9.5.3 Micropatch

Hello everyone,

didn’t notice it until now, but today, the 9.5.3 micropatch (hotfix) was applied to EU server (as well as RU). Contents:

This micro patch will fix some of the issues spotted on the personal missions.

Well, at least they fixed some of the stuff.

20 thoughts on “9.5.3 Micropatch

  1. SS please at least try to spread some positive energy every now and then…… It will do a lot of good to all your readers and not just to you :)

      • what drugs are you on today? Must be a something stronger deviation from the normal shit you take ? Aight ?

      • Sentence starting with “well” is like a read a Jingles complaining his sorry arse off all day long….

        Creativity at its finest …… Ops…. there goes Jingles phraseology out again…

    • Difficult to be positive when they seem hell bent on making the game worse all the while milking the player base.

      • your money your decision to spend or not…. last week my decision was not to spend until the arty bashing will continue…. just saying….

  2. i completed a mission that took me 4 days to complete and as the game ended the server reset to go on maintanence… now the mission says i didnt do it.. sigh
    stupid win by cap heavy mission…

  3. NA got a micro patch a few days ago as well. I haven’t noticed any differences in the wording, but hopefully all the missions are counting now.

    Stupid win by cap Heavy mission.

    • was easy got it on second try with my IS-3 first one i got killed oneshot by team arty

  4. It would be nice if they patched the missions so that some of the final missions in the sets don’t practically require you to own a tier 10 tank to unlock a sub-par tier 5 TD. Russian logic.