164 thoughts on “Battle Assistant Artillery Mod for 0.9.5

        • This mod is just bullshit, and to allow it is like saying warpack cheaters and the mods they use are fine, because how is this not one of em? Truth is there is major problem with arty in the game, doing a simple youtube search on this mod and seeing it in action further increases the arty problem. Even after showing the video to a few “scumbag loving” friends I toon with, they all agree this is over the line.

          WGing doesn’t want to do anything about warpack and now allows this? Really?

    • The fact that this mod is legal and the zoom mod is not (at least not on NA) is just pure bullshit.
      Looks like those window lickers will have fun from now on.

      • The zoom mod is legal on NA, the admins are just terrible at wording things because they don’t want to say anything that they would be accountable for.

        As long as you don’t break the bushes/trees with super overkill zoom, you’re fine. Anything higher than 16x tends to run into that issue from my own usage, so that’s where I cap it (anything higher than 16x is also impractical to actually aim with as well IMO).

    • Well …. actually the laser thingy is legal… Integrated in the minimap by WG

      Please check the new settings added this patch 0.9.5

    • It doesn’t give any significant advantage. It’s better in some situations and worse in others. Get over it.

    • Better point of view but worse field of view, worse distance representation (harder to tell how far you aim), absolutely no more info than regular sight instead you have an angled view instead of top view.

      It’s more fair to let this mod legal than to let ennemy reload timer, ennemy armor info, ennemy shell type, and ennemy stats legal.
      Try to deny this will just prove you’re a basic arty hater who just tries to find a reason to complain at any cost.

      • Helping baddies is one thing, totally fine, but help baddies on TANKS, and not helping to spread even more cancer

        • Firstly I strongly believe people buttheart about SPG play them as well, and this make you not very qualified to say SPG is “Cancer”.

          Secondly, you say helping baddies is a good thing, and the baddies find SPG is easiest to play, so why is that a problem? As a starting point it’s a good thing. I don’t believe anyone can play pure SPG for over 1000 game, it’s fucking terrible and not fun to play.

          • “I strongly believe people buttheart about SPG play them as well”
            Then your beliefs are full of shit.
            Baddies playing arty won’t get any better at this game, because it’s such out-of-the-arse concept, that it has nothing to do with playing any other class in the game. In heavies you learn armor layouts and angling, in TDs you learn spotting mechanics, in mediums you learn situational awareness.
            What do you learn in an SPG? “LOL I did so much dmg aiming at this guy’s turret XD” or what’s the best way to the nearest puddle of water.
            There are people with 90% battles in skycancer and with any other tank they have barely 46% WR. So much skill.
            There should be autoban for playing over 50% of the battles in one type of vehicle.

        • Cancer is serious and something that should be thrown around as it is in game like it currently. I have lost family members to cancer and im sure many other s that play have too. Extremely disrespectful

      • Help them more than arty already does? This mod is a disrespect towards people who actually learned to play their SPGs in all maps.

      • “What’s wrong with helping bad players perform better?”
        That they actually do not get better. They only abuse broken mechanic that gets even more broken.

        • broken my arse!!!!!!!!!
          pres w…goes forward
          press s goes backward
          press a.goes left
          pres d goes right

          press shift enters satelite doom mode
          activate xvm
          look for purple players
          destroy purple player!!

          whats broken about that!

        • He never said get better, just perfom better. And if someone performs better, they will have more fun. Fun is why we play the game. I personally think playing arty is boring, and it does piss me off to get shat on for half of my health without a chance to return fire, but at least i know how people feel vs me in my borsig. And its fun for them. Which, once again, is what the game is all about.

      • SS remembervto be a white knight to those that cause a bleep storm over a class so ready that ban hammer :D

  1. Good to know. tbh I started to play with my arty again after I installed this mod, it just makes it enjoyable enough to compensate the not so recent arty nerf.

    After all, someone have to keep TD’s in bay

  2. Its a fantastic mod. I have less than 400 battles in arty (9k overall), mainly because I felt as arty removed from the battle and playing top down minigame, but this mod makes arty mych more fun!

  3. I actually don’t find this mod to be that helpful – I miss even more shots while firing in full “battle assistant mod”.
    I use it rarely only for heavy camping targets – for anything moving it is completely useless

    • As soon as I looked at the picture I went “I don’t see how this is useful at all”

      Granted, I’ve never played around with it, but from the picture, I can’t tell if arty is aiming just behind the tank or right next to the water tower. (Way behind the tank)

      • It’s very useful for those trickshots, eg. enemy is hiding under the rail station in himmelsdorf and the camera goes bonkers when trying to aim there. Otherwise it’s better to use the view you’re used to.

