T-54 Prototype – Historical Data

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as you already know, T-54 Prototype (AKA T-54 Model 1945) will be the Soviet tier 8 premium medium tank. Yuri Pasholok on his blog published (along with the photographs) a sheet of data for the vehicle. You can judge by yourself how historical the vehicle is in the game (in the brackets, game value for comparison).


Combat weight: 35,5 tons (35,5 tons)
Engine: V2-44, 520hp (520hp)
Power-to-weight: 14,6 hp/t (14,65 hp/t)
Groud pressure: 0,9 kg/cm2
Maximum speed: 43,5 km/h (44 km/h)
Average speed: 30-35 km/h
Offroad speed: 12-18 km/h
Speed at 1700 RPM with 1st gear: 6,12 km/h
Speed at 1700 RPM with 2nd gear: 13,25 km/h
Speed at 1700 RPM with 3rd gear: 18,65 km/h

Crew: 4 (4)

Length, gun forward: 8970mm
Length, gun back: 8490mm
Length of hull with smoke dischargers: 6555mm
Length of hull without smoke dischargers: 6175mm
Width: 3185mm
Height: 2275mm
Hull height: 1375mm
Clearance: 400mm
Width between centers of tracks: 2610mm
Length of the contact surface: 3940mm
Width of combat compartment: 1850mm
Length of combat compartment (from ammo rack to the engine compartment wall): 1570mm
Height of combat compartment: 1570mm

Armor (in the game it’s historical):
Upper front plate: 120mm (60 degrees)
Lower front plate: 120mm (45 degees)
Side armor: 90mm (0 degrees)
Upper rear plate: 30mm (60 degrees)
Middle rear plate: 45mm (17 degrees)
Lower rear plate: 30mm (70 degrees)
Engine deck and bottom: 15mm
Hull roof under the turret: 30mm
Turret front: 180mm
Turret side: 150 to 90mm (thinning towards the rear, 20 degrees)
Turret rear: 75mm (12 degrees)
Turret roof: 15mm

Gun: 100mm D10-T-K
Maximum elevation: 17 degrees (unknown in the game)
Maximum depression: -3 degrees (-6 in the game)
Ammo carried: 34
ROF: 5-6 RPM (7,8 in the game)
Machineguns: 7,62mm GVG, two pieces

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  1. So if we are getting the T-54 prototype, are they going to give the tier 9 T-54 its historical hull armor? Or is it going to keep the armor that only existed on the pre-production models.

    Right now, the regular T-54 has such cherry-picked stats, it’s ridiculous.

        • Gameplay is the reason.

          Buffs/nerfs of .5 degrees I can take.
          Not buffs and nerfs that double these things…

          Sometimes it is bewildering to be though. The T-62A IRL for example had -7 gun depression (T-62 was -4).It might be OP I guess.

          • You guys do realize WG doesnt give two flying fucks about those documents right? it’s just template for their minds on how to balance a tank. They only apply historical stats when their ass wants it.

            They do not care about the real armor (vk4520p), about gun depression (t62a), about speed (Sherman Firefly). Anyone else noticed the recently added Firefly has a max speed of 36km/h when the REAL Firefly had a max top speed of 40km/h?

            • yeah, historically, they need to add 4 different shells and 5 different cartridges for Soviet 122mm gun. It’s mean 5 different shell trajectories and 20 shell-cartridge combinations. And if you pick the wrong shell-cartridge combination, your tank can explode when you fire its gun.

        • For gameplay.-2 and -3 degrees of depression is too little and it would make the tanks very unplayable.Look at the Chinese tanks and you will see what I mean.

            • Chinese are not even close to Rus tanks.

              113 vs IS7 is hands down IS7.

              121 vs 140 or 62a or even the worst 430 or 907= Ru Meds any day and twice on sundays.

              Chinese arty vs 261 thats not a cheating heatshot machine with the “Legal Arty Mod”….Oh wait

              Point is Ru tanks are much much more powerful, the problem is so many RU players are reds and since its x4 the population of other servers those Reds get the 62a/140 and or IS7 as first tanks keeping there stats artificially low.

              Go look at WOTLABS solo challenges. Bigcheese from NA server goes to EU with IS7 and SOLO gets 73% win rate with something like 3600 avg DMG…,.THis in a tank they buffed from unhistorical armor thickness and made it stronger than it was. Also making maps brawl 10x more makes IS7 and Ru meds even better at what they do.

              Sorry but for the horrible depression and bad gun handling Chinese gets 0 armor advantages, and simply gets ROF increases while at high tiers not getting much alpha help at all. 113 should have 600 Alpha keep with “Chinese= huge gun”

              Sorry but RU tanks will always be OP. KV1s was literally 6% higher as avg winrate and was kept that way since Beta. T54 has been OP since beta. 62a and M48 were dead even when first released. M48 was better snapshotter and OTM the 62a got better armor and camo…But nope wasnt ok s they nerfed M48 into a shit heel. Sry Rus bias is real and is stronk.

