Another Free Day of Premium

Many thanks to Jalt for this one.

Guys, just a quick reminder – if you want one more free day of premium account (which is common with WoT), you have to log on to World of Warplanes between 24.12. and 10.1. – up to you, whether it’s worth downloading the client or not.

This is valid for US server, but apparently it works for EU as well.

27 thoughts on “Another Free Day of Premium

    • It’s very good,at least it can pen other Pz II Ds….with some skillful handling and sidescraping(xD) it can bounce many shots from other Pz II Ds…it’s weakpoint is turret but most newbies don’t know that

    • My T18 loves them :D when are they going to give us tank which can actually pen T18 frontally?

        • ..well i think i will use it to fast training the 6th sense,(for VK28), those x1,7 + 50% crew bonuses are very nice, but will need some gold ammo :))

  1. 1 minute for last x-mas offer….hoping it’s type 59 up to 50 euros…anyway,if it is type then the games tier 8-9 games will be ruined today…

  2. Do we think the premium tank discount during 24th Dec to 11th Jan will include the new Russian medium crew trainer, so that it can be bought alone for gold at a discount or not?

  3. LMAO, through the last year, WoWp has become a better and for me much more enjoyable game than WoT. But yeah, since narrow-minded SS says “WoWp is teh suxx”, all the sheep just repeat after him.

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