Wargaming Punishment System Results of 2014

Source: http://worldoftanks.ru/ru/news/pc-browser/1/fair_play_wot/

Hello everyone,

Wargaming RU released some interesting numbers on their RU server. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s reality or propaganda. To me, it sure as hell looks like the latter. Check this out:

134341 players were punished as a result of the use of the “complain” function in the game

Amount of punishments, given to players on various days from 4.8.2014 to 15.12.2014

9754 players who participated in rigged battles were banned

Reduction of amount of rigged battles through the months (allegedly 90 percent drop, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov)

Amount of punishments given to players for rigging battles

30978 botters were banned

Amounts of bots in battles between July, August, September, October, November, December

You know, somehow, I don’t quite believe all that….

49 thoughts on “Wargaming Punishment System Results of 2014

  1. 30978 botters were banned. Wait, there are bots in this game? O.o WG said there are none!

    • i see nothing about people using aim hack or other hacks : / i wish they would crack down on this

      • since hacks don’t exist in game they don’t need to do anything , aim bots however are probably quite hard to detect when you dont watch a replay.

        • This could be solved by making a replay of every game on the server. With this every player would get the same replay with the possibility to switch perspective from allies to enemies. One could then download this replay afterwards for a while after it would get destroyed. With this feature WG moderators could see if someone was using something fishy.

      • That’s because WG hasn’t developed a system to detect or counter aim hacks and such… Luckily, these aim hacks are pretty useless… Nothing a half defect player should worry about… Some other mods do give advantages in game, and most are officially allowed. People not using them have only themselves to blame…

  2. and how many good players were banned for 1 day because they were reported by the noobs in the matches?!

    • Being a good player is not a sufficient excuse not to get banned if you act wrong…
      Even some noobs can recognize an asshole when they see one.

          • I was warned by wargaming for idling. I had killed two suiscouts before moving from my spawn and was nuked (in my archer)
            The most recent was a ban from chat after telling an admin they should i fix the @#$@ing games sh!tty RNG. SO yeah the small stuff has been done but how much that really needs to be fixed? Probably less than zero

            • When the automated inactivity warnings came out, it was pretty easy to get one–I got several when my computer froze up or I got disconnected. However, there’s a big difference between getting warned (which has zero effect) and getting banned, and you have to be “detected” multiple times in order to get banned.

              • I have said this for a while; they are a lucky set of people with a great idea to make money having fun but mediocre programers.

                • ↑ This.
                  Tournaments with specific tank rules is a good example. If you can’t have more that 2 tanks of the same kind, they don’t filter, and you can take 3 of them anyway.

                  Which means that the other team has to register a complaint to sort it out.
                  This has happened to my team (we effed-up). We won and then we told the other guys they had to file a complaint to fix it (we ended up in an alliance with them, so even goofs are a good way to meet people).

                  I could write that filter system myself. Why don’t they?
                  Why can’t they?

              • I have only seen one even though I tend to sit and snipe a lot. Maybe it’s my reliable connection, maybe my (usually) stable system, maybe you need to sit longer than I generally do, or maybe they sorted it out while I was away.
                That one exception was when a power fluctuation caused my computer to shut down mid-battle; I rebooted, restarted the client, and wound up in my garage with an idle warning. So I think it may punish those with unreliable systems/connections more than the truly idle.

    • I can guarantee you it happens, I got a 1 day ban for unsportsmanlike conduct and I have no idea what I have done to deserve it. Also I’ve had several 1 hour bans for killing a ‘teammate’ who is purposely doing team damage.

      Don’t get me wrong, a reporting system is useful to make the game more fair. And yes you can’t check all the replays, you need to base yourself on some kind of statistic, but it can definitely be improved upon.

      First of all being able to report people on the enemy team for is plain bs. Especially for something like “unsportsmanlike conduct”, that’s not for them to judge.

      Second, if a team member is doing a lot of team damage, you need to be allowed to stop him. It’s bad enough that you are 1 tank down, but what if he takes out 1, 2 or 3 more. Yes he’ll eventually turn blue and/or get banned, but sometimes it’s not fast. and I refuse to lose because of something like this.

      And maybe instead of completely automating the system, they can at least review the ban.

      People who win 60%+ of their games probably didn’t get there by doing a lot of things that can be considered “unsportsmanlike”. Good players usually don’t go around randomly executing team members, they probably have a damn good reason.

      Call it elitist if you want, but I’m not too happy that on top of the abuse I get sometimes for being a good player and the special arty attention. I now have to watch out for the ban hammer if I play too well or if I refuse to lose because someone starts shooting my own team.

  3. A very big “cliché”,
    You first have to acknowledge there is a problem to start fixing it, so the good part is the acknowledgement here.
    Hopefully there effort will continue and expand.


    • EU tries… But fails epically, so they probably banned one botter and then said “That cost too much, let’s put up some terrible Christmas bundles and if enough get bought, then we will ban one more.”

    • If you have nothing nice to say, tell something clever but devastating :D
      Also truth – BOOOOOORING :D Better make up facts about his mom.

      • First I am calm and make some suggestion,but when the retard camping in the base on el haulf *for an exmple* with the E100 shooting HE I start being a little raging

  4. I call bullshit. That faggot Sela from NA server got caught using illegal mods/cheats on a live stream, got banned for like 1 week and then got un-banned.

    • WGNA hadnt published the list of banned mods, its not like he was using warpack. WGNA is leagues above wg eu, so i guess their fairness was a surprise.

  5. I wonder how one can be punished just by in-game “Report” function. This can not be a manual review process because amount of complains is huge.

  6. These figures could be truthful, but it’s just so hard to believe anything WG says. It’s just as likely that they have pulled the numbers out of their ass.

  7. Hello, I am a player cluster bots a lot from us. Many players have to 1-5K fighting on the same technique with damage to 0. Sorry for the translator .

  8. I wonder how hard it would be to mirror image a map. That would double the number of maps that bots would have to memorize. It would be even better if both images had the same tag. Then a bot would have no idea where to go. It wouldn’t even know where the cap was. If spawns were then put in bad locations (either totally open with no cover or in total cover with no LoS to anything useful), then bots would be useless.

  9. I believe the numbers are true, I got a “spam dossier” disconnect once and I believe the only thing my dossier can have is reports from those I’ve reported myself and announced in chat.

    So I assume the system is reasonably well balanced and I’ll continue to use my reports responsibly in 2015 too. I hope I got a lot of people banned.

  10. Well they could be true(ish) but a few points do spring to mind.

    If the number of punishments really is true doesn’t that suggest that the report system is automated, as said by Ectar of the EU forums, due to the large numbers. Do WG really manual processing that many investigations – seems unlikely.

    Why the jump in the numbers reported. It’s around 2,000 and then suddenly jumps to around 5,000 and ends up at over 7,000. Maybe they do manual investigations and they put more resource into it or maybe the number of reports to trigger an auto-ban, if that’s how it works, changed?

    How do they know the number of bots in a game. Surely all this is saying is that they system they use to detect bots and then hand out bans has reduced the number of active bots we can detect?

    Last but not least, why isn’t this information available on the EU server. I really don’t see how they can keep hiding behind data protection laws means we can’t do it argument.