T-54 “First Prototype” – Couple More Pics

Source: FTA VK community

So, this is how a model looks without any textures. Not much to see here, yet. But, if you are interested in the history of the model, you can read this article – as you can see, it’s relatively old, as the vehicle was announced more than half a year ago as a replacement to the failed T-44-85, which might actually still appear in the game, possibly rebalanced one tier lower. Various issues left it postponed till now.





14 thoughts on “T-54 “First Prototype” – Couple More Pics

  1. Looks a lot like a t-44 to me, but I would consider buying it since I need a crewtrainer for my russian med crew

      • well, not spending 30 euro for that thing, don’t need that premium time with it, as I only play in weekends (except when I have holidays like now), and I don’t think the t-34-85m is worth my money, i’ll just wait for it to appear without (for me) useless premium time

    • Of course it looks a lot like a T44. Thats pretty much all it was. Its as it says the first prototype for the T54 which was nothing more than a T44 with improved armorthickness. Only problem about it that it still had the same engine, so it got far heavier but they didnt improve the engine power. In result the mobility and top speed is a bit lacking.

  2. The T54 was pretty much an evolution of the T-44 series, it eveb looked ‘rather similar’ until it got the dome turret in later versions.

    • Also, T-54 finally dropped the Christie-style drive system where the power is transmitted through the guide horns.

  3. Wasn’t T-44 SerB’s favourite tank? Looks like he’s trying to get a premium version at all cost.

  4. If it is anything like the current T-44 with the endless defeats I will have to pass, in fact the same could be said for the game itself after two years.