Straight Outta Supertest: 9.6 HD Tanks

Hello everyone,

it’s confirmed that the following tanks will come in HD in 9.6: T95, AMX 50B, Tiger (P), Ferdinand, E-100, Lowe, Object 704. This list is likely to be complete.

75 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: 9.6 HD Tanks

    • True, HD models in WoT are very good.

      I think I’ll go back to article with pics of HD AMX 50B…. my pants are tight again.

    • does it really matter anymore?
      they will eventually all be hd anyway
      but i would like tiger p hd!

      but i do wonder how HD will affect lowe! cause stats can change! size, shape, armor, like is 7

    • It’s not about the choice. Just these hd models are complete, and they will release in 9.6. Other 150 are not complete, they will come later

      • Woras that’s bullshit again…
        …It;s fastest….
        In the universe
        And popular in WoT…
        World Of Turtles

        • Its so good – it can tank 20k damage, do 10k damage or none of that because enemy already died by the time it crawled there.

          • My T95, during that awful grind, never even ever came close 10k damage tanked, let alone 20k.

            The “armor” of a T95 is a pure myth, it gets penned by literally everything even from 400m away.
            And don’t even get me started on sky pigs nuking you.

            P.S.: And yes, I did try angling so they couldn’t hit the LFP (as small target as that is) – guess what, that didn’t stop them from either blasting through the side armor or hitting the cupolas.
            Absolutely worthless tank. Better than the T28, true, but that tank is probably the epitome of “garbage” in WoT
            T28 & T95 need a 35 kph speed limit to be decent.

            • Well you are doing something wrong then, cause my T95 eats shells all day long… It’s a beast of a tank, and if it was any faster it would be OP.

              • - 18 kph max speed limit
                - beast of a tank

                …please l2p. Anything THAT idiotically slow cannot, by definition, be a “good tank”, because it can’t carry anything.

                Also, premium shells don’t give a damn about your armor. Literally, I could barely last 3 or 4 shells tops in the T95. There is no bit of armor on that thing.

                • Mine has 58.26% WR in 333 battle, much better than my 55.8% overall WR. It can’t carry battle like a batchat would, but with support it’s a beast at doing flank blocking. Just plat with two other tankers in meds/Autoloaders and let they wreck havok in a more fluid flank. Don’t ever camp in unproductive position, keep your tank moving and mantain distance with enemies (not too far, not too close). Sometimes turd battle happens, but in return you could sometimes do a carry which no other tank could do.

                  L2P dude. If you get penned by gold round too much or your cupola is frequently raped, the fault is in you somewhere.

    • Im hoping they will fix armor bug cause its incredibly frustrating to get penetrated in goddamn mudguards for full damage when you wiggle and cover your LFP + cupola weakspots.

    • Every model is made completely anew (partially because standards, partially because outsourcing to different model makers). There’s no reuse of parts, it was mentioned on FTR like twice already.

      • Oh, didn’t notice mentioning that. But I personally think, it’s some kind of a waste of resources. If the model is made from parts like hull, turret, suspension and gun – you got almost whole M10, except of the guns (well, there is one “lookalike” – on HD M18, but this is made by other company so might be incompatible). All you have to do is to make the new guns and textures. But I can be wrong of course, as I’m not the graphics developer.

  1. So, my beloved Ferdi will look like total shit in camo? The Jagdpanther looks terrible. I don’t understand why the tanks need to be in HD anyway…not like you’re going to see any of that detail when your target is 300-400 m away…

    • “not like you’re going to see any of that detail when your target is 300-400 m away…”
      And that is why they use low quality textures for all tanks except your own.

      • No they don’t, that depends on the settings. I have everything on max and all tanks are highest definition possible.

      • As above, he beat me to it, duh!

        alex = wrong or soon to be (i lose track)
        and how exactly can you tell they’re highest definition i wonder? from 300m+ on a 29 inch monitor at better than hd resolutions I have no chance of seeing a difference.

        • He said that low res textures are used for every tank besides your own. Depending on settings, this may or may not be true.

          In my case, while the tanks are sitting at spawnpoint at the beginning of the battle, all tanks use full-resolution textures. I can tell this by zooming out and checking the tank next to me.

          As a tank gets further away, the game halves it’s resolution because you can’t see it anway, but if the tank is close it uses the full resolution, unless your computer can’t handle it in which case only your tank uses full resolution and the rest of the tanks have halved texture resolutions even if they’re close to you.

          And if your computer is really shit, the game doesn’t even emulate track animations on other tanks, on my old PC other tanks’ tracks wouldn’t move beyond 50m and they just glided around when in sniper view.

          • There are no full-resolution textures anymore. There’s only one set of textures for every tank which scales down based on mipmaps based on how far it is. You can easily check it in packages.

  2. WG should make system to make HD tanks by historicality and popularity. For example Leopard 1 is popular and historical, but Object 140 is more popular, but not that historical, so Leopard 1 should be made first and Object 140 second, because we all love realism :D

  3. Wow, nice. There’s some of my most anticipated HD models in that list. I really hope it’s correct, I want my AMX 50 B and Löwe in HD. :P Also I’ve put off playing Ferdinand because the current model is horrible, waiting for the HD one to resume playing it.

    Now, give me my Conqueror in HD and I’ll be happy. :)

  4. I remember WG stating a couple of months ago that the first premium to have a new HD model would be the Jagdtiger 8,8. Well, I guess they changed their plans – once again. :P

  5. IS-4? You know, the tank you said would be one of the first HD models….?


  6. Seriously, the E-100, a tank that was only partially built and is no longer in existence today gets its HD model over the Tiger II?