Straight Outta Supertest: T-54 “First Prototype”

Source: VK Wotleaks community

Hello everyone,

this is the upcoming tier 8 Soviet premium medium tank – intended for normal purchase, not an event tank or anything.



Developed in 1944 by Plant No.183. During its developments, many mechanisms and components of the T-44 tank were used. They were modified and fixed in order for the new vehicle to carry more armor and a better gun. According to one of the sources, first prototype was ready by the end of 1944, other sources however state another date – January 1945. The vehicle was trialed in March-April 1945. It was not mass produced.

Characteristics (for 100 percent crew):

Tier 8 Soviet MT
Hitpoints: 1400
Engine: 520 hp
Weight: 35,5 tons
Power-to-weight: 14,65 hp/t
Maximum speed: 44/18 km/h
Hull traverse: 44 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,151/1,822
Turret traverse: 45,9 deg/s
Viewrange: 380
Radio range: 700

Hull armor: 120/90/?
Turret armor: 180/120/?

Elite gun: 100mm D-10T
Damage: 250
Penetration: 175
ROF: 8,022
DPM: 2005,5
Reload: 7,479
Accuracy: 0,345
Aimtime: 2,4s
Depression: -6




104 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: T-54 “First Prototype”

        • Of course they are, but knowing this is a tank with an not superbly accurate gun and not very good flanking ability with a terrible turret that makes enough silver to make a profit even if you shoot 8 or so premium rounds on a Victory, this tank won’t be loved by unicrums, I guess…. ( The gold ammo for the D1oT sucks anyway )

          at all. Just like the T-44 isn’t popular with unicrums…

            • Well,
              unlike T54 firs proto pershing has:
              1. Imba Gold penetration
              2. Wicked, bouncy turret,
              3. Imba gold pen
              4. Huge gun depression which makes mway more psotions viable
              5. Imba goldpen
              mfg ex
              PS: dunno bout other clans, but in my clan Pershing was most used T8 med in campaign, so it can’t be that bad…

          • unicums will hate this tank dude, it’s not very mobile, has a shit gun while the only redeeming quality the tank has is it’s armour which isn’t a reason to buy it lol

      • skill will do too, if you are patient enough to learn it ;-) at least it will have prem MM for sure :-)

        • Wouldn’t count on it too hard, the gun is better than the T-44′s and the T-44 has fun facing MAUS’ and E-100 on tier 10 itself. The top speed of the T-44 is only 51 km/h which is only 6 km/h worse than this tank. The T-44 is also made out of ammoracks and cannot bounce any tier 10 shell.

          The T-54 light while being far more mobile has a far worse gun than this but likely better DPM as it’s DPM is better than the T-44′s and also meets tier 10′s almost by standards with it’s tier 9 matchmaking.

          Russian guns don’t dictate their matchmaking on mediums. All mediums tier 7 and up on the soviet tree have bad penetration for their tier. The T-44 has mediocre DPM like most tier 8 mediums.

    • 175 is enough for the slow aiming/inaccurate is-6.For a medium tank is more than enough and it might get limited MM.

      • It won’t, likely.

        T-44 and T-54 lightweight has a worse gun and meets tier 10′s. Even on tier 9 175 will be terrible if this tank proves to be sluggish. The turret looking at it’s design won’t be good and the hull armour only goes so far….

    • A sluggish T-44 with T54s armor, simple as that
      The gun looks better than T44s one, also, not quite sure still

      • Even with the most accurate gun of the tier, if you cannot penetrate most weakspots of tier 9′s frontally and this tank proves to be sluggish I can see it being worse than the Super Perhsing…. ha…

        • It truly shows your skill level if you see Super Pershing as a bad tank.

          Even without gold, I can pen pretty much everything on the tier just fine. Considering this thing has a much superior armor than most tier 8 mediums, equivalent pen (Chinese/Russian meds say hello) , and acceptable mobility, it’s going to be a GREAT fucking tank.

          Then again, a yellow or lower player will probably find it lackluster… As they usually do with Super Pershing as well.

          • I don’t have the SuperPershing myself. I think that armour especially at distance is great. The gun however cannot penetrate a lot of weakspots just like the T-44′s and the SuperPershing cannot really run from danger.

