Havok ETA: Far Future

Hello everyone,

Storm confirmed in the comments under his post the following thing:

Havok will NOT come anytime soon, its ETA was switched to “far future” (in WoT terms, cca 8-9 months to over a year). The reason for this change is the performance loss, caused by Havok. Storm comments:

“Far future. We have to completely rework everything because of the unsatisfactory performance.”

151 thoughts on “Havok ETA: Far Future

  1. My surprise-o-meter is currently reading 0

    Hopefully they’ll shelve it temporarily and focus on other things. As cool as Havok physics may be the lack of them is hardly what I’d call a pressing problem with this game.

    • they cant handle a single HD texture and are not smart and educated enough to optimise their own game, to implement multicore support, to use more than a GB of ram (in a fucking 2015)…… so why did they even think about Havok, made videos about it, talked how it will come soon, and soon, and than very soon, and than not so soon, and than probaby in 9.7… and than FAR FUTURE…
      anfter far future comes they will say that they actually scaped the idea 5 years ago.

      NOW Armored Warfare will be a WOT killer :DDD

      • And you can’t speak English properly you moron… It won’t be a Wot killer so please, calm down.

    • OMG… as if they would ever not carry out what they previously announced…

      … just like roaming… and the alternate French heavy tank line (2013 they said they would come by 2014. 2014 they mumbled “2015″ – still waiting for their “probably not this year – but hey, 2016 maybe!”…

      … or that E-100 Maus turret that dissappeared into vapor after its test server and video preview… historic battles… toppling tanks over…

      … and that ever growing list of little things that are by now making up their very own cosmos of oblivion

      • They tested the Maus turret on E100, they saw that everyone picked that one over the then-much worse E100 turret, and removed it.
        I still think that since the E100 turret is 100% fantasy, they should have gone with an enlarged Henschel turret. It would have looked better, and kept in the spirit of the branch, rather than a gian ugly steel pyramid of awful that is the E100 turret.

        Still waiting on French superheavies. NEED STEAMPUNK 1920/30′s TONKS !

    • what did you expect from WG when they still drunk from rocket fuel that they will use on their own rocket,, oh wait,, that now WG,, but that SerB rocket

  2. i wish i had put money on it not getting getting released this year i would be minted lol

  3. Havok, ETA: NEVAH. :-D

    ”Can’t play without Havok? Don’t play world of tanks. ” Serb.

      • So tell me, why play a game and read a dedicated blog about a game if you hate said game so much???

        • lol because they are no good substitutes for wot.
          wot has a good concept, but in reality the game has a lot of flaws.

  4. Most incompetent dev team. Ever. In the history of ever.

    These guys make the company that created the ET video game look like complete professionals.

    WG – living proof that stupidity, somehow, breeds success.

  5. Because it wasnt already for far future ?

    Idk, it’s now been a year since it should have been added. 5 updates after the release one.

    Was it even necessary to confirm what everyone knows ? After a year of “it’ll come in next patch” you learn to translate that into “it’ll come one day stop asking !”.

    Anyway, at least THIS TIME they admit it.

    (Out of subject)
    Any news about possible IM rework ? Like the “cap in heavy” or “shot moving scout in arty” ones that ruin gameplay and depends more on luck than skill ?

  6. On one hand I get it, Havok was never meant to be run on crap computers from 1997, which it seems half the russians play on. So stick to your biggest player base. However this is just another example to me how WG are just bad game devs, and that WOT was a fluke. The lack of optimization to run well on powerful computers is a joke and shows the WG is crap at coding. I really think AW will make a sizable dent in the NA and EU markets cause at least it will fell like it was a game made past 2010.

    • Just because your PC is made in 2004 instead of 97 doesn’t make it powerful, even decent PCs run WoT without any issues even with all the fps reducing mods out there added at the same time.

        • Yeah, and Woras is badly optimised, no doubt lobotomy would improve his performance.

          But we can’t all live in lala land of hopes and dreams, so we deal with Woras as with any piece of shit: one stinking moment at the time.

        • Cry some more people, you make the CryEngine work even better….Yeah that’s right, keep asking for arty nerf…. xD

    • I think your computer is a piece of shit.

      I am running dual GTX 780ti with SSD drives, 32 GB memory and i5 processor and have NO issues running at 60fps stable in WoT.

      Stop being a piece of shit poor person and upgrade your PC you worthless 99 percenter.

      You are as poor to me as Russians are as poor to you. So suck it, wanker.

