Of the VK4502B Replacement (Typ 205)

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Hello everyone,

in one of the upcoming patches, completely unhistorically buffed tier 9 VK4502 Ausf.B (the rear turret variant) will be replaced by a Maus prototype. The vehicle is already modelled, according to supertesters. An info from supertest (from Wotleaks) states that the vehicle’s name is “Typ 205/1″ – I am not quite sure that is necesserialy true (the name, anyway), but whatever. The vehicle looks roughly like this:


Yes, that is a (rather short) 15cm gun on tier 9. And no, if you are wondering whether that cupola on the top is a major weakspot – it’s actually 200mm thick, so probably not that major. The frontal plate is (as far as I remember) as thick as the Maus one. Model leak is possible to appear very soon.

If you are wondering, what’s going to happen with the VK4502 – as far as I know, it’s going to be removed (for now), it’s possible it might appear later as an alternative hull to VK4502 Ausf.A – or as a premium tank (definitely no “free premium” though).

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      • Fucking overbuffed shit. I have trouble penning Maus in tier 9 (E-75) because it’s so freakingheavily armored in the lower plate. If he angles a tiny bit it’s next to impossible, unlike the E-100.

            • such were the good days where the game was more about skill and less about pay to win buckets of ass.

              I refuse to use gold rounds, save in the PzB2, and I am riding on 1560 WN8

              • Same for me. I have the Churchill III and the Excelsior. I know those tanks are just meant to fire gold ammo so they can hit something, but I have 2 statements here:

                1. Buying gold on rapid fire (ROF of 26,09) guns is a waste of money.
                2. This statement above is supported by the fact that I only LOAD 5 gold shells at maximum.
                3. If I have gold rounds loaded, I barely use them since I didn’t make it a habbit.

                If I would be tactical with my gold rounds, I might be a better player. But I don’t want to use gold rounds because I waste a lot of money which I come by with a lot of difficulty and it feels very cheaty to use them. I only like to be cheaty in non-serious games and WoT is serious enough for me to NOT use ‘cheaty-stuff’.

                • Yeah. I almost never load gold unless the tank has an overabundance of ammo (AKA lowe). And even then I pretty well never use them. The last time I used gold in a pub was when I forgot to change the ammo after clan wars.

                  It’s also kind of fun when I’m on TS with a clan mate in a platoon and he’s dead. He says “you need to load gold so you can take this guy out” and then I roll around and blow him away with standard ammo and my friend just goes “How the hell did you do that?”.

                • Same here: 2 to 4 HE, round number of standard ammo (50,60, …) and the rest gold which is mostly 7 or 8 rounds. I use them “tactical” = for +2 tiers charging me frontally, last man standing or to return the favour.
                  Faced yesterday a Type 58 with three gun barrel stars, got goldkilled – didn’t made a difference in my FlakBus, but I thought that excessive gold-ammo usage defeats the purpose of Excellence Marks and tank balancing ( SuperPershing, T-54,…).

          • Yeah, flanking him and exposing your armor to the tier10 tds camping behind? No please

        • lol seriously ?? l2p m8.. the maus is horrible and has shit armor.. flank it or hit the gigantic weak spots.. literally half of the front of the tank is a weak spot

        • Aim for the “cheecks” of the turret of the “mudflap” track guards. Of course a smart Maus driver will angle his turret away from you until he’s ready to fire, but he has the same gun as the E-75′s top gun, so if you angle in such a way that he can’t pen you either and you just wait for him to turn his gun towards you, you could probably damage him. That being said you need to be careful while doing so because if you trade health shot-per-shot with a Maus, you WILL lose.

    • Why finally ? The current VK45B is among the most op tanks in the game. It has near indestructable armor on the front, even for Tier 10′s its impossible without gold. This thing surely will be worse than what we have now.

      • Weird, I can pen the machine gun port with my FV4202, which doesn’t even HAVE a high pen gold shell.

        • The machine gun port is 200mm at 90°, the driver’s vision port even “only” 170mm at 90°.

        • Not weird at all: FV4202 got 268 pen with the standard ammo. That’s pretty sufficient.

      • Because the VK4502B that have 200mm frontal armor thickness doesn’t existed.
        In historical data show that it was have same thickness as VK4502A , just different layout of the turret.

        WG over-buffed it to let it stay in tier 9, thanks to SerB.

        • Yeah, so this tank needs to be less than the current VK so it won’t overperform, much.

