Meanwhile in Yahoo Advertising…

Thanks to Matthew H. for this one.


Relive. History. Battles. Conqueror. Right. Good job, advertisers.

For extra lulz, check the Conqueror turret in the picture:


Got it? Now, look at the real Conqueror turret:


Quite different, hmm? That’s because WG artist fucked the Conqueror turret up – they basically “merged” a Conqueror turret and a Centurion turret for some strange reason, creating a Frankenconqueror. How on earth did that happen? Hell if I know. The screwed up Conqueror picture is quite old (from the time the British got introduced), not sure why it gets recycled. But I like that double mantlet part.

25 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Yahoo Advertising…

        • Got to admit the turret does look really nice, even if it isn’t real I’d of loved to see wargaming try to say it’s real, add it into the game and then patent it as an alleged conqueror upgrade that was supposed to happen.

          Or alternatively they should just add it in the game for looks, but operates like the standard turret anyway. After all it is bloody beautiful

      • Its basicly the case of Fury … log on sides? “everybody wants that”. Here the turret is “boring” so they need to add some details to make it more dramatic. Its basics of digital artist job :)
        anyway its not historical but its based on how effective the banner is.

      • Tbh it should have said fight the battles that (thankfully) never happened, because that is way more interesting.

        Also the frakenturret looks good, and lets face it it must be more effective than the one in game.

      • Shh… Attempt in being rational with these kinds of people is futile and will only lead to crying and raging.

  1. The in-game Conqueror has fake stats as well, it didn’t have a stabilized gun and couldn’t fire on the move in real life.

    • Reading up a little it had a stabiliser but cut out at 1.5mph and elevated the gun to prevent damage to the long barrel and placed it in free motion (the gun was too heavy for a system to really control at the time).

      The single loader on the Conqueror was not able to load the gun while the tank was moving.

      The Conqueror did have the ability for the commander to pick a target, range it and then turn the turret to face the new target so it would already be in the gunners direct field of fire – so enabling the commander to pick a new target while the gunner engaged one. The commander would then traverse the turret to the new target and the commander could search for another.

      • That is known as hunter-killer mode. And the commander moving thw turret to another target is called “slewing”.

    • You mean like all the other tanks in the game? Non shock. Conquerors real engagement range was longer than the maps in WoT are wide never mind the draw distance, i think you are confusing games with reality.

    • *facepalm* it doesn’t actually look ,like that in the game, it’s just a picture, in the game it’s the normal (and very weak) conqueror turret

  2. I actually like the way the fucked up conquer turret looks more than the ingame one:P it looks more bad ass? Its the best way to describe it.