Straight Outta Supertest: AMX-30 1st Prototype

Hello everyone,

this is the upcoming tier 9 medium tank, the “first prototype” of AMX-30. It will be unlocked from AMX-13/90.


Description: Created as a part of the competition to create a “unified European tank” and took part in the comparative trials with the Leopard 1. It surpassed all the tanks (except for Leopard 1) in mobility and power-to-weight ratio and had the longest effective firing range. Even though its armor was weaker than the majority of contemporary tanks, the development of anti-tank shells made up for the difference.

Characteristics (for 100 percent crew):

Hitpoints: 1650
Engine: 720 hp
Weight: 32,5 tons
Power-to-weight: 22,15 hp/t
Maximum speed: 65/23 km/h
Hull traverse: 36 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,863/0,959/1,726
Turret traverse: 45,9 deg/s
Viewrange: 390
Radio range: 782,1

Hull armor: 80/30/?
Turret armor: 80/40/?

Elite gun: 105mm
Damage: 390
Penetration: 260
ROF: 6,586
DPM: 2568,7
Reload: 9,11
Accuracy: 0,316
Aimtime: 2,21s
Depression: -8/+20









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    • They had a 40% conversion discount last weekend and I had 30k Gold from tournament, season and Clan payments so I converted 1.3million and still have about 1.5 (not so) “FREE” XP still left so I’m pretty sure I have it covered regardless of where they branch off. The elite cost and expected release is what I need to know so I can put my crew training into overdrive.

  1. Looks like a rock solid tank Have 150K+ on 13 90 will be saved for this instead of the 50 100 at tier 9 oh I mean the LOR 40T.

    • Yeah, as it stands this thing is just straight up better in pretty much every way over the PTA and Type 61 which are the other mediums of the same style, so there’s no way it isn’t seeing some changes before it goes live.

  2. Rather big tank, no armor… I wouldn’t want to be in it when it gets targeted by arty. Same reason why I don’t like Leo 1.

    If it has autoloader then yes, otherwise not really interested.

          • As long as I have been playing, there has not been a single change to the French line. Except removal of leFH premium and adding of FCM 50t.

            • Same, well, the 50t was already in the shop when I discovered it existed, not sure if it was there when I started playing. I do remember the removal of the LeFH, I bought mine the last weekend it was on sale for 50% off, 425 gold IIRC.

  3. Power-to-weight: 22,15 hp/t
    Maximum speed: 65/23 km/h
    Hull traverse: 36 deg/s
    Terrain resistance: 0,863/0,959/1,726

    Nice, Nice.

    Elite gun: 105mm
    Damage: 390
    Penetration: 260
    DPM: 2568,7
    Reload: 9,11
    Accuracy: 0,316
    Aimtime: 2,21s
    Depression: -8/+20

    Holy shit, that will get nerfed, certainly.

  4. Looks like a tier 10, and looks better than that tier 10 posted earlier. It doesnt have that thing on the side of the main armor thats not a part of the ufp but still a hitbox.
    Im ready to buy ,p

      • But the stats look like standard APCR ammo.
        Wouldn’t the closest to reality be HEAT?
        But than 260mm wouldn’t be great.

    • You’re blind. One of the many reasons for demanding the AMX 30 is the fact that it has a unique gun from all of the L7 clones.

    • The L7 105mm is one of the greatest weapons ever devised.
      Having an L7 105mm in any tank in this game is a good thing.

      • Sort of like Russian 100mm’s, eh.

        I’m not judging it by the quality, but when you have that sort of repetition, it gets to be sort of boring.

        • the Russian 100mms where not that good, stop taking world of tanks like fact when most of it is fiction.

          • russian guns started to get truly scary with the smooth bore 115mm on the T62.
            The 100mm on the t55 and t54 were not formidable like the 105mm L7.

          • The D10s had higher case energy than the 105mm, stop taking british propaganda as fact when most of it is fiction.

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      • AMX-30 has better gun handling than the Type, is faster than the Centurion, has more gun depression and dpm than Leo PTA – plus, depending on if there is any armor behind the turret mantlet, might actually be able to bounce certain shells frequently. The only destinctive feature Wargaming can think of for new tanks seems to be “better in every aspect”.

