Real-Life M56 Scorpion In Detail

Hello everyone,

GruntGuy (presumably from US server) sent me a bunch of photos of the M56 Scorpion, sitting in the Elmwood Park, New Jersey, USA. Let’s have a look at them. Notice the exposed ammorack and the strange steering wheel. Damn, I wish they restored it instead of letting it rust in some park….













42 thoughts on “Real-Life M56 Scorpion In Detail

  1. TIer 7 will be better for it.

    Now… if only WG made the SU-122-44 the Tier 8 normal TD (with a BL9S as top gun) in the 261 line… instead of toilet tank 2 (it could be the T8/T7 premium!)

    • You know the 261 is an arty piece right? Putting a TD in an arty line would be really fricking weird.

    • The SU101 is an awesome tank. Decent mobility, high DPM. It just requires some thought on positioning because it has no depression – get caught on the brow of a hill and your dead.

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  3. >exposed ammo rock
    So in theory single HE shell no matter the caliber would detonate this shit right ?
    Well too bad logic doesn’t apply in WoT and well will eventually see someone getting a fucking wall of steel in it

  4. Damn, I wish they restored it instead of letting it rust in some park….

    If you think that is bad you should really take a trip to kubinka tank museum. When I was there for the first URAL STEAL, I was shocked at the conditions. Dust bunnies the size of REAL bunnys, layers of dirt on tanks and if you have to go to the restroom you better hold it because the toilets there are HORRENDOUS. The tanks you see in The Chieftain’s Hatch have been cleaned up DRAMATICALLY before the shoot.

  5. Well, in my country Gypsies would strip it for scrap metal overnight. They take park benches in broad daylight here…

  6. Thanks for sharing these, SS. I’m actually from the EU server, but on holiday in the states visiting my wife’s family. It is a shame it’s been left there and not looked after. I tried to find out how long it’s been there. My wife (26) remembers it being there when she was a kid, so at least 10-15 years. Her mother remembers it being there for the entire 40 years she has lived here. Whether it has really been there that long is uncertain, but it’s a decent estimate.
    I’ve seen a few guys on the NA forum who have expressed an interest in cleaning up the vehicle in response to this post, which I think is fantastic. Thanks again for sharing these photos. Hopefully this vehicle gets the care it deserves.

  7. huh, something from NJ…

    shame its a bit too far just to go see it. I would love if it got restored.