New XboX WoT Map: Pacific Island

Weather, exclusive maps… why does the Xbox version get all the cool stuff? :)

WoT Xbox developers introduced recently a new map, called “Pacific Island” (remember? it was mentioned by the Insider about a week ago) and let me tell you, it actually looks pretty cool.

In a rather long developer diary type post, they explained how they actually created the map (based on Corregidor island no less) and I really suggest you read it, it’s interesting. Check this out, this is how the map evolved.

Now, tank battles on an island aren’t as outlandish as you might think at first – in fact, they did happen, although they were mostly one-sided, as the Japanese operated tiny tankettes or light tanks and best, while the Americans were using the Shermans, that completely outclassed them.

In the end, the map looks something like this:

And here are a couple of screenies.

You know, I actually like the map. I’d like to have it on PC. What about you?

By the way, sort of an offtopic, but maybe you are wondering: how come WoT Xbox gets developer diaries in English and we don’t? Well, the most obvious answer is that WG EU is lazy and doesn’t care. But of course, it’s not that simple – Xbox version developers are Americans and can communicate directly in English, while this is not possible (or so they say) for the Russian developers. Armored Warfare on the other hand will have a HUGE upper hand over Wargaming, as the devs are American as well and can (and do) communicate with the players directly.

How terrible…

54 thoughts on “New XboX WoT Map: Pacific Island

  1. i’d love to see that map on PC, tho they should probably make it a tier 6+ map, judging from the amount of water that newbies could take a bath in…

    • I was thinking that, but with everybody using gamepads, it may actually be more viable compared to PC to do suicide scouting (then again i haven’t touched the console version)

    • no wonder that I got recently TK’ed for NOT playing like on this picture.
      “Don’t camp !” he said – an Obj 704 – before he cut his only eyes out and lost the flank and the game for the team …

  2. As someone who lives in the Philippines and loves military History – I wish they’d implement this map on the PC as well. Would definitely love to play on it :)

    • I don’t think AW devs will care about RU market..
      -older computer users
      -players are crazy for “stronk soviet history tanks”= WoT..

      I think in USA and Europe, they’ll get enough players to compensate.

      • Not so old – first.

        Not so high system requirements – second.

        Many Russian players interested in the battle between modern Western and Russian tanks – third.

        And russians love crazy tanks like Waffen E-100 and others=). Regardless of whether these tanks Soviet or not.

        • Seems to me that AW would be crazy not to want to market their game to the Russian market, seeing how popular WoT is there and, according to SerB, how popular tanks are in general in that market.

          Why ignore such a large market of potential customers?

  3. I’m thinking Mines (because sand and colors) and Swamp (because… well, swamps).

    Edit: Also, they should have maintained that airstrip with a few “Zeroes” ready for takeoff.

      • That was my first thought too… BF 1942 and Wake island. Was a lot of fun back then, i wonder why are there not more pacific maps in WoT. Would be a nice contrast to all the griddy european maps.

        • I wish that there was more variety in the locations of the maps as well. For starters, more desert maps!!! And an island map such as this would be great too.

          As for why there aren’t more such maps, it seems to me that the reason is obvious. WG is a Belorussian company and they’re probably aiming most of their focus on the Russian market. And it’s probably easiest for them to generate historical maps from that theatre of the war as well. Honestly though, it seems like a shame. I would think that even their Russian customers would like to see a wider variety of maps than one grim, battered, gray European city after another after another.

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  5. This one opens new possibilities: Winter Pacific Island, Pacific Island on flames, Pacific Islandberg, Pacific Corridor…

    Hmmm, the % of drowned tanks here can increase exponentially.

    On a more serious note, it would be nice if at least one of the spawn areas was inside LSTs and disembarking into a beach.

    • I don’t see any good reason why an island map would absolutely need to be surrounded by water on 4 sides of the game map … unless they were to make the overall map, lets say 1.2k by 1.2k, leaving a USABLE map of around 1k by 1k.

      It would be interesting if at least one of the spawn points was on a beach and you could see some LST’s behind the spawn (even if they were “off map”). I don’t feel the need to actually disembark from LST’s though.

  6. #Silentstalker could you dig a little bit and bring us intel when can we expect version for Xbox One?

    2nd issue: you’ve mentioned AW so I would like to know more about secret testing you were invited to.

    • I Fucking hope not..

      I HATE wank island…. a terrible map on every game it appears, I genuinely cannot understand the fixation with it.

  7. can we get the half the Xbox edition gets ? like dynamic weather ? :)

    this map looks kewl, i hope it will require dessert camouflage, WoT needs more dessert maps …

  8. I really wish we had more pretty eye candy maps… Like this and the soon to be completely removed dragons ridge…

  9. Finally. We’ve needed a map of such a location for quite some time. I hope we get it for PC. I’d like to see some pill boxes and wrecked planes, though. :)

  10. Would be awsome to have an island/jungle/whatever that environment is map, but not in the shape of this one.
    If you introduce this map on PC version, you can simply copy all the Hidde Village whine to this one. Just look at it – same corridors and even less actual passable terrain.
    Make the whole map area into lets say – 1500×1500, and then we are talking! :)

  11. For anyone wondering it is a tiny map and one side spawns on a giant mountain overlooking the whole map, its so unbalanced its not even funny, yet another case where WGA is great at making content (Weather, Physics, UI) but is atrocious at balancing things ( T110E3 Buffed into OPness, Pz5/4 is tier 5, Map spawns changed randomly, Malinovka Assault)