Brazil: Police Raid on Stolen Property Finds… Tanks

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Hello everyone,

Brazil is an interesting country – when cops make a raid looking for stolen property for example, they find the most unusual things, like they did yesterday in the Sacoma district of Sao Paulo. Inside a warehous amongst other – usual – things like TV sets, they found two M41 Walker Bulldog tanks.

Brazil Tanks

Brazil Tanks

These tanks were actually auctioned off by the Brazilian armor manufacturer Engesa without functional guns and engines, which was the state they were found in. Brazilian police has taken the warehouse overseer into custody and is now investigating, how did two tanks get into criminal hands.

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31 thoughts on “Brazil: Police Raid on Stolen Property Finds… Tanks

  1. Only thing you could do with a tank is one last **** you to the cops as your den got busted.

    Because once they are spotted something like a helicopter or a squad with an anti tank missile will splat your unsupported tank like a bug.

      • Who do you think the police will call when they find a nutjob hiding out with a tank.

        It’s not gonna be a guy with a towtruck.

    • a guy went on a rampage in the US with a stolen patton , only got caught when he got stuck in the space between the opposite lanes , google it , pretty cool.And as for AT with the police? not even in the US are they that paramilitary.

      • Telephones were invented so you can call the guys with the means to deal with a tank.

        Again this won’t be some guy with a towtruck.

        The patton guy defeated himself and wasn’t using the tank weapons.

  2. They heard the M41 was going to be nerfed so they figured they’d get one or two before they get nerfed.

    • Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeira have a HUGE war. Not one against the other, but all against drugs cartel. The drugs lords in those citys own everything.
      We have the ROTA on São Paulo and the BOPE on Rio, both elite police that kill those damn drug dealers everyday.
      If you wanna do a good medicine study vacation, go to Rio or São Paulo.

      • Whats with the retort? I am sure NO one cares about drug wars whatsoever. I just make assumptions on what I know. Stripping it bare for cash through scrapyards.

    • you read the part “without functional guns and engines” right?

      obvious they were trying to re-build them and get them running again.

      • Ill give them points for trying though. And for managing to hide the purchasing of multiple tanks. *claps*

      • Believe or not: before being de-militarized, those where armed with 90mm guns. Someone had the brilliant idea to re-bore the gun barrel from 76mm to 90mm, leading to a gun with the nasty tendency of blowing off the gun barrel when shooting.

        • the 76mm – 90mm bit was true with the british as well during WW2, with their 6-pdrs modifying them into 75mm’s, ofc the barrels didn’t go flying tho.

          • The original 105mm L7 was made by reboring the 83mm 20 pounder, if you know wtf you’re doing it’s no problem.

  3. You know, if the police aren’t sure what to do with them, I’d gladly take one or two off their hands for them. ;D

  4. The tanks weren’t in criminal hands, but they happened to be in a warehouse that the keeper decided to rent to criminals. The owner of the tanks must be the owner of the warehouse and must had no idea of what was going on.