        • Most games have the problem that the new features are only useful because they’re better in every aspect. If we want this game truly balanced, wait til it’s the same age as chess… you *may* be lucky enough to see ONE correct rebalance. And then you’ll have all the oldfags yelling because it’s “not the original game”… Think the servers can stay up that long? :D

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  7. Interesting approach they’ve got here.
    AMX 30 Proto is better in every aspect than Leo PT A, but on the other hand AMX 30 is worse in almost every aspect than Leo 1.
    If this tier 9 keeps it’s stats, I might buy back the 13 90 just for the sake of it.

  8. Don’t wanna sound feisty or picky, but…

    For god’s sakes, ANOTHER tank centered around the famous L7 105mm?!?

    I swear by now I’d like at least to see a different damage value, like 330 for instance, compensated by increased RoF.

    I know it’s a legendary gun and for good reasons, but come on!

    • almost all the MBTs from that generation used the L7 or variations of it…The same shit is happening now with the 120mm gun and it’s variations.

      • So? That doesn’t mean that WG can’t tweak around with the damage numbers (while leaving the pen intact) for extra-flavor. After all, they themselves stated that the caliber has nothing to do with the damage, dmg & DPM are just balancing factors.

        Imagine, for a second, this thing firing 260-280 dmg shells but keeping the 2600 DPM.

    • Just remember, WG can still decide to add a new T54 variant, or an M4 variant to the game if the audience is not satisfied… :D

      • Is it another 105mm gun with 268 APCR pen & 390 dmg, just like every other L7? It is.

      • That’ll be why France uses British engines, British helicopters, British sonar…

        France has always taken equipment from the UK if needs be.

        • While I know the French army and navy often uses German manufacturing and engineering, I never heard anything about British equipement.

          As of now, France, who uses Germany as her lapdog on this matter, seems to be the best european arm manufacturer anyway. The British are getting back into business, but they’ve fallen behind quite a lot in the past decade.

  9. watch as the dispersions will be by far the worst of any T9 medium, and stronk 36° track traverse… will bleed speed as fuck when turning, kinda like batchat. Anyway, since its french watch as its gonna get nerfed, dpm and terrain resistances

    • Yes it is. In fact Patton desperately need buff, it is slowest (I dont count FV since it is going to be nerfed?), the view range means nothing since the camo bonus is trash, the gun isnt best neither, dpm is behind and we cant talk about armor neither…. It is just worst T10 med in my opinion…

    • M48 is a giant mobile bunker without any armour to speak of, though. More DPM would certainly suit it but I guess they are afraid that that would take away from the russian clone tanks and suddenly make them crap or something.

      Eitherway, it probably doesn’t matter to WG since batchat is the only truly common clanwar tier 10 medium anyway I bet. Russian tanks too rare! ohohoho~

      • You are almost right, but the BC is not the only one used: obj. 140 and STB1 are used alot too, even the T-62 od Leo can ve seen…

        • They can be seen. But BC is obviously more common. Usually even with full medium tank layouts you generally have 4 ~ 5 non-batchat tanks. Mixed layouts with IS-7 and T110E5 generally forgo any medium other than batchats.

          Autoloaders are just more useful when coordinated since they can kill off tanks quickly that would otherwise do damage to friendly tanks. Even with the high DPM of other mediums the enemy generally get’s 2 shots in with mild ease if their positioning is somewhat competent.

          The other tier 10 mediums usually are present as clean-up crew after the batchats. This doesn’t make batchats OP on their own, but they certainly are far more deadly when coordinated and honestly they shit over any other tier 10 medium tank 1 vs 1 anyway which is also important in clanwars for the instances of close matches.

          • When I read about Škoda tanks I was very proud (I am cz) but than I SAW 10 tier has autoloader with 320 dmg and 4-6 shells, if it was 4 it would ve just fucking bad, since the BC can kill any other 10 med with one drum, and it wouldnt even be able to kill a BC… Than i saw an update but there isnt much info actualy so…

  10. Does anyone see essentially another Type 61 in here? Pretty mobile, good gun depression, trash armor everywhere, and a punchy, high pen 105mm top gun. Type 61 is pretty good though, so I’m excited to see how this plays. May give me a reason to get out of ELC and start grinding to the 13 90.