      • Soooo…you only need a $1000 computer to make a game that looks like it’s from 2004 run at 60 fps. That totally doesn’t prove my point AT ALL. Also with all the other parts I would have expected an i7

        • i7 only adds hyper-threading, which games don’t benefit from. Fucking everyone knows that.

          My point is to point out irony of your stupidity. WG can make the game work on the calculators while slightly better computers suffer.

          Well, I treat you the way you treat Russians and tell WG to fuck you, dumb poor shit, because I can afford a much better computer than you can and the game plays fine for me.

          Feel the logic there? Probably not, you are probably a murican.

          P.S And that’s 4000$ computer btw, with triple monitors and surround sound. Built from best parts available.

          • double lol..

            you bought a $4k pc to play a shitty game which runs pretty well on a shitty old C2D with 4Gb… Med to High settings…. 50 fps….

            …thats my HTPC….

            ………made from scrap parts to make a Blu-ray player..

            • Not quite, but good try. I bought it so I can play ALL games at their best, it might surprise you but WoT is just one of the games I play. For example, I recommend Shadows of Mordor, really quite a lot of fun, Far Cry 4 has been a delight and even older titles like Splinter Cell Blacklist are pretty awesome.

              Branch out. There is a lot of games out there, don’t waste all your hate on WoT.

          • Hmm, I agree that HT do little to game performance and the reason for that is not many games utilize HT proper. How ever a 6 core i7 will outclass a i5 in games using more then 4 cores like bf3 and bf4 and other games using game engines that use more than 4 cores. many new games will use more then 4 cores. Also 4k dollars for a 3 screen setup with a i5 cpu and two gtx 780?

            Stop braging idiot, if you spend 4k you better have some real water cooling as well. Also “best” parts ahaha rule number 1, you never choose the best parts building a gaming pc you choose the best parts for the money even if they are budget. Silly kide.

            Now tell me what parts you have I would like to know^^.

        • Only a tomato, would consider anything cheaper than 700$ to be anything close to a gaming PC, a mainstream gaming PC that is.

          People also need to stop being so autistic about the graphics, WoT is a good looking game. Even a 5 year old who wasn’t even around in 2004 can make better “idiotic” comments than that. You should have limited yourself to “but my obsolete PC can run those new low requirement games”, you certainly can’t completely max out FC 3 on a PC that can’t handle WoT with ease, you or whoever was boasting about not being able to run WoT great while having no trouble with Metro 2033/LL, FC 3, etc.

          • My 3.5 year old laptop is worth about 50€ right about now, 100€ if I fix up her exterior a bit.
            Well under your announced 700€ limit.

            It has been a more valiant PC gaming machine than a soulless “I bought this overpriced shiny crap for 4000€ lol !” , and even though it’s crap, it’s my piece of crap, and with that in mind, much more of a gaming PC than what a spoiled kid will buy with daddy’s money, despite it costing 10 times more.

            TL;DR : PC gaming isn’t about your equipment, and bragging about it makes you look retarded.

      • Sure, quad GTX 990000000, 40TB of SSD, 320TB of RAM, 16K monitor.
        Did your chatban is over that you came back to puke? :D

        • Lol silly monkey, you thought I was banned? Mwahahaha. Some of us work and make money, I fear, I don’t have all day to insult worthless shits.

          Like right now, my break is over, I shall insult you later, keep wetting your panties waiting for it.

            • “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”

              As unpopular as it is on this forums, someone has to stand up against fucking idiots who bash and hate WG and WoT.

              Nothing can be done to stop them, it’s a well known phenomenon, but I’d rather stand up and insult the shits for their stupidity then let them think it’s the opinion of the masses and/or smart people.

              Reality is you and Fedaykin and all other people who post here with nothing but hate are the vocal minority, the shit stains that ruin any forums anywhere. Never a solid argument, always a whine: “WG sucks, I am leaving, they failed my personally, I will take my 2$ that I ever game them and never will come back”.

              So in short: Fuck you and your fucking breed of moronic hate-mongers.

                • “So in short: Fuck you and your fucking breed of moronic hate-mongers.”

                  Literally in the post!

                  Like I said, you are too fucking stupid.

                • Hate?

                  Ah! So now pointing out eye-poking facts about WG and WoT problems is considered hate? :D HERETICS. BURN THE WITCH.

                  About stupidness – do I need to quote John Cleese?

                • @Shitras… err… Woras.

