IS-3 in HD

Hello everyone,

Storm published first pictures of the IS-3 tank in HD. For some reason, the IS-3 is possibly the most requested HD tank on RU forums, that’s why it’s sort of “big news” for them. It still has no textures, it’s just the first model version.


The vehicle model was made using special method called “photogrammetry”, where the vehicle is photographed from all sides and then, using special software, these photographs are assembled and turned into a 3D model. These photos were taken in the Stalin line museum in Belarus, there are several IS-3 tanks in various state of disrepair.

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        • FYI, LFP means lower frontal plate. IS-3′s lower frontal plate is at an auto-bounce angle in close combat (where it will fight most of the time) and has effective armor of 450+ against HEAT.
          Get your facts straight before posting BS.

          • we know what LFP means, IDIOT. U sound like a paper tiger, as IS3 LFP is pretty easy to pen, but only an IDIOT would shoot down on it from close range when UFP is an easy pen. Most brawling tanks spend most of their time at medium ranges, but i guess u magically beam ur tank to brawl ranges. Learn the game before posting BS.

            • Lol,rage much?!

              The LFP is 110mm thick angled at 63 degrees. Even at long range it has over 250 effective armor.
              Since most of the time you’re fighting in close combat it simply becomes autobounce. Any terrain variation that makes the enemy tank sit higher or your tank point its nose down will make it impenetrable.
              So,think again about who should learn the game.
              And stop raging,it is bad for your health

      • This. It would be impossible for IS-3 to lose the pike nose, it’s a key feature of it’s design.

        • If it loses its pike nose, frontal armor design will be the same as on the IS-6 (which is very tough) and it will become possible to angle it.

          Does it REALLY needs this?
          We can already see them everywhere in TB and SH, plus in randoms………

          • Doesn’t matter if it needs it or not. It CAN’T HAVE IT because the tank was not made that way. Devs can do a lot of shit, but not change the armour of a mass-produced and well-known tank.

            • Didnt devs said armor was different on several is3 models due to low quality control?Also devs can do what they wants because it is their game and balance is important I think.

              • Problem is that it WILL break in-game balance.
                Making a very good vehicle even better is a stupid idea, even by WG standards.

                (Except if they remove BL-9 and replace it by historical D-25T with APCR as srandard ammo+ worse aim time and accuracy. Which should have been already done without hull modification)

  1. “For some reason?” SS wat r u smoking. IS-3 is the alltime holy grail of tomatoes, ultimate bobwagon and its russian as well. It more boggles my mind this wasnt the first tank to be remodelled to HD.

      • Careful with that popcorn little asian girl, dont choke on it. 110 doesnt lead to IS-7 and it isnt russian, so that kinda kills the popularity/HD rework demand. IMO Its also kinda russian pride thing as it was their iconic vehicle to be the KT competitor at the end of the war.

        • Indeed that’s the most likely reason for IS-3 popularity.
          Anyway for IS-3 vs 110: they are very similar but at the same time different too, it depends on ppl which one’s style they like more.
          Quick comparison:

          110 Pro:
          - better view range
          - better frontal armor
          - better accuracy
          - better gun depression ( is-3: -5 110: -6 )
          - more dpm
          - a bit more hp
          - higher max speed

          - no spaced armor
          - less alpha dmg
          - vulnerable LFP
          - a bit less AP pen but it’s insignificant, APCR has the same pen like IS-3

          Personally I like better the faster firing gun even if it has less alpha also if you can hide the LFP it’s UFP is extremly bouncy, funny to see when even a T110E3′s shot bounce from the front.

          • 110:
            Pro: UFP/Turret immune to tier 8 AP most of the time unless armor slope is negated by angle
            Con: UFP/Turret not immune to tier 8 APCR/HEAT realiably

            Pro: Turret immune to nearly everything (AP, APCR, HEATs, TDs)
            Con: UFP is not immune to anything relevant

            Both are good but not OP imho

          • The 110 seems better on paper and even has some good features when playing it, but the 390 alpha, troll side armor and agility of the IS-3 still make it a better tank for pubs. Tier 8 only play is more of a tossup (stronks, team battles, etc).

            Also, the AP round on the 110 is bad. It loses a ton of penetration over distance (30 pen). It puts the pen low enough where RNG can troll you against relatively weak armor. If you are only shooting AP, the IS-3 has this benefit as well since the IS3 AP round is better in all respects.

  2. Well, we had MANY flame wars about the IS-3 model with all the changes it has had during the years.
    I remember the extremely stupid video Jingles did when they changed the IS-3′s hull and turret (a nerf to UFP and turret, buff to lower plate). No fact checking, just stupid shit spewing. Then we had more flame battles in forums with people arguing whether the damned tank is historical armor-wise or not.

    I hope this IS-3 finally represents Soviet IS-3 models from the late 40s. Correctly.

  3. Looks like lots of vertical welds on the lower turret cheek — could be filling in a ding or an casting inclusion that had to be ground out.

  4. Too bad Russian tank designers didn’t consider shell over-match in WoT when they made that huge turret roof weak spot.

  5. I can make jokes, be critical and a lot more.

    But I have to admit: Even though this HD model has no textures yet, it already looks real damn sexy.

  6. IS3 is still better than czech junk tanks. I really hope that WG will come to their senses scrap the idea of czech junk clones and introduce tanks from a relevant nation.

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  9. IS3 best tank in world.

    Now, IS3 most prettiest tank in world.

    Can’t wait to play it in HD <3 so beautiful

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