      • Is it though? I saw the mantlet in the screenies, but it could just be very easy to pen like the Type’s, and only really good on an upward slope.

  11. Silentstalker, if you know the details of the outcome of the unified European tank competition, can we get a rough idea on how it will be balanced, how it will perform compared to the Leopard PT A , independently from these supertest stats)?

  12. Too much dpm for that penetration, accuracy and aim time. Probably gonna get nerfed to something between 5-5.5r/m

  13. Im glad they are adding the AMX 30 but their models are still so bad. How long till even the new models are needing replacement.

    Like already.

    • It’s a meaningless stat. At the minimum you need to know the horsepower of the stock and top engine. Real traverse = listed traverse * Top engine HP / stock HP. Because wargaming.

      • Yep. Nobody ever learns this, no matter how hard I spam the information everywhere. ‘It says 36 d/s in garage!! Terribad!!’ *facepalm*

        (Also this means players, including YouTubers that spread misinformation, actually start to believe that some tanks have worse or similar traverse to others just by the garage stat, which can be massively incorrect. E.g. Cromwell’s listed ’36 d/s’.)

        • Luchs is another prime example of this. 33d/s looks like complete garbage for a light on paper, but due to the so much better top engine it’s actuality one of the most (if not THE most, haven’t gone looking) maneuverable tanks in the game at 76-84d/s, depending on how you figure it.

          A particularly amusing and often-overlooked example can also be found at tier 1 in the FT; it “only” turns at 30d/s, but due to the jump from 39hp to 100hp, it actually figures up to 76.92d/s (going by what Emmity posted, probably in the high 60s by the other formula)…and you can feel every bit of it, the tank spins like a top. Pity about the forward/reverse speed limitations.

  14. Once again with the BS “longest anti-tank range” stuff. It’s like WG refuses to acknowledge that the L11A5 even exists. Makes me worry for what they’re gonna do to the Chieftain in game, if they think a 105mm (that the L11 REPLACED) has a longer reach to kill. They’ve already screwed its armour despite no official sourcing and now they seem to want to do in its gun too?

    That said, it’s pretty standard fair for them to just try to ignore the tank that humiliated Russia by now.

    • It’s just flavour text. But I am sure Chieftain’s gun is going to get fucked instead of being the best 120 mm in the game. If there is an HT 120+ mm gun that should break the 260 mm pen limit, it’s that one.

      • It’s more the factual error that irks me. How it specifically says “longest effective range.” The L11A5 could hurl a HESH round out to 8km and wipe out anything in that era with the hit, as like HEAT, HESH doesn’t care how far it flies first.

        There’s a reason that gun holds the longest tank kill in history. Unless they’re trying to swindle it by saying “But Chieftain wasn’t in service by 1966.” Even then, the gun existed since 1962…

        Really, there is zero reason for the L11A5 to be below 268, the L7′s penetration. The L11 fires APDS as well as standard after all, unless they give it a made up AP round.

        • If you’re firing from 2.5 meters up, about the height of a gun on one of the British tanks, then the horizon is 5.6 kilometers away. Somehow I doubt that you are going to be hitting things in tank to tank kills beyond the horizon.

        • The L11 wasnt much diff at all to the 120mm on the US spec tanks. And infact it had 90% of the same parts as the Delta 120mm.

          So it is almost the same gun as the T110e5 would have. Only diff would be HESH/HEP and still HEP was used.

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  16. so the prototype may be designated AMX-30A and the working model AMX-30B?

    France now has a second MBT. the Bat was its competitor, right?

    • not really bat chat was developped before amx 30 and was considered too light for a main battle tank, only after it was decided to make a consortium with germany in order to develop a main battle tank for central europe which was not american.Amx 30 and leopard were put in competition but each country wanted to have the supremacy over the construction of the european main battle tank.
      France get out from nato just after and developped amx30 , germany was then allowed to develop their own armament and continued too develop the leopard, that’s it.But the two tanks are coming from a same european program.

  17. Guess it’s time to start playing my 13-90 again and accumulate some XP on it to not convert.