                  Pointing facts to WHO? Who the fuck is coming here and saying: Man, that Woras really is right, the delay for Havok is unacceptable, I didn’t know it mattered so much to me to enjoy the game.

                  Or perhaps they go: Oh no, glad that someone caught that misspelling on the european website of one word. Without it, I would fucking play this game and enjoy it and not know about the travesty that occured. Thank you!

                  Really? Fucking turd. All this comments section is is an outlet for shit spewing that you people do. There isn’t even a decent number of commenters and quality is by far worse than youtube.

                  All I see is people either whining like little shits about something displeasing them or just straight up trolling.

                  If I didnt get into this flame wars, the fucking post would be barren with nothing by people crying.

                  Fuck you, worthless turd.

        • Buy a 560 Woras unless even an obsolete, low end card like that is “ohemgee, I kent ufford det lel :D iz exaggeratid”, more than enough to max wot at 1080p with mods.

          SSD also only affects the time to load in a battle, RAM is retarded and pretty much only shows us yet again with who we are dealing, wot doesn’t need much ram and there is practically 0 difference between cheap RAM and expensive RAM.

      • Dude I my computer is half as powerful as yours, and I have 80fps with all graphics at max setting.

        8Go RAM
        Radeon 7870
        My thing costs not even 1000€ for better results.

        Dont be proud of wasting money, makes me laugh

  7. So….the dev team has time to focus on fixes, multiturrets, UI improvements, etc and ofc new tanks. Hopefully….

  8. Big disappointment. But that’s something that should be expected when talking about Wargaming. My rig can handle the likes of Metro 2033 & Last Light, Witcher 2, Far Cry 3 etc maxed out @1080p, but yet i struggle to play this game.

    At this rate i’m gonna leave permanently, when my premium runs out. Until they pull their thumbs out their arses and get Havok implemented, and improve the performance somewhat.

  9. Well its understandable since they have to implement the multi core support and that could take a while for WG only after that they can try to implement the havok engine which will take some time because the optimization wouldn’t be that easy to be done .

  10. Well, if you ask me, SerB and Storm will be pretty pissed because of this Havok implementation problems…
    I wonder what they’ll think of that will make players get excited in mass in the upcoming patches…

  11. I couldnt even imagine how much of a horrible failure this would be if it was released in 9.0

  12. Advanced Warfare will be out with it long before WG cracks it with their own engine…. here’s my surprised face ==> :O

    All you had to do was buy the license for the FB3 engine… you had one job WG – but you thought you could do it better. #StopCateringtoSlavShitboxColeco64s

  13. So now we wait for almost nothing in 9.6 update. The 9.7 update will bring some hd models for sure, and maybe a map that we will see 2-3 times on 50 games, some nerfing/buffing. 9.8 will come in next half of year for sure, and maybe it will add some new tenks, but MAYBE only. 9.9 Will come in the october and will bring obviously some hd tenks again, and map maybe, but nothing else in particular. And then 10 coming out in late december, but I won’t be plaing this game for sure at this time, couz AW and stuff. You can hope only for havoc in 10 update but only hope.

    • Again, you will not be missed. Why can’t you leave quietly and close the door behind you?

      • Becouse I’ll miss rekting all these noobs with my jgpz e100 :(. And it’s not my foult that WG became a total failrue.

      • Because cunts like you probably encourage him to slam it on your little bottom feeding tongue.

        • Tank motion will probably only be new parameters as how the tanks behave nothing else on different ground. Also the multicore they spoke of will only be if you enable havoc nothing else, and or make additonal things in WOT run on other cores like sound and textures and shit. But I doubt WG will mess with the big world any more. They have messed with enough shit that have in 95% of all cases decreased performance.

      • Unlikely. Havoc is an engine that used a type of simulation that works HORRIBLY with very high mass objects. So much that when you use it you try to keep all objects around same mass. If you try to make anything resemblign how massive objects interact you get a Horribly unstable simulation.

        The only thing you can do it increase the number of interactions massively and use double precision. The result is a very very bad performance. Havoc in fact is a horrible engine to use in a game like world of tanks. There are several other options that are superior.

        havoc is great for small mass fast movement iteractions, like particles, debris, humans, chairs, pigeons…

  14. NP WG, I was going to switch to AW anyway.

    btw (just saying) a game like SPACE ENGINEERS (an indie game) uses Havok in a really more complex way.

