Panther Replica in Belgium

Found this on Yuri Pasholok’s blog. It’s some sort of Panther replica, but hell if I know what was it built around, but it was apparently used for Bastogne re-enactment this winter. Check it out!




Well, no matter what it is built on, it’s pretty impressive.

25 thoughts on “Panther Replica in Belgium

  1. Gap between the first road wheel and the next 4 should give it away… Looks like T-55.

    Still very nicely made replica.

    • Yeah but the roadwheels are very different, so are the rear and front sprockets. It’s a very good replica.

    • Indeed, it’s a Polish replica based on T-55. Heavily modified, though. A very well-known vehicle among the reenactment community.

  2. just watched a t-55 youtube video, the engine sounds the same, the wheel gap looks right so they probably made replica sprockets and blanked off the wheel pattern with some steel sheet.

    and a very good replica body

    • Dude, if you can’t see the difference between HISTORY and IDEOLOGY, i feel sorry for you….
      The guys from SRH AA7 take their time to reconstruct historical battles as best as they can and it would be a little hard without the other side of the conflict. And they also have huge reconstruction groups for Polish armed forces both from the western and eastern front.
      Use brain before commenting next time.

    • I’m still not sure if the glorfication of the ideoogy is really the purpose of all these groups. There may be some who also venture into the ideological part though.

      However it is interesting that most reenactors of WWII (even WWI) around the globe do reenact german military.
      There is a fascination about it and probably also a factor why the ideology leading to the war gets suppressed or neglected by a lot of people fascinated by the pure military aspect. It is the same effect as in scale modeling.

      Being a german some might say that makes me a nazi right form the start :)
      Well….some believe in the original sin – I don’t.
      I myself also fancy german military technology and uniforms even though part of my ancestors had to suffer from the nazi regime. Hell I’m about to have the whole german tank tree plus premiums in my wot garage.

      Well – does it make me a bad or twisted guy?
      I doubt…just a guy with interests and educated distance maybe.
      But that has to be judged by people who know me – not myself or strangers.

      As long as people performing reenactment don’t deny the background of their reenactment and do it responsibly and reflective I have nothing against it.
      It gets annoying and disturbing when they abuse the neutral or sometimes even positive label of reenactment to cover up them celebrating the whole package including the ideological aspects of their reenacted avatars and era.

      That would be disgusting and respectless.

      On the other hand people can say that to us playing games in the context of wars even most recent wars as tasteless and disgusting.
      The action entertainment generation will always be in a moral conflict.
      Did parents ever questioned them allowing children playing cowboy and indians?!?! Most didn’t but in my childhood their alarms went off when their children brandished their wooden machine gun mockups.
      How hyprocritical is that?!

      Back to topic:

      Nice replica! But the rear transmission and chassis as a whole spoils it a bit for those looking closer.

      • Good to see some healthy approach to the subject.

        As for the replica, that’s the most you can do without going full scratch build, which probably doubles(at least) the cost and adds a lot of problems like where to cast decent enough track links or fine tuning the suspension. The custom resized front “drive sprocket” is a nice touch though. Other replicas based on t-55 look simply silly with that tiny factory stock wheel.

          • Actually it can even be the real thing, since recently, they restored to running condition one found way up north in Norway.
            Even if it’s a replica, it’s fairly easy to scratchbuild it since it’s so small(=cheap) and more than enough of the documentation and a few vehicles(some converted to artillery tractors) survived the war.
            I have a book(though very thin) on it and You wouldn’t even believe how many variants this little bugger had XD

            • This one is definitely a replica as I saw the little bugger at War and Peace Revival in the summer. Can’t remember who built it though!

              You always know that these things are small but it’s only when you get up close you realise just how small. Two people is bad enough but then there’s the engine to think about.

    • The overlapping wheels (Schachtellaufwerk) were introduced to support smooth ride. While more difficult in maintenance it fulfilled this task quite well.