  4. Ok, this mod doesn’t guarantee kills for arty. I used/tested it in 9.4 and from my point of view I only fucked up matches when I used this mod. When I played normally without that mod I played better, with more dmg output and more kills, so I don’t understand what’s this hype all about.
    From programming point of view: Nice job!
    From arty-player point of view: Not so good :(

  5. First there is a Arty guyde now you just advertise the Overpowerd mod that in MY opinion is CHEAT. How much they pay you SS ?

  6. I had this MOD and it’s good only for FV304 and similar artys. Can’t hit a thing with T92 when in this mod. I’m better when i play in satellite view.

    P.S: For all, who call arty players “clickers” (they themselves never played with arty and then don’t know how difficult it is) don’t cry for help from arty. I’ll never such moron.

    • I for one couldn’t hit anything while in this sniperview….when I went back to standard god-view I started hitting again in my 212A………other than that; I’m not an arty player anyway.

      • Don’t really need this mod. It is possible to tell from the shape of the dispersion border the lay of the land and if there is any clipping due to rocks or buildings.

    • One game I tried to help a team mate by requesting he fall back to lure enemies from around a hill, so that the enemies could be killed without him losing so much health. Instead, he refused help from a ‘clicker’, got killed, and eventually we lost (drew) by a close margin. So basically, we lost because of the irrational hatred of SPGs on his own team.

      You can hate getting killed by SPGs, or even their presence in the game, but if you are playing to win it is illogical not to take advantage of them in your team.

      • I know that feel bro…many times i requested teamate to fall back so i can oneshot enemy and he refuse and get killed…so i don’t bother to tell morons to fall back or even help them anymore…

    • This mod is actually pretty good for all arties, please dont say that its otherwise. Especially newbie players can have troubles to aim properly target in unfavorable terrain, and in that situations new view will help them to deal dmg. Anyway let say it clear – it helps player much more than any other legal wot mod.

      About post scriptum – I never asked arty for help, nor i will do this in future.

    • Can’t hit a thing with a t92 a majority or the time anyhow but I typically only switch to this view for tight shots when the target is near cover.

      • There is a learning curve with this mod, it took a bit. I kept saying this does not help much, then I started to see it. The mod is amazing, I am putting arty shells threw windows, over wrecked buildings and many places I never would have tried before.
        It can’t do everything, but it’s a wonderful tool.

        • I must not be on the same server as you. I play arty a lot. I’m not seeing it. When driving my Bert, I’m seeing the usual one or two artillery pieces per side with a few matches with three per side. Rarely do I see four or more arty drivers per side in a match. When driving other AFV’s, I have matches without artillery. MM must have a special selection of matches for you given your arty bias.

  7. SS – you should rename this blog, ‘SPG diaries’ would be my pick. Why for fuck sake you are promoting arties over and over again? We dont have heavies guide, but we have arty guide. We have notice about hax arty mod but i’m sure you wont inform about really useful mods like xvm,minimap, tank carousel and other stuff. You were once objective commentator of WOT development. Now you are just teasing us and awkwardly trying to push controversial ideas.

      • Yeah, you are right but I would love to read old FTR. Now I have feeling that SS is just deliberately publishing posts to enrage big part of his readers. We all know about arty mod, we know that too its controversial issue in wot community. Why write then few posts about it? I think SS is aware that this will only provoke shitty discussion like this.

        • I don’t know about creating a heilstorm in his comments section is a goal, but hey, everyone entitled to their opinion ! But I would very much like a guide like that for the other types of tank (as detailled as this one) to make things balanced ! But that may be in the plan !

          • Exactly, give us guides on other tanks, informations bout other mods and it will silcence the whiners like me.

        • As if I am not an old reader as well….?

          And why do SS have to please Every single one of you reading the blog? You don’t want his news? Dont read the blog then. Go to RU forums and get trolled by the devs.

  8. WG mod approval working as intended.

    I admit I use this. Much less awkward to shoot enemies on slopes or masked by complex cover like buildings.

    Considering the terminal angle of SPG shells is almost always flatter than 45 degrees, this perspective makes more sense for aiming than satellite mode, which is suited for very steep falling shells (or bombs) that don’t exist in this game. What satellite mode is in practice is a forced handicap to make SPGs more awkward to use, with the only advantage that you can see entirely what spotted enemies are doing.

    Probably the main reason WG chose satellite mode instead of this (aside from perhaps never thinking of it) was the difficulty of executing this mod’s perspective without the camera spazzing around as it does.

  9. No arty in wot blitz. NONE.

    And still the game is good without “all the issue predicted if arty were removed! BEHOLD!1!1!11!”.

