and In Top 100 Visited Sites


Hello everyone,

here’s a random piece of information, but it illustrates well the popularity of World of Tanks in Russia. In Russia, two Wargaming sites ( and made it to the top 100 visited sites in Russia in 2014.


They are on 54th and 87th place. The most popular Russian site is – unsurprisingly – Vkontakte social network (aka “Russian facebook”).

34 thoughts on “ and In Top 100 Visited Sites

    • I would have thought patriotic Russians would frequent Redtube. *rimshot*

      Also, why isn’t their a stronk and patriotik Rossiyan Vikipedia instead of capitalist Wikipedia itself? And no

    • That’s quite an achievement.

      I wonder how high is gay porn consumption in Russian Federation, sttistics show that the more gay community is suppressed by law the greater the consumption of gay porn is.

    • That’s where’s most of “Sell your GF” movies are. You know, I was always wondering why Cuckolding is such a popular fetish in russia.

  1. May I ask how were those informations collected? It’s possible that opening launcher = opening wargaming website? How can those stats be accurate anyway, do all those sites use same visit tracker?

  2. About porn sites.

    Vkontakte passes through huge porn traffic, more than some search engines (Google not, of course, but still). Therefore, porn sites is not so much in demand=).