Storm Mini Q&A


From the closed supertester section of the RU forums come a couple of answers from Storm.

- new motion physics will definitely not come in 0.9.7 (the reason is transferring to new Bugworld version) (SS: this means that it will come in summer at the earliest)
- even experimental and paper tanks will get more “junk” (shovels and such) hanging on them, this was Storm’s personal decision
- the reason for the decision above is that without it, the tank looks “naked” and it really stands out from the vehicles that do have this sort of junk on them
- the exception to this rule are Maus and E-100, which are noticeable as they are
- a vehicle with stuff hanging on it looks more real

32 thoughts on “Storm Mini Q&A

  1. We ask for improved tank models, we ask multi cpu support, we ask for MM rework, we ask for new original content, we ask for logical mission and what do we get?? Fucking shovels on our tanks! Gee, thanks WG. I’ll use it to bury this game for at least 6 months, until this hype of inv missions pass. I figure, these missions are so retarded, even basement crawlers will be sick of this game when they finish the missions. Could have normal gaming population then. Fingers crossed!

      • actually i have invested at least 100 euros last year. and i want shovels in my maus, actually big shovels, very big ones.

        • You paid money for a certain service. Like premium time, gold or premium tanks.
          I didn’t see how it entitles you to dictate how WG proceeds with their development. Or why you’d think that a majority of the playerbase feels like that.
          I don’t give a shit about any of the things you mentioned. The only shit I give about is a decent rebalancing of weak tanks and SPGs. But I am not entitled to dictate it either.
          The only thing you can do is to not play and not pay. That’s the only way they’ll listen. They’ll certainly not listen to your immature whining on FTR.

        • actually it was churchill 3 :) and it was in discount and spent 750 gold for it.
          i usually buy 3500 gold + 30 days package usually, e25 was the second tank i have spent money but it was also in discount and i have earned 3000 gold from a competition so it was half-free for me :)
          and the last time i spent was the japanese branch ticket for wz-111.

          i have TOG, SP, Fury and WZ-111 , PzB2 and Pz S35 in my garage and all of them were free stuff i won from various events.

          ediT: sorry JPK i think you were mentioning dejan :) whatever i wont delete this one :)

  2. “E 100 and Maus are noticeable enough”

    All in favor of giving these tank a massive camo bonus on city maps? I mean, they could easily be mistaken for buildings.

    • well that might cause a light tank hiding in their butts and cause a pain in the ass

      oh how punny i am

  3. Storm is delusional. The only nation that likes stuff hanging on their tanks is russia and its copies.
    Most, if not all, german tanks don’t have stuff hanging on the tanks. France is the same. Brits have very few things on a few tanks.

      • Seen photo’s of British tanks taken during desert campaign with everything upto and including a tin bath attached to the outside of the tanks. So i am happy to see more stuff hanging on he tanks.

    • I actually want my tanks to look like the hitbox models, but with the proper colors of course, either by tank nation color or “friend or foe” color.

      I’m sure I will have much higher fps and loading then.

  4. - the reason for the decision above is that without it, the tank looks “naked” and it really stands out from the vehicles that do have this sort of junk on them

    To quote Gunnery Sgt. Hartman : “Well… no s**t…”

    Look at the Fury, then click over to your M4A2E2 Jumbo.

    The nakedness is real.

  5. The junk thing is nice for adding a bit of diversity, but seems so counter-intuitive for the French tanks. Since the in-game tanks are meant to be “combat ready” (hence the opened slits on the skirting of the Pz.IV turret; so the commander doesn’t have to stick his head out of the turret), it makes no sense to me that the FCM and ARL have their shovels and hammers attached to the front. The front is what gets shot at! You would constantly be replacing shovels and hammers! If they get the HD revamp, I hope they move this stuff :p

  6. oh they start to copy from WT, who would have thought…..
    people should understand that nothing Major will happen re game development, only eye candy.

  7. “- a vehicle with stuff hanging on it looks more real”

    I wonder how many stuff will they have to hang on to the WTFe100 in order to make it real…

    • LOL
      They should glue it all up and throw a truck of rusty old showels and tin cans on it, to make it look like a waste dump = camo.

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