“Fury” in Real Life

Thanks to Mario R. for this picture.

Hello everyone,

the following picture actually shows the Sherman called “Fury” – not the movie one however, the real one. It’s from an older French publication (didn’t get the name, sorry) and it shows the M4 Sherman tank “Fury”, participating in the operation Cobra (the offensive in Normandy, following the D-Day landings) as a part of the 3rd Armored Division. Note the additional armored plates welded to the side hull and turret, protecting the tank weakspots and crewmembers.


16 thoughts on ““Fury” in Real Life

  1. Very different from everybody’s expectations, I’m sure.

    Hollywood overdoes everything anyway.

  2. FYI…..those are called “Applique” armour, positioned to help protect the AMMUNITION bins.

    They stopped using/fitting them when the ammo storage was upgraded to WET storage bins.

  3. Purely unrelated but where 1 the comments disabled on the arty guides? Lol 2 guess some ppl did not read the warning huh.