        • The historical had 80mm armor all around, the vk045a has a bit thicker frontal armor because according to historical propositions, thinkable upgrades would be thicker armor and mounting of a 10.5cm gun. This give us the current vk045a at tier 8, while beeing buffed still is reasonable buffed in terms of historical aspects. How ever the vk045b is just absurd in terms of buffed armor and guns (12.8cm). The vk tanks were never meant to have such thick armor or guns. As far as I know no german turreted tanks ever mounted a 10.5cm gun in real life in ww2 and the only ones that had proposals of mounting such guns was the tiger II, vk045a, and E75, and even then it would not be practical to mount that gun on those plattforms.

      • Most OP tanks in the game? LOL

        Its an xp pinata just like the Maus. The ausB is a one-trick pony with nothing else going for it.

        • Than you have no idea how to play it. The tier 9 VK is truly OP. With impenetrable frontal armor and a powerful, consistent gun that tank dominates the battlefield.

          • Yup. I did the HT top mission yesterday on VKB with honors in the first try. The machine gun port is a weakspot, yes, but not that easy to hit from 50+ meters. I loved this tank even before the armor buff, it’s the only tier 9 I bought back after selling it to buy tier 10. I will really miss it.

          • Except that your armor doesnt matter at all because everyone shoots your turret hatch or roof and you are either way screwed up hard

            Even nabs these days shoot these spots

            Not to mention that it doesnt have the best gun out there for tier 9

    • Same. Never really much liked rear-turret tanks, so this thing will be a welcome change. And a 150mm gun on a tier 9 heavy tank? Yes please!

  1. it’s a strange line already, paper med, bit heavily armored tiger, paper heavy, and now 2 maus? well after t57ht everything is possible

    • AMX 50 100 is paper tank, while VK(A) is… Some weird middle, you can bounce regurarly, but you need quite big angle (45-60′) and building to cover your side.

  2. That cupola is disgusting. At tier 9 200mm isn’t much since it is so huge. Everyone will be able to pen it and there is no way you can hide that abomination.

    I was excited about this tank, but now I am very skeptical.

    • It’s a lot to the side, so you will be able to hide it in half of peek-a-boom situations.
      It’s a small-ish circle, so you will have to hit the center, or the effective armor raises too fast.
      And if you have low tank and are near the Protomaus (like in the city), you won’t see that much of it, it’s quite far in the back of the turret.

      It will likely be a weakspot, but not that huge one.

        • T32 and vk045a wont pen this frontaly either, because the fucking cupola is 200mm thick. Also whats the thockness of the side of hull and side of turret?

  3. SO…let’s se what we got here…


    Are they finaly admiting that they are nuts? WTF, VK4502B is OP as FUCK and now they will give it 150mm derp and unpenetratable cupola like 110E3 has just to piss everyone off and force noobs to waste gold? FUCK OFF.

      • Unless you hit it right in the center, the effective armor will rise rapidly.
        It’s probably tall, so many tanks will be shooting from lower angles -> even more eff armor, if they can aim at it from below.
        It will be meeting tier 7.

        • like with JgPz E100? when it fires (15cm will have looooooong reload), it will be pummeled to death by shooting its cupola.

    • If you think 200mm is unpenetrable, at tier 9, when every tank at that tier has a pen value well above that except the T-54, you are obviously hitting that weed hard.

    • 200mm flat… So hard to pen. Cupola will be similar to the AT 2′s cupola down at tier V: big and obvious but you have to hit it correctly to pen.

  4. big cupola at 200mm will be a weakspot – most of guns this prototype will meet have 200+ pen. It seems it will be like JgPz E100, negating the only good thing about the tank – frontal armor.

    • i’d say its rather a concept of a prototype, because you first need a concept to build a prototype. just like the american T28 shit. T28 Concept, T28 Proto and then the normal T28

  5. Will be there any place, where tier 8 medium can penetrate this thing? Many of T8 medium guns have only 175-185mm penetration.

      • I’ve just looked at the Mouse myself, only back of the hull is penetrable.

        Hull Armor
        Front: 200 mm
        Side: 185 mm
        Rear: 160 mm

        Turret Armor
        Front: 240 mm
        Side: 210 mm
        Rear: 210 mm

          • The back is angled so it’s effectively more, probably over 200mm on the upper read plate. Most likely it will have a weak lower plate that the ELC can abuse. Mediums however will be shooting down on it if they are even that lucky. The less underarmed mediums will have a far easier time going through the sides, albeit only at the best possible angle in many cases. T-44, Pershing and T-34-1 will be useless against it, but they aren’t tanks to attack heavily armoured targets with anyway.

            Honestly, flanking this thing with most mediums is not a priority anyway in most situations, it’s side armour is good enough to make it unfavourable. it’s better to get some DPM in on tanks with worse armour than chance to bounce off this things ass/side pointlessly. MAUS proto probably has terrible DPM anyway if it gets a 15cm gun.

