Regarding Mittengard…

Hello everyone,

patch 9.5 brought us mostly nice things, but as it usually is, there are some screwups as well. Take for example the Mittengard map. Yesterday, I actually got it – yep, remember how Storm said it would be available to new players only? Well, apparently I am one. Oh well, whatever. So, this is how it started…


And this is 11 seconds into the battle.


Yes, what happened was exactly what we all thought would happen with this map. Basically, half of both teams stayed at the base and both teams spotted each other’s spawnpoint within seconds, resulting in two groups of stationary tanks just shooting at each other without moving a single centimeter. The side with less AFK’s won (ours) and the battle was over literally in seconds, most of the battle time was spent chasing one or two escaped enemy tanks that ran away (not that there’s much place to run to, luckily). And this is the battle result, it was all over two minutes into the battle.


I wonder what they were smoking when they made such a map…

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  1. Wait a sec I thought the teams were spawning on either side of the church/fort thing on the right to stop this BS?

    • It makes perfect sense, newbs are learning that camping at spawn get them killed fast, and moving their ass to cover let them survive for a while.

      • I had the map yesterday, too, and I enjoyed it.

        Me and a bunch of teammates rushed to cover immediately, enemys as well.

        Actually, I think its a good low tier map: Players will learn that staying stationary will be useless, you have to find cover fast. Arty is reasonable covered to the east, they can learn to hit targets in city-like areas as well as base campers.
        Also, you encounter enemys fast, no driving around for too long.

        Btw. on your second to last screenshot SS, there is awesome advice in the teamchat :-)

    • Only arties spawn there,if there’s any….
      At least on a training room in test server worked that way

  2. Ironically though its more realistic of what a second world war tank battle would be, not spotting one tank every few minutes and being picked off one by one, but seeing an entire wave of tanks trying to overrun your position.

      • I haven’t played it yet, but it appears that on that map you get an instant scout medal if you just keep standing still with the FCM at the start of the game. Binocs and camo net FTW!

        • My T15 with binocs (driver has recon) spotted 12 at exactly 1 second into the game. That’s the easiest Scout medal ever!

      • Yea, but this seems even worse than province since there is no initial cover and you have 400m as a base viewrange, 400m seems just a bit under the spawn distance of both teams…so bino = 450 in 4s and all of enemy players pops up (except for artys and possibly enemy FCM with decent camo trained crew).

  3. I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean that only new players would see it, but that it’s only for tiers 1-3, the noob-tiers. So my guess is that it’s this that caused the confusion.

    I’d assume it is used like any other low-tier-only map.

  4. “Basically, half of both teams stayed at the base and both teams spotted each other’s spawnpoint within seconds”

    But that’s their fault – your side got more tanks into city, where they have cover, because of that you won, IMO. Move or die.

  5. The new player thing might mean new tank? I got this map yesterday in my second battle with the new tier 2 British jobber (M2?)

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  7. Huh i guess i had smoked something yesterday as i got this map 3 times, and never there were anyone just standing at the spawn (excluding the afkers).

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  9. Storm never said, that this map will be only for newbies. SS, can you give proof?
    I know only about, that this feature will be implemented later.

  10. I had a very, very different battle (comparing to SS) on this map… Both teams run down and it was like a total brawling. All tanks in one place… 3 mins and the battle was over. That map redefines “low tier specific”…

  11. Idk, i think its quite a tactical map really, certainly better for the noobs to play than province.. Get into cover and shoot the enemies not in cover is pretty much the essence of wot.

    Of course its more of a problem because of all the older players rushing up the new line, was 6 M3s in the game I had on it, all greens or better and probably all with optics/binos.

  12. I dunno SS, I got this map about 5-6 times and most of them were intense short and fun battles, very little camping. (btw I have almost 11k battles)

  13. This map is so hilarious… Imagine Maus going dwnhill from the spawn and ramming some poor souls below…
    And I think it’s a good low tier map – small with lots of close combat, a thing most low tiers are well suited to (all those autocannons). Current low tier maps were ultra campy mostly (except Himmelsdorf and maybe Mines) so having binocs and camo net with good crew on your tank gave you huge advantage against new players.
    Mittengard pretty negates that advantage – you just have to go down and fight up close, as you will still be spotted within first 5 seconds of a battle.

    So Mittengard = anti sealclub map. It works fine in that way. Yes, you can go on Pz I C rampage here (with 100 kph start) but it requires skills and a bit of luck (and gives opponents some chance). Sealclubbing on Province requires FCM P40 (or Marder or anything with good gun), binos, camonet and 100% camo crew ideally and gives no chance to opponents with 50 – 75% crews (except lucky blinshots).

    And its hilarious so it’s a great stress relief.

  14. I’m actually really liking it. 3 minutes (the longest game I’ve seen to date) of absolute mayhem, then rinse and repeat. Makes a nice change from the high tier camp fests…

  15. They should hire at least some monkeys to test their maps, this is way is too obvious they just “create nice maps, nice new textures, lets see how it works we can still fix it in a year or so”.