Straight Outta Superstest: 0.9.6 HD Model Armor Changes, Pictures


Hello everyone,

here are preliminary HD model armor changes from 0.9.5 to 0.9.6 – will make my own when the time comes, but at least like this for now.

T95 – they made the lower front plate smaller.






E-100 – a weakspot strip of 150mm added to the upper front plate. The turret “bar” was increased as well. Definitely a nerf.






Lowe – a minor buff: the driver slit zone was removed and the mantlet became a bit bigger.






Ferdinand – some slits in armor were removed from the collision model and the armor behind mantlet (which itself was somewhat changed) was increased from 280mm to 300mm






Tiger P – the mantlet armor scheme was changed, again some visor ports were removed.


germany-pzvi_tiger_p_1_resize germany-pzvi_tiger_p_2_resize germany-pzvi_tiger_p_3_resize germany-pzvi_tiger_p_4_resize

Object 704 – small buff of armor around the mantlet, they added a new armor layer, hence the colour change.


ussr-object_704_1_resize ussr-object_704_2_resize ussr-object_704_3_resize ussr-object_704_4_resize

AMX 50B – the entire UFP and parts of sides are now 230mm thick, quite a buff. The turret cradle also changed and is now more difficult to penetrate.  LFP however got thinner.


france-f10_amx_50b_1_resize france-f10_amx_50b_2_resize france-f10_amx_50b_3_resize france-f10_amx_50b_4_resize

82 thoughts on “Straight Outta Superstest: 0.9.6 HD Model Armor Changes, Pictures

  1. Did they make the cuppolas on the T95 much bigger or is it just the different perspectives?

    E100 nerfed… as if getting penned straight through the front of your turret wasn’t bad enough…

    50B buff is significant too

          • Definately smaller LFP with a bouncier angle, gun mantlet rounded insted of hexagon shape…and the two turquoise hatches or whatever they are (Im a noob, dont even have a E100 ;-) are significantly smaller.

            More like a buff then SS?

        • yeah the angle of the 150mm strip will make it invulnerable at long range but that means that one of the biggest strengths of the e-100 which was face hugging well right now it is because an is-7 cant do a thing to an e-100 right now when face hugged but this capability could have been ruined by this 150mm strip and also the mantlet is definitely smaller. this seems to be a real kick in the teeth for e-100 drivers :(

          (plus i thought initially that the front turret armour had its slope increased but it seems that its just the perspective that makes it look like its sloped better)

      • Kv-5 hd : r2d2 now takes no hp damage and is considered spaced armour. Working as intended.

  2. T95 : I think it’s a different perspective…
    E100 : I think the same as with T95, but also notice the frontal armor strip change is angled further backwards…
    Lowe : Minor buffs, however check the new angles on the coupola…

    Aside from that beautiful models – I assume most of them will also get their tracks nerfed with more holes from the side… Less trolling I hope


    • Looks like T95s gunmantlet got a little bit bigger and another shape at the bottom…

      • Guys the E-100 upper plate strip was a need it was always with two strips just both were 250 and now one got lowered to 150 but is still AUTOBOUNCE I think so is not that bad, especially if the LFP got buffed

  3. They look awesome … @ the LOWE tank on turret side picture it has a hole on it, and the gun is curved close to the mantlet?

  4. Lokks like they also msde tje mantle on the E100 smaller :(
    Like the look of the 50b buff and am finally going to gcarry on the grind

  5. Buff to 50b? Yes, 230 UFP but look at those lines of insta-overmatch which is pretty much all over the front.

    • WG, even when they buff tanks, they still nerf them XD. It will probably work against noobs that auto aim at you though, but that is about it

  6. 50B got more of a nerf than a buff. The LFP was ideal for going around corners, because the turret is placed so far back. I bounced countless high pen guns including tier 10 TDs with that LFP/UFP patch, but now that 230mm won’t count for shit because every damn bot and their dog can just auto aim you all day…

  7. Am I the only one that thinks it’s weird that they give the Obj704 another layer of armor and better mantlet? That tank is trollish enough as it is right now, and although I love playing it I don’t think it needs a buff :p

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  9. That e100 weak spot need to be testet with jgpze100 HEAT (420 mm pen) if it bounce ok if not damm, e100 is in biger shit.

