Grabin’s SU-76 Proposal


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once again, Yuri Pasholok dug something interesting out of the depths of Russian MoD archives. In the autumn of 1942, a bunch of Soviet design bureaus were busy with creating a light self-propelled gun. Various designs were submitted and amongst them was this one, made by Factory No.92 under the leadership of V.G.Grabin. Grabin was a famous Soviet gun designer – his team developed for example the 76,2mm guns F-22, ZIS-3 or the 57mm ZIS-2. His “SU-76″ class project recieved the designation of IS-10 (not sure why) and the design embodied the principle he liked to use very much: re-using existing components as much as possible (in this case it’s a T-70 light tank hull and ZIS-3 gun) while keeping maximum firepower confined to the smallest chassis possible.


This project was not given the green light and was scrapped. Half a year later, it sort of was revived in the Plant No.38 as SU-38, but that didn’t go anywhere either.

15 thoughts on “Grabin’s SU-76 Proposal

  1. Tier 3 tank with a Tier 5 gun, seems reasonable if done right. The tiny T-70 hull would probably hold ~20 76mm shells and the reload time would be a bitch, also judging by the blueprints it should have horrible 3 degree gun depression.

  2. Could be something like FCM36PaK40, funny little tank that packs a nasty punch when played right :-)

  3. “This project was not given the green light and was scrapped.”

    It will be “green lit” by WG xD Lol xD

    Offtopic: I just figure it out. WG have own green light project, like Steam have xD Just post your imaginary tank and you might have it in game xD