The End of Advent Bundles

Hello everyone,

so, the last day of Christmas advent event is here and the bundle is… who the fuck knows, the shop crashed. But it’s Grosstraktor and T-34-85M in their bundles or something. Can’t tell you exactly, the shop crashed (I assume it’s not all the people lining up for the Grosstraktor, but rather a bunch of folks who expected Type 59) – oh wait, it’s working now (lots of disappointed people I guess). It’s:

- Grosstraktor + slot, 4500 gold and 30 days of prem for 29.99 EUR
- T-34-85M + slot, 1700 gold and 30 days of prem for 29.99 EUR

My advice: do not buy that overpriced shit, you’ll get a chance to buy it much cheaper in a couple of months (hell, even for free). Thus concludes one of the worst events in Wargaming history. Both bundles will be available for 25 more days (figures), so give it some thought before you spend that 30 Euro.

45 thoughts on “The End of Advent Bundles

  1. LOL That Type-59 shit rumour was hillarious! They would never put it on the shop…

    On the other two bundles, I don’t think they are bad, you get premium and gold with a tank and slot. So, if you need a bit of gold and 30 days premium why not a unique tank?

    Happy Xmas for everyone!

    • Exactly, it was more like wish which grow up in to rumor. They said many times that there will be no Type anymore and still every damn Christmas bunch of people expect it anyway.

      Happy Christmas to you too.

      • Yeah well I wanted a Type59 for Xmas too…. I couldn’t give a flying fuck about any of these other horse shit deals.
        YES THEY ARE SHIT!!!
        If they don’t include a Type59 then I ain’t gonna spend a cent (neither will my clan mates). Nor should anyone!
        Anyway see ya’s all next year!

        PS. But I’ll take my Obj 907 tyvm, better than nothing and didn’t spend a cent and will be keeping it that way.


          Good lord, aren’t you a spiiled, self entitled puppet.

        • Yaaay Someone Agrees with me
          + We Both have Obj 907s :P
          Why dont they just put it on there
          They shouldnt really Give 2 Shits because
          1. They’re making money
          2. They’re Making people who play the game happier
          3. It helps people ingame

        • Meh. “bla bla bla I want want want bla bla bla quay quay quay”… Deal with it, want one? Win a contest xD Or never get one xD It’s not has good as people think it is :) But still the best 25euros I invested in this game.

    • hope is in human nature friend, i was also hoping type 59 would be the offer but guess not.

  2. That’s last day offer sums up well the whole advent calendar.
    Excellent idea! Lots of folks got excited.
    But the path from idea to execution seems like paint with greediness to exorbitant level.
    Come on WG. One day? At least one day of good offers? Would that cost you so much?
    feels like talking to a wall ;)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all guys and to SS especially.

    And to you too WG :)

  3. Well I’m reasonably happy since I got a KV-5 out of the advent calender offers.

    Apart from that it was a bit of a let down.

    Maybe WG will get the msg that I (and many others) don’t want a fucking BT-SV!

  4. SS, do you have some sort of confirmation that they will be avalable again soon? I don’t care and already got both anyway because I needed gold and premium time but my friends do care.

  5. F…, I really hoped for that BTSV package again LOL

    Yeah, I agree with SS that Advent Calender was the hallmark of this year WG shit events and failures. It’s not even the tanks (it’s OK to offer KV-5 or BTSV as “rare” tanks) but the whole bloated “bundles” style, linked to premium time, gold, slots or equipement that nobody needs just to skyrocket the price.

  6. Sorry, I must have missed something. What makes you say we’re going to get a better deal on those tanks?

  7. What a cop out!
    just giving us what was already available on the other servers{Na, Ru}. Don’t get me wrong they did a few good deals like the kv220, kv5 & the 105 lefh but this just seems like they needed to fill the gap, 25 day sale? really an advent calendar deal…

  8. Finally a Soviet medium crew trainer. The Mathilda was just too prem dependent, and the A32 is rubbish. (It also used to be a light tank).

    • Yeah, I was hoping for it too. (You do mean the Pz38H right, not the PzII J?)
      But the Grosstractor was kinda surprising, I didn’t anticipate it.,

  9. Hm, not interested…again.
    So I will go for 7000g + 30 days of PA, but got one question, how to spend the gold?
    100y + d.max or E25 or 122-44?

    Or should I go for the 34-85M bundle as I love to play russian mediums?

  10. The type 59 issue is really dividing the community, those who have it say it’s best that not everyone should have one. Those who do not have one and have put significant time in the game are pissed that they can’t get one.
    Anyway I’m sure I am not the only one who, after every ‘offer’ thought; it’s a bit pricy, I’ll wait for tommorow.
    Concluding: this calendar was absolute shit and I hope the community did not buy stuff in large volume. Shame the type 62 offer is gone though, but well saves me some money.

