New Hangars in 9.6


Many thanks to Awasaky for this one.

Hello everyone,

there are several new hangars again in 9.6 client, let’s have a look at them. Just a small remark however… most of the hangars are usually related to China or Asia. Storm generally expressed concern about the size of the client – why does Wargaming include hangars in the client, that will never be “legally” activated for western users?

Oh well, at least they are pretty. Well, some of them anyway.

Chinese hangar

Can be downloaded here

“Last Year’s Snow” hangar

This one can be downloaded here. I have the feeling it’s connected somehow to the tank biathlon.

Korean hangar

Can be downloaded here. This looks like the old hangar, why would WG return to that?

29 thoughts on “New Hangars in 9.6

    • Yeah, I want a nice classic style hangar with some blue ambient lights. That’d be cool.

  1. Is there an alternative filehost for “Last Year’s Snow” hangar , such as google drive or something that doesnt require you to become a member and install malware/adware.

  2. Could someone reupload “Last Year’s Snow” hangar to a different site? That Yandex shit wants me to make an account….

    • Yes they work in 9.5 i tested them and all of them looks great! I keep the winter hangar i think its the best. :)

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  4. The Chinese one will be a Chinese New Year special (you can see all the spent firecrackers scattered all over the floor), and here on the Asian server will probably stay activated for a couple of weeks. They do it every year, pretty standard.