Meanwhile in Toy Stores…

Hello everyone,

I was walking around a toy store in the shopping mall today and I noticed this and I just HAD to take a picture. I mean… this is (according to the box) for 3+ year old kids. I know I should be outraged or something, but I am not even mad, a toy mentioning gun caliber with barrel length, historical weight and years of production, that’s actually amazing.


I forgot to take a picture , but I shit you not, on the backside of the box there’s an actual history of the Panther, hell the little German soldier (look how happy he seems with the Panther!) comes with a Panzerfaust and there’s even an explanation what a Panzerfaust is.

There’s other stuff too…

I mean, toy FlaK 8,8cm, that’s awesome :D




34 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Toy Stores…

  1. Its no different than 3-year-olds playing cowboys and Indians tbh. A thousand years ago they played highwayman and king’s guard or something.

    I do like the historical stuff, but I fear its lost on the kids at that age. Maybe so the parents don’t feel stupid when they buy it?

  2. Wow, I mean, there is a site called Brickmania where models similar to these cost over 200$, they’re awesome and all but… Still plastic.

    Nice to see there are a lot of tanks closer to 22€ :D

  3. I wonder what kind of faces the other customers were giving you while you were taking pictures of some random toys.

    I guess this is the child’s equivalent of plastic model kits.

  4. SilentStalker, are those LEGO bricks or not? They look like LEGO, but I don’t see their logo anywhere.

    I’m asking because LEGO tanks would be sooooooooooooo cool back when I was a kid, but we had city (police, firemen etc.) and knights with castles instead :-)

  5. Ah, it’s Cobi. Once I had a tank from them, some Abrams wannabe, loved it.

    Until my brother ate its rubber tracks.

    I still haven’t forgiven him after 10 years.

  6. I love stuff like this.

    Here in the states, at WalMart, you can buy pre-assembled di-cast toys from a series called Forces of Valor. They’re almost all WWII, Korea and Vietnam-era vehicles (Airplanes, ships, tanks, trucks, guns, etc) and they’re EXTREMELY well-detailed and amazingly well-built.

    I believe most of them are 1:32 scale, which is a pretty decent size too. It’s incredibly hard to believe that these are kids’ toys, but sure as hell they’re in the Action Figure section at WalMart.

    I love ‘em!

  7. Ha! Thanks SS.
    Saved money with sucking WG Xmas calender, bought COBI Mathilda tank for 34 Euro via Amazon!

    • Hmmm,i read in a site the conversion from Zloty to euro…it’s like… 1 euro 4,3 zloty
      So,it’s like 25 euros.Looks nice.At least better than the stupid WG calendar…
      It seems like with this greedy WG we turned to kids for a moment,thinking of buy Cobi:P

  8. Dudes, the 3+ is there only because it contains small parts, which have possibility for choking hazard. Nothing to do with the recommendation age which Lego uses. I wouldn’t buy this for my three years old.

  9. There were articles about those in Tageszeitung:!151555/
    Washington Post:
    Times of Israel:
    Some swedish stores removed it from selling.
    I have a feeling that biggest asspain is about German symbols on the tanks (not swastikas but german crosses). Well, i just want to remind that those mythical Nazis weren’t from Moon or Mars but from Germany. We lost 6 millions citizens in that war, it will be never forgotten.

  10. Awesome ! I want that !
    I love LEGO and Im 20 years old. No matter how old you are you can still have fun with lego. Making whatever comes to your mind, simply amazing. Real life minecraft with insane HD graphics and limits

  11. Look closer at M-30 howitzer set. There is an optional helmet with… Polish LWP insignia (eagle without crown). Moreover, the Panther has quite accurate stalking panther logo on it’s turret side, common during battle of Kursk

  12. Lego lost their exclusivity to create ‘Lego’ blocks somewhere in 2008 I beleive.
    After that many companies were then allowed to create bricks and thats why on allot of sets you see “Works with other brands”.

    Many of the faux Lego bricks are actually of a good quality; but there are some stinkers out there.