Czechoslovak Branch 2.0

Hello everyone,

I modified the Czechoslovak branch proposal I made to reflect the findings and discussions with V.Francev and J.Tintera (Czech historians). I also threw out all the premium candidates save for the most likely one to make it into the game. Oh yes, and it’s horizontal now, I know – how many of you guys still actually remember vertical trees? I miss those.

The changes include:

- threw out Tiger II with 76mm completely, that was a fake
- added Tiger P with Škoda turret and 105mm L/40 to the list of possible premiums (more about that project here)
- premium TVP candidate redesignated from TVP Model 1946 to TVP Concept to properly reflect its nature
- T-50 (previous tier 8) redesignated to TVP Model 1946, as both the concept and the Škoda proposal were introduced in 1946
- T-51 (previous tier 9) changed to T 50, as sufficient info was recovered to reconstruct the T 50 before the merge with T 51
- T-50/51 renamed to T 50/51 (the dash was deleted as it is more historically correct that way, same goes for T 50)

So yes, this is how it might look in the game.


An alternative failsafe option (in case there are issues tier 9 T 50 tank – at this point however, those would be purely arbitrary, as in “we don’t like how it looks” and such stuff) is the following solution:

- removing the T 50
- replace tier 8 TVP Model 1946 with TVP Concept (removing its premium status)
- replace tier 9 TVP T 50 with Model 1946 (+ some T 50 elements)
- add something else as a premium (a lowtier or a clone most likely)

The original proposal is far better though. But yea, I think the line is pretty solid.

32 thoughts on “Czechoslovak Branch 2.0

  1. LT-34 is meant for the light line, isn’t it? I’d like to see it there somehere…
    I mean 35 are 38 are more historically important, but we already kinda have those >_>
    I wonder how it would do as tier 1.

  2. I am not missing a vertical tech tree, i keep using Reto’s vertical tree mod, really the best one, and easy to install.

    You can find it there: World of Tanks official forum → European Community → English Speaking Community → Forum → Community Area → Fan Zone → Mods & Addons → [0.9.5] ReCo’s Vertical Techtree v9.5

    Or just go to and download.

    • Never mind, reading through the comment section helps… I hope we get to see Czech and Swedish tanks soon.

  3. I never got why WG introduced the unnecessary horizontal tech tree.
    Good morning WG, were not in the middle ages anymore! Nobody uses 15″ CRTs anymore!
    Maybe some russian peasants, but they have no money anyway….

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  5. There are a few things that might bring me back to wot.

    1st is the Czechoslovak branch
    2nd is the EU tree
    3rd Havok (a fully functional one, but gl with that… Right? :) )

    Good luck with pushing this tree trough.

    • Only good what i can tell…..If the Czechoslovak branch come….IT WILL BE HD ALREADY :-D so yeah the Havok…gl wit that :-D

  6. Hi guys, first i wanna say a huge thank you to SilentStalker for what he is doing for us!
    And also wanna ask him about the rest of his czechoslovak tree SPG, light tanks and TD…They dont want it at all or just because its not complete X.
    What about T-25…if tank will stay the same like now just will be switch to 6 tier…it will not be playable tank at all….so some upgrade are needed…but what will happen with preimum tank what is in game now…it 5 tier now…

  7. If a private individual like yourself actually influences what tanks are put into this game I play, I think my brain will explode with wonder and satisfaction.
    I’m anxious to play the line. I hope this becomes a reality.