Vehicle Wallpapers


Hello everyone,

the following wallpapers are not WG production, they are fan art from Alexander “MarM” Alexeev and Nikita Bolyakov. More art of theirs can be found on their VK page, I think they are really, really good and worth looking at.

Resolution is 1920*1080, for full size – right click and select “view image”.



WZ-111 (with Katya Senyuk)

Panzer II Ausf.D


FV4005 Stage II

18 thoughts on “Vehicle Wallpapers

  1. His photobashing skills are quite good. I just hope he won’t be called out for rip if he used any photos without permission like some of the WG guys did earlier on..

  2. Nice wallpapers, but on the last one he just copypasted the two FV4005s, same scratch and wear marks, etc… Small details which are easy to change to make both tanks look unique. Not a good job there.

      • Look at the scratches and small details. They should make them different, for example the upper left corner of the turret. It is same on the both FVs.

        • It’s from the textures in game. Also, I don’t see any reason to complain. Something in there you don’t like? Open up photoshop. Something as small as this could be done even with paint.

  3. Seems like excessive effort to make such high quality models just for 1 or 2 fan pictures each. Surely they are getting paid by WG somehow?

    • I assume that these are the ingame models ripped from the game and rendered in a 3d program then photoshopped.

  4. Very,very,very nice.
    I’ve downloaded over 100 wallpapers from their page before I accidentally closed it and didn’t bothered to scroll back to were I was.