            As far as I’ve experienced. Slow mediums with bad guns full awful to play. The Super Pershings armour means nothing up close for tier 7 heavies other than the IS and IS-2 ( who’s gun handling can troll them into shooting spaced armour as long as they aren’t facehugging )

            Like I said, I don’t own the superpershing myself. From a distance they are hard to damage but from up close they’re really easy to damage. The superpershing is only really bad on tier 9, I think. Especially due to the super high penetration guns on that tier and the existence of the VK45.02B and E75 which are impenetrable for it frontally. ( the 182~200 tiny copula on the E75 is practically impenetrable for it.

            Honestly, I think almost all tier 8 mediums could have their dpm boosted a little. There is a reason we generally don’t see many tier 8 mediums in clanwars and 7/54. Excluding some random T-34-3 and type-59′s. ( or very rarely 416 )

  1. So this seams to be a clone of Type 59 if anybody would like one, but will it have premium MM or not now…

  2. is this thing will actually get a t-54 hull? and not that terrible turret? i smell some OPness

    • The 180 is most likely the flat (spaced) turret front just like on the T-44 which has nothing behind it. There are only a few tanks that won’t penetrate it reliably. ( T-44, SuperPershing, IS-6, 112, KV-5 etc. )

      At least the turret is better than the stock T-54 turret, possibly….

  3. I have been hunting for the fabled tank with 175 pen and 250 damage, now my life search is over. Whatever shall I do with my time now? Better troll in my Pz2D…

    Now that WG has solved this enduring enigma maybe they can get back to the long promised +1/-1 and skill based MM, along with transferring crews from nation to nation and removing arty from the game…

  4. There is still a full alphabet to put after the tank name, real or prototye, so no.

    For “moniez” all is allowed.

    WG could easily make Pz 2 auf Z for tier 8 anway, but I guess we will get it anyway for Xmas 2032 as tier 2/3 when they will finally make a transition to Cryengine

    Wow for USSR medium to have a Tiger 2 like armor at the same tier. …

  5. Fantastic. So be it that the T-54 has heavy tank armor even for tier 9, moving it down to tier 8 surely won’t cause any problems whatsoever…

    It’s as if WG forgot what happened with the Type 59.

    • If you note that the turret front is flat and based on the T-44 turret which has nothing behind the spaced armour. Then the 180 is probably the same as the 120 on the T-44. Meaning that the turret mantlet can be penetrated by any non premium tank on it’s tier other than the fabled T-44 with it’s 175 mm penetration gun.

  6. yea it looks good to me but they have already said it wont get perf mm. I think it we be op with it so it seems to make sense. the mobility looks ok too for what early leaks were just saying it was going to be another super per like tank.

  7. With the right crew, the tank will be fast enought not to suffer from it’s mobility.
    The Armor seems to be very good, better Hull then Type 59, but I’m not sure about the turret, some wiggle while reloading might work.
    - 6 Gun Depression!! Thats better that Type 59 (-5?) This resonably flat tank will be able to shoot over hills.
    The Gun is not good, but will get the job done I think.
    If it gets somewhat same camo like T-44, I think it wouldn’t be balanced as a premium with special MM.
    I think it will get either normal MM or will be somewhat nerfed to fit into it’s premium role.

    • it’s a T-44 with an up-armoured turret and hull. Look at the shape of the turret.

      If the turret is the same as on the T-44 the turret with 180 armour won’t be a problem to penetrate from any angle.

      • E50M has the same flat turret with 185mm.

        The thing is these turrets are pretty small and guns and mantlets catch lot of shots. You need to move a bit of course.

        Or maybe you wanna tell us E50M is weak?:d

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  9. Fuck yeah, its like the original Type 59 before they changed it a couple of years back. I’m sooooo getting one of those! (Well only if it got preferred matchmaking.)

    • 180 flat turret front like that type 59? Maybe for the terrible 175 mm penetration guns of the soviets….

      • I’m pretty sure that the turret will be pretty strong.Like the T-44,near the “edges” of the gun mantlet it probably overlaps with the actual armor.This gives you 360 effective armor.
        Then, moving towards the gun, you’ll have the flat 180 mm thick gun mantlet, which is actually curved,like the Maus frontal turret.
        This leaves you with a very,very small portion of flat surface where u can reliably penetrate it at tier 8.

