Winter Mod for 0.9.5 is Here

Thanks to PlazmaKeks for letting me know!

Okay, after the arty mod rage, here’s another mod I really like for your consideration. I hope the reactions this time will be… less conflicting, because this is truly a work of art.



The Winter Mod is a complete overhaul of the game objects and maps to “winter” settings. Yes, that’s a shitload of work. Its author, Torsus_SD, did an amazing job (as did other people who worked on it). Here’s a 0.9.5 compatible version. You can download either a full, or a “light” version. Full version has everything, light version is missing the snowy tank textures.

Be warned, this mod is HUGE!

Full version link: here (3,1 GB)
Light version link: here (1,7 GB)

Please note:

This mod is NOT for very weak computers as it can decrease FPS drastically on older setups. If you experience such a thing and want to try it out, try turning off particle effects (the falling snow) by deleting the “particles” folder from the res_mods/0.9.5/ folder.

59 thoughts on “Winter Mod for 0.9.5 is Here

    • Great another stupid winter remake map. Just adding SNOW to a map does NOTHING for the game play. Make tanks slide or loose traction on icy roads, have falling snow pile up and be able to use as temporary cover (taking shots reduce the snow pile) or have random guest of snow REDUCE visibility. Things like that make maps different and challenging, not just adding snow which is nothing more then making an existing map WHITE

      So stupid

      • You do realise this is a mod made by players and not WG’s official mod? How the hell are they suppose to add different physics behaviours and movements without changing the game code? And all that aside, this mod looks awesome and that is the main point of it. To look beautiful, not to change gameplay. Seriously, never go full retard. And that last part of your post looks ironical as fuck.

    • Strange thing, it really does kill the fps for me, but only in the garage, must be the thing with the huge map and a lot of objects i guess. Other than that it runs really nice, cause i can get decent 25-30 fps in fullhd on mid details with my old 9600gt( to be replaced in Jan, but bills and Christmas first XD).

      • that is because in garage u have like 10 tanks rendered because ur 10 highest tier tanks are in there, try select tanks you see around ur selected tanks (select em in the carousel) and u see em disapear and move to the center of ur garage

    • The mod is not here for being useful but for being beautiful.

      “Its useless”, stfu and admire the work WG would take five years to do x)

    • Those who did react negatively to Winterberg did so because it was an official map done by the developers, and because of that you could expect that some effort took place towards making it.

      This is a mod done by a fan, I guess. For many more maps, I guess. Its a small achievement, something you otherwise would expect coming from the owner. The effort itself makes it worthy, thus no one complains.

  1. For me, it will not download faster than a couple of kilobyte/s even though my download speed is a lot faster. I followed the link, not changed anything. I’m not waiting a week for it to download.. -__-

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    • I don’t fucking know. The installer is in russian, no problem, but the buttons are just ????? so I have no idea what I’m clicking.

      I guess I’ll see when I want to uninstall, I guess you can do it through the installer, but I don’t know how.

      • For me it was quite easy, In the WOT folder there is a map called ”uninstall_wintermod” or something like that (can’t remember exactly).
        you only need to click ”yes” once and it worked for me.

  3. Some HD vehicles are bugged. My T37′s suspension doesn’t work! it’s just stiff. It’s not like SD suspension where a set of wheels move, everything is stiff! The wheels turn, but the tracks are solid.

  4. Wow, I love the hangar, it shows every tank you own with it’s camo/modules….even WG couldn’t do that

  5. Installer buttons:
    “?????” “???” Or “????????”
    I clicked the first one at first, then the middle one each time, I think it’s installing now.
    A guide would be welcome :)

    • I’m using Aslains modpack (xvm + panels + J1mb0′s sight + zoom + battle assistant arty pov + team hp bar…) and it works perfectly. 60 fps

  6. SS can you make a tutorial or something on how to install it, it is in russian and i dont know what buttons should i press

  7. Sorry SilentStalker, but That guy (Plazmakeks) is a son of a ***** because on his Main-Website you get a LOT of Cheating Mods! I can´t support a guy, who provides Forbidden Mods.

  8. I’m just saying – this mod will take the framerate from your winter garage, raise above its head, break its spine and then proceed to buttsecs it.

    But otherwise, during the battles it’s actually very OK.

  9. Thanks to whatever site is hosting this…it’s downloading so slow it says it’ll take nearly 4 days to finish.

  10. Oh no, I started to download light version, but until it gets downloaded, winter will be gone.

  11. The new official garage has overwritten the mod one, but the graphics are screwed up. Any solutions?