Meanwhile on ASIA Server….

Thanks to the bunch of people who sent me the link :)

So, ASIA server had this competition, where you had to draw an… armoured persona. Basically an armoured vehicle depicted as a person. This is apparently a thing over there. Anyway, the poll was public and the winner was… unexpected.


Yes, that’s a stick figurine winning an art competition. Now I’ve seen it all. Public votes are a wonderful thing.

Great trolling, guys :)

83 thoughts on “Meanwhile on ASIA Server….

  1. SS lacking creativity much? A person in an armored suit is basically an evolution of the modern day tank. Robert Heinlein thought of it in the 50s.

    No comment on the vote..

  2. I’m not interested or ever follow Armored Persona or whatever anime-thing (Chinese Cartoon Girl) But this Seriously!!? this is the greatest troll ever just like NA server Model Kit Competition… First ASIA Server violated by VPA thing, now this??

  3. I hope that a few people have had a giggle m7, I haven’t stopped laughing. Haven’t received the gold yet though. (7500)

  4. IS-3 persona looks cool, kinda remind me of zaku..

    But I guess on this competition, they don’t want another Russian bias, so stick figure won..

    Oh my, start of the year and this happened, looks like the rest would be more epic this 2015 for WG

    • What’s the relevance to this? The winner of that NA competition obviously put a shit load of skilled work into his piece. It is funny reading the replies of all the butthurt plastic kit builders though.

      • Well it is, you see 2nd place 3rd place etc. are better and more serious work than the first place.. its almost no difference both Contest, and its based on Polls u can rig it Easily..

                • Dude,
                  this was voted by the entire community. Not a single vote was faked.

                  It’s just that Fendalton is a great forumer and he’s active down there. His sense of humor gave everybody a laugh, and that’s why we voted him.

                  No other reason. It’s not like we pre-decided or faked the voting.

                  And no, I’m not a politician.

                  It’s simple- Fendalton is creative enough to draw a stickman, and people on ASIA forums love these jokes. We vote for him. Is that hard to swallow or what?


    • i know right?!?!?

      shouldn’t complain, at least i get to walk away with 6k gold

    • Ya, we all agree the is3 guy looks cool and took a ton of effort.
      Buuuut stickman wins on account of audacity, memorability and hilarity every time. Sorry is3 guy – asymmetric warfare wins this one…

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  6. This is why online polling can be suspect. That and the fact that the Time Magazine “Man of the 20th Century” was Eric Cartman. Followed closely by Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler taking 3rd place.

  7. uh… if you actually read the post that went along with the picture on the forums.. its actually a pretty racist post against asians..

  8. Here is the description of his submission x)
    “The helmet resembles the pike nose of the IS-3, and the green resembles it’s colour.
    The tiny, slanted eyes resemble it’s view range.
    The simplicity of the design resembles the simplicity of playing the tank.”

  9. The IS-3 looks cool while that amazing drawing which i think it pre-dates even the cave man drawings, looks funny and trollish.

    The asian staff should have formed a jury. It’s a slap in the face to the IS-3 artist lol! now imagine how the next contest would look like. No one will even bother to make something really nice. They will just draw troll memes xD

    • Glad you like my entry. Certainly amusing to see it beaten by a stick figure drawing…

      There was an official ‘WG ASIA’s Choice’ that voted on the top three artworks submitted. After that it was up to the community to decide the four other artworks that would also get rewarded.

  10. it shouldn’t have even been accepted.

    from the rules: “The character resembles a IS-3 in some way; submissions not based on the tank will not be accepted.”

  11. Hello. You see the artwork that won second place after the stick figure drawing. The guy who drew that was me. For real.
    I knew it was bound to win, since by the last day of the voting period the stick figure drawing had over 100+ votes and my artwork barely scratched 50. I saw the funny side, and i certainly can’t complain since i DID get second place and 6K in-game gold.
    But still, can’t say it’s nice being the guy whose artwork is displayed (and beaten) by a stick figure drawing….

    • Good on you for seeing the funny side. I know it’s not nice and I feel for you. Fendalton go 1.5k more gold than you, for something he put SO MUCH EFFORT into!

      Fendalton is a bully, case closed.

      Seriously though, are you on the forums? If not, you should drop by some time. It’s a lively place. :D

      • Oh i pop by a couple of times, mostly going through in-game discussion stuff and the occasional art contests.
        really had to go around asking people to come and vote for my artwork though, the key to this contest (at least the community’s choice poll) is networking and making friends (or be a part of a clan)

    • You were actually beaten by a number of other submissions that WG voted and awarded prizes to themselves. This was the peoples’ choice – of which the original submission had the most amount of +1s before it had even started. It was more of a forum popularity competition than art competition. And in that you lost.

    • That hurts bro. I may never draw again.

      I made and posted it purely for shits and giggles, for some reason a whole bunch of people voted for it while they were voting for Fondletons piece, presumably because we’re in the same clan.

  12. Beautiful. However, it doesn’t quite match Obama winning the US presidency… TWICE.

    • You know that the popular vote is purely a formality that doesn’t actually mean anything, right? The electoral vote is the one that actually matters, and can (and HAS) gone against the popular vote before. Don’t blame the people, blame the electors.

      However, that’s neither here nor there. Stay on topic.