32 thoughts on “0.9.6 HD Model Pictures

    • It’s because the Löwe is already sexy! Seriously, take a good look at it on ‘sunny’ maps…
      And is it me, or are they intentionally hiding the muzzle break on every pic?

    • most skins are just scratches and better tracks, if you paint it you hide most of the texture details.

      but its difficult to add details to a tank it was never built…

      ps.- they dont show the reworked muzzle brake, which is one of the main parts who got reworked in hd…

      • I’m quite confident they managed to do it though, they did with the ISU152 152mm stubby.

      • Well the gun on the pic is clearly the L7, it is too big to be the 20 pounder..
        But not changing the gun? That would be weird… did the HD model but remodeled the L7 that the tank would lose anyway…

        • It IS the 20 pounder B barrel. You can tell by the fume extractor being centered around the barrel and not being offset like on the L7, and also by the fin on top of the fume extractor.
          However the 20 pdr and the L7 should look pretty similar, because the L7 is basically a rebored 20 pounder using the same breech and case.

  1. This is going to be an amazing buff for the Lowe; it’s certainly going to be considered competitive now that the turret is practically invulnerable when hull down and the gun is depressed.

  2. Oh no the T95 :( Now with all the small holes with stuff coming through them :( That is so not good! It makes me sick looking at it already. Google Trypophobia if you don’t know what I am talking about.

    • They repeatedly made it clear that was a showpiece model and was actually very buggy with the lighting system

  3. It looks as if the drive sprockets are finally teething into the tracks properly!
    What sinister voodoo is this???