Naydin Medal Bugged

Hello everyone,

it was confirmed on RU server and now it is officially confirmed by EU support as well. EU player SirDannerbold was supposed to recieve Naydin’s medal in his battle, but he did not. He contacted the support service and this is the answer he recieved from support service employee by the nickname of “Daniel Boone”:

27.12.2014: “Nach meiner Untersuchung hast du die Medaille vverdient. Ich leite dasumgehend weiter damit das gefixt wird, ob du die Medaille noch bekommstknn ich dir nicht sagen aber wir danken dir für deine Meldung.”

Translation: “You should have been awarded with the medal. I forward this issue to be fixed, but I cannot tell whether you will get the medal or not, but thank you for your message.”

29.12.2014: “Ich habe die antwort bekommen, wir haben in der Tat in der einen Medaille ein Problem, wir sind bereits dem Fehler auf der Spur. Tut uns leid dass du den nicht bekommen hast aber wir haben nicht alles umgehend im Griff… Sorry . Aber danke für deine Meldung. ”

Translation: “I received an answer, indeed we have some issues with this medal and we are tracking down the error. Sorry that you have not been awarded with the medal, but we are not able to fix everything instantly. But thank you for your message.”

Well, at least we know for sure now, let’s hope they fix it quickly. Heh, who am I kidding. I asked – and fix ETA is – as you guessed it – patch 9.6.

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    • Their code doesnt allow for such fixes, I think. You have to shutdown servers, restart whole internet and fail because bug is still there.

      • Because im not getting paid to do their work.

        Edit: Also because they have the best QA in the gaming industry. They would not allow some “random shitturd” like me to fix this bug. Think of their pride man.

  1. Wow that german sucks. Sorry, but thats not even “school german”

    “dasumgehend” ? either “umgehend” or “darum umgehend”, same with bekommtsknn – bekommst kann ? bekommen kanns? I dont knwo, either he types WAY or fast or just doesn´t give a shit, either way, not professional

    • Prolly because the support guy was on a vacation and the janitor had to answer. And sadly he doesn’t know german. So he used google translator. Give him some credit. He is doing the best he can

  2. Not only him. I was supposed to get a Naydin’s on my T49 yesterday aswell: Bagged a T37, an AMX 13 90 and a Walker Bulldog. Nothing gained :/

    • They can’t add it after the effect. The medal check is only done at the end of a battle session and WarGaming simply can’t keep records of every match ever played, to check them after a patch was implemented, so it would have to be done manually and I doubt they’ll pay the manhour for that.

  3. Same here. Copypasting my ticket from a week ago (shoulda contacted FTR earlier?):

    Ticket ID UBK-843-91706

    World of Tanks
    Game Support
    Hi! I just came out of a random battle where I managed to kill all three enemy light tanks, but I didn’t get the “Naydin’s” epic medal. It’s not really a big deal, but I do like those shiny epic medals :)

    I accidentally did 6 ramming damage to an allied AMX 12t (it was both of our fault, really), but dealing team damage is not stated as a disqualifier in the description of the medal. If it is, please tell the developers to update the description.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    - aronsz

    PS: Rehosted replay and post-battle screens:


    Iva Medeiros 27 December 2014 16:29

    Hello Tank Commander aronsz,
    Thank you for contacting support regarding this issue.
    I am sorry you did not receive the Naidin Medal.
    This is a known situation and our specialists are working on it.
    It should be fixed very soon.
    We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced and greatly appreciate your continued patience and cooperation.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have further issues.
    See you in the battlefield!

    Iva Medeiros

    EU Customer Service Team

    • There are a number of medals not working right since at least 9.4. For example it’s possible, that several people recieve the same medal, that is supposed to be exclusive for one player in the game.

      Confederate, for example:

  4. As far I have seen the problem is with new light tank lines, they have not been added to accepted tanks to get this medal, typical WG QA :P