critical of WG, but this just gets ridiculous most of the time with these comments.