          • So good luck to play SU-122P and IS-3 in War Thunder because those tanks have -2 gun depression in this game. =))

            • I have the SU-122P and it is a very very good tank.The gun depression is indeed a problem,but you can work around it.

    • I don’t understand the hype about t54(regular tier9)! I hate it,its complete shit.I have 46% on it,other tanks are above 55% and Panther tier 7 -60%!!! I loved t44,for some reason T54 is complete shit for me,i don’t get it.
      Anybody else have the same problem?
      PS I never use gold shells,dont have credits for it.

      • Ive had a similar experience with the obj430 2
        I recently switched to 10ap, 39 heat, 1 HE and well
        it suddenly feels amazing rather than being a useless turd that I cant break 2k dmg with most of the time
        That being said, with a prem account Ive been loosing anywhere beetween 10-30k credits a game depending on my accuracy and # of shells fired
        (from what Ive seen the tier 10 will treat you much better with APCR standard)

      • I don’t have it yet but from looking at the stats and at what youtubers say it looks very promising.I mean,decent frontal armor,very,very strong turret,good gun,good mobility,good camo….
        What more could you ask?

      • Yep, it was slow as dogshit, so is the 120mm hulled T54 in game supposed to be.

        Also 1700 RPM was pushing it hard :)

        Same US engine was 10 liters or about 600 cubic inches less and put out 800 HP vs 560 HP, it also revved to 2200 RPM. Did I mention it was lighter :)

        • If you cannot penetrate a flat 180 mm thick plate with a tier 8 gun that isn’t on a russian tank you are doing it wrong. If you can’t penetrate a Type 59 turret then that’s normal.

          • why would u shoot at his turret? …because i see no point type 59 can be pen by
            Vk 30 02M tested by my in random offcourse with gold ammo

            • Why wouldn’t you fire at the turret is weak like the one on the T-54 Prototype? You don’t even need to use gold if you have a decent tank. It’s not like you can angle the turret to bounce T-29/Tiger/Panther. The turret cheeks are too weak and showing them will make you even easier to penetrate.

              So you can do the retarded wiggling or just give up and pay attention to where you are driving to flee away.

              • Guess what, the KV-4 gets the same armor thicknesses on its turret as this does. The turret is not that bad, you are simply attempting to make it out to be a bigger issue than it actually is. With your logic, the IS-6′s turret can be autopenned, but I have no issues with it as long as I don’t rely on it against BL-10 rounds.

              • if you hit anything below or above the gun, you stand a decent chance of a bounce i’m sure.it might go through 2 armor globs or the angle might be enough to put it over the top, hard to say exactly whats going on without tank inspector. although the cheecks are def, a shoot here spot. and i must say you are correct to shoot the turret, shooting the hull is a fools game.

    • Would be great if you people stopped saying shit like that so we would actually get a good tier 8 premium med that does not suck donkey balls.This tank has a turret that will be dogshit and that will offset all the good things about it.Also has 1 less degree of gun depression than type.If we are lucky and it gets premium MM, you can be sure the front plate will be nerfed to 90mm as well.

    • Because the in game weight is rounded up in the post. From a little math, you can determine the actual game weight is 35.49 t

  2. The tank was supposed not to be another Type-59, but something similar in terms of speed and agility to T26E4, but now it gets better hp to weight ratio than the Type itself? What in the shit?

    • The Turret presumably is a giant weakspot being mostly flat. Flat 180mm can be penetrated by most tier 8 vehicles reliably unlike the turret of the Type 59 which has hard to hit copula’s as it’s only weakspot. The hull is better, I’ll give you that. But it’s not as agile or fast as the Type 59 by far going by terrain resistance and top speed.

        • Doesn’t matter, turret can get penetrated by anything important anyway.
          Some tier 6 TD’s, Tier 7 heavies + TD’s , Tier 8′s….

    • LOL are you new to WoT? illogical differences between stats of various tanks are in WoT ever since beta. I will give a new example. The US 105mm M4 derp gun weights 2.600kg.The british one available for Sherman clone and the Firefly weights only 517kg xD Insider told me that WG aquired highly classified documents regarding that the british, used some kind of lightweight metal recovered from an alien space ship during WWII. If they had more then they could have made a medium tank as armored as E-75 and with the weight of a Chafee.

      This is how retarded the stats values are in WoT. I’ve got used to it a long time ago.

      • us 105 weights 2.600kg because American Sherman with stock turret get large gun mantlet. (if someone remember old armored m4 top turret before HD, now stock turret gun mantlet can block even German long 88) British m4 don’t have gun mantlet. so that is 2t difference, American troll 180mm gun mantlet on stock turret compared to British 76mm turret front. (but that only on stock American turret, on top turret is only 14mm difference)

  3. Give the damned Chinese tanks the gun depression that they added to the Soviet tanks and put the hills back in the game please.