          • Yeah, think so as well: As long as it can be death-hugged by an ELC it’s not OP – tough to crack – but not OP ;-)

      • If the hatch on the back of the turret won’t be a weak spot than in close combat you will have a very hard time to pen it’s back of the turret.

        You will probably need 220+ flat on, if there is an angle even more. If you are at point blank you will probably need 250+ in a low profile medium.

  6. Well, if the WG works on this picture, we will know exact location of the crew members, ammo rack, engine… All in all, nice tutorial where to shoot to inflict maximum damage ;)

    • Yes it is. If wargaming wants to be consistent, this One has to be nerfed / downtiered as well.

      • You dont want a E-75 on T8. Imagine better armor on a KT (mainly due to sloping), with nearly no major drawbacks.
        T9 E-75 at least has the weight like it would with this armor…

          • If we go this way, we can leave the VK B on T9 make it somewhat “historical” armorwise and fix any balancing issue with soft stats. Reload, acc, aimtime – all soft stats, remember?
            Would be stupid, aint it?

              • AMX 50 120 is a T9 heavy aswell, aint it? Also got NO usefull armor and no mobility. That aint an argument …

                Give the 88 on VK B like 4s reload and magic works and WG “balanced” it thru softstats.


                That “idea” was just to show how stupid it is, to solve everything thru softstats, because it makes all vehicles min/max designs. Like FV4005 or WTF E-100 – stupid machines to begin with.

            • Yea, with a long 88 and 80 mm frontalarmor. Go do some research First before posting such stuff

            • WG should just make REAL tank lines ( Tiger to Maus?, Pz4-Panther-Leo) and concept tank lines. Some real tanks could also be branched from the fantasy tree if there’s no complete realistic tree available. The russian, british and german tech trees are annoying spaghettis and need some streamlining, just imho ( I rebuild the techtrees in Excel, that’s why I’m bothered).

        • im okay with nerfing the e-75 but then we have to move the tiger 2 tiers down so it faces kv-1 and shermans and t-34 like it did historically ;)

    • It is, but no armor thickness was ever mentioned for the e75 unlike the vk045a/b. Also the E75 was always rather competitive at tier 9, there was no need to buff it absurdly like the vk045b. While beeing strong, E75 can get penned in lower plate by most tanks it meets.

      • well this lowee plato of e75 keep dingin my conquerors 120mm shells like nothing,.. stright frontaly,… little angled,.. not a chance,.. that lower plate is stonger then e100 have

  7. the 7-8-9 matchups will never be the same again when this thing rolls out of the RUdev factory.

  8. AHAHAHAHA, 15 cm like RHM, 215 pen on AP, in heavy tank on tier IX? What WG smoking, gvie me that stuff. 15 cm gun proposal for Mause was 15 L/38 or L40, no that on RHM. I dont wonna spam gold. Well we have to wait till test. Turret is like Mause one ? And what about Masue SilentStalker ? 12.8 as it now ? Or rebalance whole tank ?

      • No way, 110 on tier VIII got that kind of penetration. ITs too low, for heavy and slow tank, and you will have to carry tier IX game, and fight tanks like IS 4 and E100, where 215 is useless, not all players wont to use gold all the time, 235 is better. 15 com will have 0.4 acc and long aim time, with 215 pen will be uber useless. No point for that gun. Regards

  9. Nooooooo F*CK NOOO!

    i wanted the “easy way out” of IMs with VK 4502B, but of course it has to be replaced by a piece of sh*t that every player will frontally pen through the retarded cupola (200mm in tier 9 is incapable of bouncing a shot…) that will also have 7 hp/t or something…

    WHYYYYY… now I have to grind up to Maus to get the HT-15 done, sigh…

    • haha, i feel you man, just started the grind for T9 VK today, bough crew/retrained for 600 gold, freexpd to pz IV (30k xp +-), played it to unlock all modules -> open ftr – VK replaced with useless tank. Not sure if i should continue or just abandon the grind altogether, i dont really want to play some 7 hp/t slow ass crap with weakspots… not at all and i dont think id get t10 maus before the change happens, dont really want to nerd that shit line 24/7

        • Well we still dont know all details,.. position of cupola on top of tank,.. if its dead center,.. problem, if its something like TigerP got playable,.. BTW those who thing 200m cupola aint problem, will keep boncing,.. most likely didnt play Tortoise,..

  10. if i have both VK4502 A and VK4502 B in the garage, is there any compensation for VK4502 A?