    But what can we say… WG can’t compete with such a powerful engine

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  16. Sorry no havoc for you as to many Russian and eastern Europeans have potato computers that wont be able to run it!!

        • Baltic states? Well that does fucking explains everything…

          Probably from Litvania, they are fucking sloooooooow. Mwahahahahhahaa!

          • Daemonik, you are making me laugh and cry simultaneously, you pathetic fucking 14yrs old jewish kid. I have never seen such frustrated, mentally ill cunt like you for very long time. You vomited all your bullshit in this thread, now is time to go to bed sonny, your daddy needs his PC for RedTube fapping. By the way, I am reporting your mom for pushing such hopeless cocksucker out of her stinking, hairy pussy.

          • You are a fukin cunt rant about WG is good! WOT WAS good now it s all over! Dont give a fuck about havok but i do give a fuck about MM! And you are a cunt tard child livin with ur mom in her house ! Fuck off patetic cunt bragin about your super calculator! i bet you u didn t have a meal today! Comn let s give him some food money! PS FUCK OFF CUNT! Go lick storm and serb ass!

    • My french heavy line that was teased over two years ago and will never come despite being perfectly balance-able.

  17. What you are talking about ? WG said that Havok will come in 2014 and so in 9.1-9.3. And so we are at 9.5 and so that must mean that we already got Havok in game !!

    Oh wait…

    (Now a bit more serious – didnt they claimed that Havok will hit with 9.6 ? Jesus, what the fuck are they doing in this company…we can be safe to say that at this peace Havok wont ever be implemented…)

    • first they said “Havok will definitely be released in 9.1″ and then they said “definitely in 2014″ and now they’re saying “2015 maybe???” and then next it’ll be “Havok was scrapped because it was deemed unnecessary to have a particulate physics engine and multicore support”

      • forget about it, they stopped developing WoT… no need as there are too many players they don’t care, cash in… new missions, new copy & paste tanks, massive income… why take risk… good russian are very conservative, they will not touch the core systems.

        bye bye

  18. The performance issues with Havok were predictable since WG still allows the game to run on Windows XP and Vista. Both have issues with efficient multithreading and cpu scheduling, causing threads to not be spread out across cpu cores properly. And if you have a newer cpu such as AMD FX or a Sandybridge I7, then those operating systems never got cpu scheduler updates to know how to properly use their multithreading capabilities.

    Less than a half hour of reading would have saved Wg from being surprised regarding this.

    • They are just bullshitting us, they prolly knew from the beginning that impementing havoc with big world engine would cause massive issues and maybe not even possible due to big world beeing so old and obsolete (10-15 years old tech). Personly I dont see what havoc adds to the gameplay, they better make a new game engine that is truely multicore before they introduce real havoc, not the extremely nerfed one that they are planning on doing. In fact most things they said will come in 2015 will not come like havoc, perk/skill rebalance, 6th sense change, some new tanks and HD tanks and pen/accuracy rebalance as well as alternative hulls. These will probably come around early to late 2016. The last 1 year has been a joke for WG minimal things implemented to be honest nothing that has improved gameplay.

  19. The chat is definitely making up for the disappointing fact that Havok wont come up any soon… :)

  20. it’s vaporeware designed to attract new people, all it is. WoT’s will never get havok until they actually up the min requirements AND cut off everyone operating below said requirments, HAVOK is the new multi-turret support

  21. aaaaaaaaaaand welcome back War Thunder.
    Oh, what is this?
    It’s a bird!
    It’s a plane!
    It’s Armored Warfare!

  22. Don’t worry guys they will implement Havok!
    I know it.
    Though by the time they will do it, Havok will be what Bigworld is now.
    It is just a matter of making sure that Russians will catch up with us and sooner or later pornsites stop working on crappy computers from previous millennium. ;)

  23. guys, please. you are asking for:
    multi-core support
    optimization for more RAM.
    Havok physics.
    but you need to remember that most russian players, which are the majority of players, play with 386 cpu with 16mb of RAM, powered by vodka generators and donkeys.
    add to that the fact that the dev team is a room full of monkeys banging on typewriters, and the result is the code for the game.
    i dont trust anything WG says about future plans anymore. absolutely nothing, not even patch notes that come with the patch.
    They are incapable of delivering anything advanced to the game. By time it takes them to release a single feature, normal companies release new game engines and games.

  24. “Far future. We have to completely rework everything because of the unsatisfactory performance.” :)) All thanks to the crappy BigFail engine.

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