    Wonder why that can’t apply to PC world of tanks too. <_<0

    • Becasue it’s a phone game…..?
      And have you ever see a phone game will have the same detail in a PC game? How is your reason even a “reason”? People just want to play a game or a few on a phone, and not camp for 10 minutes. Not to mention the battle time and map are much smaller.

      People these days.

      • So there is the answer.
        If you don’t like Artie go play WOT Blitz, and take your whining with you.

  10. I see what you did there, SS.
    Why ban people in the artillery articles when you just can piss them off?

    I still can’t see any logic behing this mod being legal. Why not make artillery view for KV-2 or British howitzers? That would be so balanced and fair!
    Now you don’t even have to feel bad about using zoom mods.

    • “Why ban people in the artillery articles when you just can piss them off?”

      Well here’s one.

      “I still can’t see any logic behing this mod being legal. Why not make artillery view for KV-2 or British howitzers? That would be so balanced and fair!”

      Well then complain to the Devs, I think SerB appreciate your feedback very much:)

  11. i play arty too much, especially BC 155 58, and this mode is not useful as you thought. i use it if my team is about to win, it’s fun part is only the different view of battleground. i watch battle in my 75 seconds reload time with this mode. and beleive me it’s much harder to hit sth with this mode, because the marker is not really marking the center of aim circle.

  12. YEAH… Support artilery players more, because they need help with clicking. Honestly, f*ck this mode, it gives you same amount advatage as a free cam mode which is banned or that laser mode (showing you where are enemies point their guns).

    • Hmm….i don’t know that you are pushing with your finger on monitor to shoot, kid. So stop using “clicker” term. I think you never played with arty or just few games and you suck, that’s why you complaining about someone who shoot your camping ass.

      Best regards,


      • I have 500 games with T-92, so your opinion is wrong and my most played class are medium tanks which get rekt by arty when you are in first line, you cant even stop for aiming, but i get it most of the players wouldnt have a chance against me in normal tanks or TDs. btw. where in my post you see word “clicker” i only used word “click”

      • Lets compare normal tank x arty:
        CLICK | yes – YES
        lead the target to hit | yes – yes
        relocate | yes – yes
        blind shoot | yes – yes
        move | yes – barely
        gun depression/elevation problem | yes – barely
        face 2×1 at the same time | yes – almost impossible (at the same time)
        map awareness | yes (alot) – yes (not so much)
        angle your armor | if you have some – no
        aim at weak spot | yes – no
        push/attack | yes – seldom relocate
        flank | yes – seldom relocate
        RNG dependant | yes – even more
        shots have to hit | yes – not really
        don’t expose yourself too much | yes – no
        spot | yes – rarelly
        be carefull about being spotet | yes – not really
        be carefull about your hp | yes – no
        find some cover | every time – just once
        peek a boo | yes – no
        try to look between all the foliage | yes – no

        Now you tell me, is that so hard to play arty? You understand why we call it clicker? Normal tanks do everything arty does, and MUCH more, thats why we say that arty needs no skill.
        It does take skill? Yes, but its minimal skill compared to any other tank

        OBS: sorry if i forgot something, it didnt take me much time to do that list

  13. You know, taking an idea from WarThunder and also from comments from the official forum & wotlabs…

    I can hardly wait for SS to post about a mod that warns you when a sky pig has clicked in your general direction, so you have 1-2-3 seconds to GTFO.

    And I’m pretty sure SS will do that as soon as such a mod is created, because SS is theoretically unbiased towards, ermmm, “interesting” mods. Right, SS?

  14. oh look, you can’t see me but i can shoot you, the story of the pervert class = Arty. but unlike sniper class, i can arc shoot you 45% from the sky… no line of sight, FU WG, i started TK arty, ban, again ban, again ban until my account will wipe, FU WG bye bye

  15. I have mixed feelings about this mod; Its harder to shoot at an moving tank, but it makes it easyer to do tricky shots at tanks that are hull down, or hide behind obstacals or behind a Hill. However i can see that the damage i make is raised, games between 4-6 k damage is quit normal…

    Ps, for all those so called unicorns and cry babies about arty; Dont forget that arty did help you to get your good stats; When we didn’t route out the opposit you probetly didn’t win the game….

  16. You still need at least basic knowledge and skill to use this mod. It’s not just point to kill, terrain angle, altitude of the target vs. your altitude and such matters must be taken into consideration. Just saying.

    • That is utter and complete bullshit. This mod is literally made to make terrain angles and stuff easier to understand. Nice try.

  17. I am surprised that this is still allowed, I thought WG would obviously see the exploit for what it is, but even the Chieftain does not get it.

    For anyone who plays arty, this is a must mod. It makes your games much more enjoyable. And it allows you to make hard shots with out the need for painstakingly remembering stupid map details from an isometric view plane.