Random Wargaming-related News

Hello everyone,

a couple of random newspieces related to Wargaming from all over the world. So, what’s going on with our favourite company?

Youtube cooperation

According to sbpit.su site, Wargaming and VSP Group announced an exclusive cooperation contract regarding the promotion of Wargaming-developed products on Youtube.

“Based on the license of Wargaming.net, the monetization of all the Youtube channels, that use completely or partially elements belonging to Wargaming.net will be passed over to VSP group.”

Ever since Novemeber 2014, a unification of all the official and fan channels, publishing World of Tanks videos to a single space is in process. This apparently already increased the quality of content of WoT video channels. I have absolutely no idea how that works, so if any videomaker wants to share what it actually means (if it means anything), now’s your chance.

Miss IT 2014

According to the site 42.tut.by, the “impression” category of Miss IT Belarusian competition was won on 7.12.2014 by Veronika Igosheva from Wargaming (developer in the “game stream” department). Congrats I guess.


World of Tanks Murder

According to moe-online.ru, in the Voronezh area in Russia, a 37 year old man killed his 63 year old mother on 21.12.2014, because she “prevented him from playing World of Tanks”. In the night, they had a quarrel about it and during the argument, the son grabbed a knife and stabbed his mother in the back. The woman was dead on the spot. The man confessed to the crime and was arrested for murder.

You could say….

*puts on sunglasses*

….it’s a game to kill for.

Okay, that was insensitive.

Wargaming buys larger bank share

Thanks to Vahakn for this one. According to the cyprus-mail.com site, Wargaming bought a larger share of the Hellenic Bank Public company, increasing it from 21,04 percent to 26,46 percent. I guess a bank always comes in handy for a game developer company :) Nah, just kidding, Wargaming grew far beyond game development to other areas, such as venture financing. They’re smart, WoT won’t be here forever.

30 thoughts on “Random Wargaming-related News

      • That’s their problem.

        Money takes a bigger place than their game.

        Invest a lot, add more premium things, invest more again, more premium…

        IM was their first real improvement over a year, and it’s not even here yet.
        They take 2 months to add 8 tanks and a map. Remember the winter mod ? Not paid guy remodeling all the game in few months.

        They should start to use their money to actualy work more, because something tells me Havok and all tanks in HD are not for 2015 either…

        • Couldn’t have said it better myself. I enjoy the game don’t get me wrong but the pace at which they do things and their priorities are skewed to say the least. I can’t help thinking that if they were a western company they’d listen to the playerbase and be a little more technologically apt with regards to game development.

        • Let’s be rational about this. We know they employ +/- 120 developers (of which some, apparently, are pretty hot), and seeing the last few updates, those 120 developers either had A) a very long vacation or B) were doing Russian things (e.g. fucking stuff up and blaming others).
          I mean, the HD models are outsourced, that much is known, so these 120 developers are doing something. My educated guess is that WG is hard at work at PvE elements, for which more premium stuff can be produced. SS, could you ask your contacts if my guess is very far off?

          Happy X-mass everyone!

  1. a 37 year old man killed his 63 year old mother on 21.12.2014, because she “prevented him from playing World of Tanks”

    It is a family friendly game after all

    • You could very well be blaming the kitchen knife. It is not the games, religion or guns, it´s the people. If people want to be violent, they will be, regardless of what they watch, play, what weapon they have and whatever they believe in.

  2. Yup, I would let her work on my wargame. Id let her model my ammorack. Id let her debug my code and so on and so forth

  3. I have a wot youtube channel but I have no idea what’s this all about. Possibly a more complicated monetization agreement with abother company that I hope will not be profit orientated on youtube content.

    • Sorry to ask, but are you currently monetising on your WoT channel? And if so, have you any notion of any issues with that?

  4. That’s what happens when you put kills into grinding missions. People start stabbing their own mothers.

  5. No wonder that gal won the beauty pageant, look at the horror on her side (in red dress). Valentine AT looks attractive compared to her.

    • She didn’t. Diploma in her hands reads “First Vice-Miss”.

      Speaking of “horror in red dress”. Unlike you, not everyone here has the look of Michelangelo’s David warranting the right to pass judgement on others. She may not be a mindblowing beauty. But she sure isn’t “horror” either. Life is not a porn movie where even a cleaning lady is scantily clad hottie.

      • Nahhh lol just get a kick out of these guys that don’t have a girlfriend or chances are will never have a girlfriend or have a girld friend that is repugnant (that is uglier than a Valentine AT weighing somwehere just below 300lbs) . Somehow seem to think that because they are good at a video game, (looking for all those hot gamer chicks – there are a few.. note the word *FEW*) they think they’ll catch a supermodel while living in their trailer or their parents basement.

        Go Buy more aftermarket Acura parts for your 1996 Integra dude. lol

  6. “You could say….

    *puts on sunglasses*

    ….it’s a game to kill for.

    Okay, that was insensitive.”

    Oh my God, I laughed so hard ! XD

    • Well… He is not living with his mother anymore… ;D

      Man, that insensitivity is really contagious!