  11. Wait, so this Maus prototype will have 150mm gun and Maus will still have the 128mm? Seems like Maus will be even more useless after this release. (Not that the 128mm is bad, but it’s strange that it will downgrade the gun with higher tier)

    • Not exacly.
      Because it seems that Typ 205/1 will have short 150 mm with good alpha damage but not much penetration. More like derp gun then normal antitank / tank gun.

        • Of course we can all only speculate for now but …

          But i think – answering to your question: yes.
          Even worse then with E-100 150 gun, because gun could be (seems like this from observation a papier drawing only …) even shorter then E-100 soo “penetration balance in AP” could be even harder. Consider that it will be tier 9 not tier 10 soo if 230 if “ok for them in balancing issue” in terms of E-100 tier 10 150 gun – for tier 9 penetration “balance” could mean even less penetration.

          As we all knew – E-100 problem is resolved using Heat by maybe majority of E-100 drivers. Here maybe it will be by using he or as well heat ?? Of course only speculation for now. Maybe let’s just wait for more information because we knew nothing and speculating we can open some talk with no real background.

          I will add that i will wait for more info about this tank with – despite i am really considering to stop playing WOT – i will like how Maus looks like, i liked playing VK tier 9 after buff soo i am just quite interested in his replacement.

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  15. 200mm for a HD model doesnt mean shit because it will be modelled smoothly rounded. Take a look at the SD version of E3 or T110E5. There are some very sharp polygons used for those tanks cupolas and RNG basically interpret those as highly angled as 113 UFP, thus their effectiveness is even well over 300mm of armor if you have the bad luck to hit that sharp angle, even tho you hit it straight in the middle.

    T-54 got a big turret nerf when it got switched to HD because of the same reasons above.

  16. This should work out fairly well – the alpha damage will offset weakspot exposure and the mobility will likely be poor to offset the heavy overall armor.

    I honestly would rather see the Maus with the 15cm – I know the 12.8 is historical but the tank needs it. What is good armor at tier 9 is only mediocre at tier 10.

    If it gets 334 HEAT with the 15cm penetration won’t be an issue.

    • Well historical IS 4 and IS 3 had the same gun, so historical is only when its suit them. Well if gun on this tank will be 15 cm L\31 it will be useless. Gold spam is not fun to play game. I hope for 15 cm L\38. If not, well, it will be shit E75, cuz 12.8 wont change anythink.

  17. Tank looks nice, even with that tumor. If they decide to give it the 15cm gun, I might be interested in it, even if the gun given is the one on Rhm, with 215mm pen, and I’m pretty sure that’s the one it’s gonna get.

    Hopefully Maus will receive the same gun as secondary choice, with better RoF ofc.

    • Even 215mm is okay pen to be honest. You get huge alpha in return of lower pen. Also if you dont like it then åplay E75 or another tanks with lower alpha but higher rof and pen.

      • Precisely. It would be a nice alternative to the current T9 heavies, since none of them have a 15cm gun, even if it’s lower pen for balancing purposes.

        • I agree. 215mm pen will not pen all tier 10 frontaly but most. In tier 9, the only tank that 215mm cant pen frontaly is the E75, but then again you can shoot the cupola. Also 15cm means overmatching as hell.

          • Most tank, IS 7 , IS 4, E100, Mause, will be immune to 215 pen. Dont forget 0.42-44 acc, long aim time, slow shell velocity, and more. No 215 pen for tier IX is not good, E75 can easy sidescrape, and ST1. What are u smoking ? 215 is less than tier VIII heavys.

            • There are ways around a low pen gun, dude. If you don’t know them, that’s your problem.

  18. I hope that this tank is a little bit better in terms of firepower and/or mobility than the VK45.02B, since the ST-I is clearly better (better OVERALL armor, speed, firepower) than the slow brick VK45.02B. But since it is no Russian tank, we can expect something worse.

  19. Did you all forget that this thing is going to be a priority arty target even in tier 10 games?

    • And? It is still too strong for tier 9 anyways. This thing will see tier 7 and 8 often, and the cant even pen the sided of the hull and turret if it has similar armor as the maus.

    • Maybe it will be. But personally I’d rather be driving a E-100 than a IS-7 when attacking. Why ? Because E-100 can take an arty shot (multiple actually) and live, IS-7 will be devastated.

      Same goes with this tank, I’d rather be driving this than M103 for example.

  20. VK 4502B is one of the tanks I started to grind because it looked fun to play. Guess I’ll wait for … what ever.

  21. “The VK 45.02 (B) is overpowered, what should we do?”
    “Replace it with a tank with more armor and a bigger gun”
    “Excellent idea!”