    • Type 62 is very bad. It is just worse WZ 131 (which isnt very good). If you want Chinese light, get Type 64 while its on discount. It is much better and you can use it in Skrimish -> loads of credits.

      • BS. The type 62 is quite good. Fast, mobile and its turret is bouncy. Having quite a bit of fun with mine. (Earned it through the med mission.)

        • I have in my garage Type 59, Type 62, and Type 64 – Full set!

          Type 59 = good, but not OP in the way it used to be when I first bought it two years ago.

          Type 62 = inferior WZ 131, but useful crew trainer for my tier VIII Wz 132.

          Type 64 = Baby Hellcat, use as a crew trainer for my 59-16 which I use in tier VI Stronghold battles when full premium ammo spam makes the 59-16 a mini-bat chat.

          Interestingly the Type 59, when platooned with two FCM’s (all three benefit from 7-9 limited tier MM) will often do worse overall than the two French premium heavies due to it’s very Chinese gun handling characteristics (slightly map dependent).

  11. Hello,
    I will try to make it sort as much as possible… Well these special Christmas bundles which are presented in EU like super hot deals of your life are on other servers such as RU, NA and even on AS server just a normal offers.. For example this EU “super final Christmas bundles” are on each and every one of other servers for quiet a time right now… And RU server is much cheaper than “ours” well ofc because of the situation with Russia you can say.. But I keep an eye on this shops for quiet a while now and RU shop has been always better than others… And even other shops have better deals than us.. Well and its not all about shops.. Their players are better informed and their sides are actually regularly updated.. So as you can guess from my acc name xD You know my opinion which server you should be playing on.. :) And its easier than you think….RU servers are in EU too.. And they are two.. one in Bavaria in my home country and one is Nederlands … To be more exact in Amsterdam and in M√ľnchen… And even WG said you can actually see the game in english but most of the people do not speak any other language but russian which is not that bad if you think about it… There will be no arguing in the game chat so you can play without being disturbed by stupid smart ass. And if someone from them have comment about your game than you just do not understand what is he saying xD Its simple as that… Well but lets get back to more practical things..
    I asked WG if its possible to play WoWP on Russian server which is in Moscow without any serious issues such as lags and other problems related to distance of the source.. I currently live in Slovakia so for me its a real question.. But It can be a nice info for you guys as well at least we will see what is the suggested distance from the server source… I will than post it here as well…

    And now I have something to say to you SS… I hope there is no rule of english on this side and if is than just remind me and I will write only in english again but as we know SS is a Czech so I would like to wish him in this language… :) Takze Silente… Nebude to v cestne kedze v cestine neviem tak dobre pisat ale aj tak.. Zelam ti len to naj , krasne a pokojne Vianoce v rodinnom kruhu… Dalej sa chcem podakovat za robotu ktoru kazdy den robis pre obrovsku cast WG zakaznikov a mozno nie len pre nich… Dufam ze tvoj web bude pokracovat aj nadalej pricom ti zelam aby si si nasiel ten spravny balance medzi tymto a inymi povinnostani….Ono sa to takto do komentaru neda opisat aku velku robotu robis pre hracov… Keby si dal adresu tak ta mozno aj zavalia darcekmi od hora az dolu… Kazdopadne klobuk dole really for what you are doing with your people or firiends a klobuk dole za tvoju anglictinu :) Poznam kopec cechov a slovakov ale zeby sa niekto odvazil komunikovat na takej urovni a kvalite ako ty v anglictine a oslovit tak ludi nielen vo vasich krajinach tak to uz je nieco… Takze este raz len to naj zelam a krasny rok 2015 a hlavne nech sa ti naplnia zelania … Bye :)

  12. after the Type 62 it was clear that there wouldn’t be another chinese prem right after it. But why is the Panther 8,8 not part of the sales event – 15% off ???

  13. Nice to see all this whine about advent offers…. I bought the Grosstraktor and the tank itself was like 2-3 euros with the gold and premium purchase (which I needed anyway). Won’t get much cheaper than that and… won’t feel “robbed” if they use it as a reward tank later. ;-)

    The tank itself is pretty okay for a tier 3 premium, so quit the whining.

    Oh and stop bitching for Type 59, it was ninja nerfed into a piece of shit over the years.

  14. Merry Christmas! (Happy primary gifting period)

    I’m curious about the T-34-85m bundle. On the asian server we only get 950 gold, 30days prem and the tank. Does the RU bundle have bonus gold or are we getting ripped off?