  10. Well looking at how “drawn up” the lower part of the E-100′s gun mantle is hopefully that means it’s getting better gun depression.

    Seriously it’s stupid how such a tall turret has such bad gun depression.

    • The problem is the gun breech + recoil length hitting the turret roof, not the turret size. It would have to be made a lot higher to allow better depression.

      • And yet the T30 could irl depress it’s 155mm gun (which is far more powerful than the gun WG chose to base the E-100′s 15cm gun off of) to 10 degrees and fire it in it’s rather short turret mounted on a rather small turret ring (which means in order to keep from tearing up the turret ring the recoil has to be longer and gentler).

        To be honest the E-100′s gun barely even needs a recoil mechanism due to how weak the gun is combined with the weight of the turret and size of the turret ring, further more the low velocity of the E-100′s shells mean it has a small powder change which further means the breach doesn’t need to be very big to hold the shell’s case.

        Basically however far back you think the breach moves as well as the size of the breach is, cut about 2/3 – 3/4 off of both.

  11. I Do not Like the small strip of 30mm armor weakness at the Front peak of the AMX 50B..
    Do not know why its there or if its a mistake.. But it kinda destroys the Ramming capability of the tank.. :-( :-(

    So I se it as an overall Nerf of the tanks armor..
    True “autoaim” on the front of the tank upperplate will be “auto bounce” but you are an idiot to shoot on the front hull anyway.

    • In a patch or two ramming armor calculations will be taken from the nominal frontal armor thicknes not some small strip, so you will be getting your ramming abilities back!

      But that 50B looks damn sexy now even without textures.

  12. E-100 nerf? seriously? That tank is already weak as fuck as it’s a gold magnet, as well as the maus, jgpz. e-100, e-75,Jagdtiger , VK B, who the hell needed to nerf that?

    On the other hand, the 50b change is not that good, as the UFP AND the LFP was very good, now only the UFP is good, which means that if some retard shoots you in the hull instead of the giganctic paper turret, will have a chance to pen

  13. Lowe turret shape change is not a buff, is a pretty big nerf. Will present nice flat spots now to hit straight on, and even more so at just a tiny turret angle.

  14. E100 150mm strip was already pretty much autobounce area due to thickness before, all it accomplishes is more dmg from arty shells landing there. On the other hand it seems like the thicker upper plate goes down into the lower plate more so possibly more % of trollbounces there

  15. E-100 definitely got nerfed, sure at long distance the 150mm strip is autobounce, but I don’t really remember an E-100 player sniping across the map, relying on the great accuracy and penetration of the gun DOH.

    The problem will be at close range – where e-100 is supposed to dominate – and with the arties ofc, because they don’t give a damn about the angle of the armor, just the thickness.

    Oh, and the LFP didn’t got smaller, it’s a different perspective. Check your eyes guys.

    Tiger P also got nerfed quite heavily, the turret was weaker than the hull, but since the mantlet was protecting it quite well that wasn’t really a weakspot. Look now, the mantlet is no longer covering most of the frontal turret. Definitely a huge nerf here as well.

    But hey, they nerfed 2 german tanks but they buffed a soviet TD and a french megakiller (love it) instead ! That’s what I call balance.

  16. I guess the E 100s UFG gets nerfed a bit. In 9.5 the armor scheme shows 200 mm/ 68° which makes it 534 mm thick vs. Heat. In 9.6 it will be 150mm/ 68° which makes it surprisingly 400mm thick vs Heat. I am pretty sure nearly no one would have recognized this nerf and also nobody will care anyway, as the whole UFG will have 400mm. The “new ” UFG will have 355mm vs. APCR and 330mm vs AP rounds. It should be enough… :)

  17. Ooooohhhhh yeah !!! An AMX 50B in HD ! Maybe we’ll see the ARL 44 HD because it’s the AMX of Saumur and the ARL is just beside it ..

  18. Oh hey now, WTF, i calling out WG on the E100 nerf, it has it’s prominent weak spots, why the hell make more or others larger.

  19. To me it dosen’t look like much of a nerf to the E100. Sure the armor is thinner on that small strip however it is at a steeper angle to the rest of the plate. Overall I think that this would about equal to the old plate, if not a slight buff by making that area a little bouncier.