76 thoughts on “9.6 Test ETA

    • Just WarGaming’s usual changes:

      - increment patches-to-Havok vaporware +1
      - increment patches-to-NewBigWorld +1
      - add a few HD models
      - leave bugs in place (people just love their flickering bushes and crash-to-desktop’s)
      - break everyone mods
      - add one feature stolen from mod-makers
      - implement it poorly – and explain that it’s impossible to implement it properly (even though the mod-maker living in his parents’ basement managed to find a way to do it)
      - release video explaining how amazing this new update is…

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  2. This is starting pretty early tbh, if they don’t delay, I guarantee something huge will be broken.

    • It’s not that much early, WG is releasing new patch every 2-2,5months, It’s already month after 9.5 was released. 22.1. SuperTest, another weak or two CommonTest… and ETA of 9.6 likely about late February/ early March.

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      • How about bugged Crusader SP: collision model 1 meter above/below visual model ~_~
        OR just obj.704 got all his manlet will be increased in size by 900% by missing required values.

      • import random
        list_of_bugs = ["colision model", "minimap", "structures", "penetration", ...]
        for i in range(random.randint(10,100)):
        print(“{}. st bug to implement: {}”.format(i, random.choice(list_of_bugs))

        There you have it. This works as intended.
        This is how they decide which are the key elements of the game that are not bugged enough. Simple but effective decision making program for nano_patch bug implementation.

  4. View range changes.
    Light tank rebalance.
    Ability to retrain crew members to different roles.
    A few changes on Mines, Prokhorovka, Lakeville, Sand River, Stalingrad.

    • I see them as good balance changes.

      Light tanks have been a waste of time to use in the high tiers.

        • You can always spot yourself depending on where you go on the map. Its not like the maps are long range sniping enviorments. ´The only ones that benefit from scouts are people staying back and snipe/camp.

          As for lights beeing useless, well maybe in vision but the latest patches have really shown that some LT are better damage dealera than same tier mediums. That is funny, where tier 7 scouts have as much pen as tier 8 mediums.

      • But only TDs gets nerfed in view range and that is roughly 20 meters (ohh so much). High tier meds will still fuck everybody because not only do they have base 400m view range but using skill + optics they get over 450 meters or so and they have good camo rating.

        Also as we all know goog spotters only benefit tds, arty and general campers because they can render-snipe. Its not like TDs are moving to spot anyways no ways.

  5. STA-2 coming? But hey… we cannot test it ofc, you will again not know what you buy.. if you buy.. why not?

    • It’s pretty much the Same as the STA-1
      I’d never buy it though because of the low pen. In my opinion giving a low pen tank limited MM doesn’t make up for it and it looks like this wont have limited MM like all new prems.

      • I pretty much liked it.. as it has good Gun-Depression and hits fairly good while on the move – the Penetration is lowish, yes.. but in emergency Cases you can depend on some HEAT Rounds.

        I would just welcome a Trainer for my STB-1 Crew, but i already doing fairly ok in the Chi-Nu-Kai.. i just think that the STA-2 could be a bit more Fun – not sure, if you can’t test it.

        What philosophy is that btw, you can test all new Tanks, except the ones you have to Buy? Thats more suspicous than it makes sense in any regard imo.

  6. i think i will ask for full compansate for my exp and credits i wasted on WTE line if they change it and give us a shitty tank and i have right to do so

      • doubt it will be waste of time if the tank is ugly like 4005 stage II i will demand my xp back which i have right to do because if they change the tanks i own right now(change=delete) i can very well ask for xp compansate which is something you have right to do

        • Mate, you should check out this thing called EULA you agree to when installing the game and registering your account. It kindly states that you only own access to your account, but nothing on it, and everything you have on that account can be modified/removed without your interference.

          In short, that means you have no right to demand anything, even if you’re a paying user.

          • i didnt pay i worked my way up but if they change the tank i have a right to ask compansate if i dont want the tank they brought in instead

            • ‘fraid you don’t have any right to anything unless you paid for it and even if you did it’s no easy matter getting anything out of them. if they decide to be awkward. They could change your op space tank for a pink pony on wheels and there is sweet FA you could do about it…

            • Just few things:
              You played the game and you wana to compensate that you played the game? WTF is this logic from?

              I drunk a beer a while ago to be drunk, it worked, but now… Im not drunk, so return my money, becuase your beer is not working any more :D (or refund my headaches)

              Will you refund the costs that were associated by playing on WG servers?

              If you don’t enjoy playing, better not to play. I will be always wondering why people are playing if all they have is just feeling of “waisted time”.

              I see more logic in statement: “refund my time for all bad MM, because I dont enjoy fast wins, fast deaths, loses, bad RNG, SPG oneshots…” then this… “nerf compensations”.

              You known WT is OP, everyone known (btw thats maybe the reason why you grid it), everyone known they will nerf it hard, because it cannot stay such powerful too long.

              To summ up: cry baby, cry, because life is not fair.

              • uf… imagine…

                ONE DAY, WG WILL STOP World of tanks.

                What will you do then?

                PS: I hope i didn’t burned your reason to live. But I had the feeling somebody must tell you this… sooner or later ;)

                • oh god you dumb idiots -.- do you even understand what will happen? i was not talking about 1 tank change they are changing whole tree i dont have WTE yet i m at WT4 but when they delete all the line they will delete the xp i earned from them and when they bring new line i have right to get my xp that is deleted from game as free xp because they arent going to give me a new unlocked line they are just going to give me the replacement tank i own right now in garage but they arent going to unlock the rest in this situation i can ask for compansate of my XPs that were deleted

              • you dumb idiot they arent nerfing it THEY ARE REPLACING i did not played the tanks they are going to bring in therefore i will demand xp i earned because they are going to delete the whole tree if you didnt read it not just WTE and new tanks they will bring arent going to have same xp amount which is a problem ahnd you dumb retard fucktard brainless idiot doesnt seem to understand how ANY OF THIS WORKS


                why they didnt replace maus tho it isnt OP but it is UP

    • no one will feel sorry for you…your driving the most OP tank in the game. lets be honest it needs replaced.

    • Why did you buy the broken shit in the first place? There is no way any tank such like that is balanced. Dont buy/play obviously broken tanks and you dont need to worry to get a “worse” replacement.

      • tanks werent broken people just unaware of stuff they are dumb tier X isnt much important to me i have WT4 but they said they will change the line isntead of one tank which would make new tanks(except the one i ahve in garage) locked for me i played and unlocked up to WT4 they cant unlock those tanks in tree for me but i can ask for refund because they ate my xp i might want to play wit tier 8 someday and buy it who cares

  7. Nice, more Day 1 release bugs, glitches and ridiculous overlooks for FTR to cover. Can’t wait for all the things WG will have f’ed up this time!

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  10. So, the best feauture of all this patch will be the ability to create World of Radiomen crews.
    Ok, some LT buffs and nerfs here and there..
    But regarding TD viewrange nerfs – I highly doubt that. I believe they are only testing the possibilities and those changes will be implemented in Live servers on 9.7/9.8/9.XX.

    • They nerfed 20m but I doubt it will do them less lethal, they still have better camo to beginn with and using camo skill and binos = close to 500 meters view spotting range anyways. Also what prevents them from render snipe anyways?

  11. does anybody know if WG is working on SLI support?

    i hate disabling my SLI to play wot without crashes.

    • I doubt they work on it, they dont even have a proper multicore client like they have in games like battlefield and other modern titles. Chances are that your cpu will bottleneck before your gpu(s).