        Given the fact that this is a medium tank,the Russian reputation for strong turrets and that most encounters will not happen at point blank,face hugging distance,I think the turret will prove very strong.

        The IS-6 has a gun mantle that is 150mm thick,not angled.I have ( I think) about 600 games in my IS-6,maybe I get penned there once every 20-30 games.Most people assume is very hard to pen it and those who know about it most of the times miss it and hit an angled surface. And this is a heavy,front line tank.As a mobile medium tank with a very small portion where the turret is actually 180mm thick I’m pretty sure that this tank will be able to make full use of its turret.

    • We’d wish. I’m just laughing at how bad it looks for now. Only the hull armour and gun accuracy are noteworthy. Delicious flat turret front and terrible penetration gun. These things will be nice to farm with tier 9 heavies.

      ( the premiums rounds on D1OT guns are only 217 penetration generally. )

  10. if this is the first prototype? what is T 54 light? i thought that was the first prototype?

    and why is this thing so slow?

    • This is basically an upgraded T-44. IRL it suffered from numerous issues. T-54 Light was not first, it was a later project to make the T-54 into a light tank.

      • Its really a T44 with 120mm @ 60 armor meaning t54 hull with a T44 turret that is highly reinforced. Its armor will murder a Spershings and its much much faster and has -6 not -4 as it should.

  11. Without any doubt… this is a reborn of an OLD TYPE-59! Look at it, slower medium with 175 pen and quite a good armor. But today, in days of high pen TD guns hidden in every bush, will be hard to play…. and it will not make an awful amount of credits. Anyway it will be interesting tank and a great way of training yours STRONK SOVIET crews for 3 same X tiers. :)

  12. wargaming: IMPLEMENT ALL T-54!!!44 even in german line, give every country t-54s. better, make it world of t-54, each country will have different colored t-54s, and they will shoot empty vodka bottles on each other…..

  13. OMG ruski bias. This armor is now way way better than spershing. It is faster, has shitty gun handling like both tanks do and they gave it -6 when in reality it was -4….LOL

  14. Another shyte tank that can’t be played like proper medium and rush key positions like hills and stuff.

  15. Can you tell me people what do you want? Everyone is crazy about T 59. At the moment this is basicly much better version of Type 59 with only a little worse mobility and one degree less gun depression. And yet all of you are like meh, except for actual Type 59 drivers. I would trade mine for this immediately with current stats. And its soviet so you can use it to train soviet meds crew which has been issue with T59 for a long time.

  16. absolutely ecstatic to see WG release t8 med prems.i mean the SP is meh-bad…and the type is good. but other than that we were dry until the panther came along. and now this. 175pen is plenty, every russian tanker knows that its not too hard to make that work.and a t54 hull is always welcome.the t44s turret was good too, so i can imagine that this thing has a good survive-ability. and the t44s weakest componant the gun gets a nice upgrade too? well WG i havnt said this in years…but shut up and take my money!

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  18. It’d be great if this tank gets preferential mm, but I don’t think it will since that’s one of the reasons why the Type 59 got removed. Regardless, I think I can work with it even in a tier 10 match if I can make the SU-122-44 work in a tier 9 battle without using gold ammo.

  19. Unless this gets preferential matchmaking or good HEAT/APCR shells then this tank is going to be pretty bad. as to aria8, well make an SU-122-44 penetration gun work against tier X, it will be as bad as the T69 without HEAT or APCR or whatever its premium shell is if it goes up against tier X tanks. They seem to have come out recently against the favourable mm tanks recently. The E-25 has been removed from sale for being too numerous and too good, the Panther 88 has been made a non-preferential MM tank despite it being basically an FCM 50t but as a german MT and they probably won’t make this tank a preferential MM tank.

    • I didn’t say that I wouldn’t use gold ammo on tier 10s just because I can easily play the SU-122-44 without gold ammo even in tier 9 battles. It’s just that getting tier 10 battles in the T-54 proto wouldn’t be so bad that I’d just gold spam.