Straight Outta Supertest: Mäuschen

Hello everyone,

here’s the VK4502 Ausf.B’s replacement, also known as ‘Mäuschen” (“little mouse”).


Characteristics (for 100 percent crew):

Tier: 9
Hitpoints: 2000
Engine: 1500 hp
Weight: 170 tons
Power-to-weight: 8,82 hp/t
Maximum speed: 20/15 km/h
Hull traverse: 20 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,726/1,822/2,877
Turret traverse: 18,8 deg/s
Viewrange: 370
Radio range: 740,4

Hull armor: 200/180/?
Turret armor: 250/200/?

Elite gun: 150mm L/31 (?)
Damage: 750
Penetration: 225
ROF: 3,129
DPM: 2346,4
Reload: 19,178
Accuracy: 0,46
Aimtime: 3,07s
Depression: -7/+25










177 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Mäuschen

          • none, except a bigger gun. But if you want a 15cm gun then E100 is obviously better in every aspects than this tier 9 Maus. I don’t think this tank can be better than Maus in CW, people use Maus to block damage, not to deal damage.

              • So WG give us derp shit gun. 0.46 acc, aim time ok, but 225 pen and 0.46. Yes, p2W hard way. What is the point. What is true pen for BL10? 220 mm on 100 m ? Fuck WG, crap shit, big weakspot like tortoise, and nothing good. What is point to have such a good armor, where u get BIG ass weakspot. And crap gun. 750 dont mean shit, if u cant hit, and after 9.6 acc wont be so good for big guns. GG Vk4502 P, 3 year, it was a pleasure.

                • I’d say the copula is barely penetrated by the super popular T-54 50% of the time. But then I remembered that lot’s of people shoot a lot of gold with that gun because it’s penetration is so bad and that the gold ammo on it is OP bullshit.

                  The fact that the gold ammo is only 3.1 times more expensive than the expensive normal ammo doesn’t help, probably. Admittedly the armour looks promising, the other things about it… no so much. Copula will be annoying but at least it’s not central so wiggling to the turret between long reloads is an valid option.

                • Having 0.46acc, 225mm pen and 750 dmg is a good trade off at tier 9 with such armor and HP. Nobody force you to play it, how do you think it would be reasonable to have such a tank at tier 8 and have better acc and better pen with such alpha?

                  Also if im not wrong it may get the 128mm as well.

        • That 15cm gun? This could be both a roadblock and a damage dealer (mix of E-100 in Maus chassis)

          • Why the would you want this POS when E-100 is already miles better than this will ever be?

            Have you even played real CW as opposed to dilly-dallying with mentally incapacitated vegetables?

            • TBF, Sadukar, the E 100 has pretty much fallen out of favor again for the IS-7 and Mediums. I’m even seeing less and less E-5 and 57 heavies than we used to.

              • Then the new tank is even more worthless.

                The E-100 is literally the Mauschen, but better.

        • 15cm gun + better RoF than E100 (3,129 vs. 3)
          But i dont think it will be used more often than the regular Maus, just because it comes with 1/3 less HP (one of the reasons to use the Maus)

        • There are none advantages over the Maus, it’s a tier 9 tank, why do u think it would be used in clanwars? I’m not an expert, but I don’t think you take non-tier 10 tanks there…

  1. 225 pen? I hope that stays! just enough to be pretty useable, as the HEAT rounds are prob ~330 pen. More disappointed with the accuracy though.

    • WW2 HEAT rounds tend to be a bit of a joke. They do work but not nearly as well as more modern HEAT rounds due to the spin of the round. They lose a solid 20% penetration due to the excessive spin imparted on them due to rifling. IE the Jet is spread over a much larger area.

      By modern, I mean 1960-65.

      • in game HEAT rounds does not get normalization so they dont lose penetration or damage value by distance so all HEAT rounds have same stuff

      • the french solved this problem i’m sure. Can’t remember the exact details , requires a bit of research.

      • Thanks for the history lesson for an online “arcade” style game, NOT.

        next time stick to the NAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 20% loss is walid only if u have real data of penetration, ingame , penetration itself is just balancing parameter

        Back to this monster,… hmm looks kinda ok,.. terror on wheels for t7/8 some guys will have problem penetrating weekspots even using gold, and hellof chalenge for everyone else,…but Slooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww
        Cupola sem to be hidable,. so this is gonna be fun,…

        Imagine,… if u meet this in comet or kv13 even gold ammo not enought

  2. why WG hates Maus i dont understand they give tier 9 one 150 mm but tier 10 will stay with 128?




    • Why the fuck would they give anything else to the tier 10 Maus? It only ever had that gun and its coax 75.

        • Maus doesnt have 150 mm gun but tier 9 one will have it? are you sure your brain isnt damaged?

          • Maus is historical like this. It was only produced that way and it was only supposed to have a 128mm gun. The Maus prototype existed only on paper. Maybe they planned the 150mm gun on it and cancelled it later on, because the 128mm gun seemed to be more usefull. Think about that…

            Btw: Why has the WZ-111 1-4 a 130mm gun and the 113 just a 122mm gun? The 130mm gun should be better after your oppinion, because bigger gun is better, isn’t it?

        • The BL-9 is there to compensate for the over-nerfed penetration of the D-25T guns.

      • pershing didnt have those stats they buffed it and gave it fake gun but i dont see people complaining about that

      • I recall reading something about Yuri Pashlok discovering documents that proposed equipping the Maus with a longer 128mm L/70 gun. that could be an alternative

    • And why exactly do you consider the 150mm gun more usefull than the 128mm gun on tier 10 Maus? Because a big gun with terrible RoF is just what a tank with no mobility and speed needs? Tier 10 Maus with 128mm gun would be better than tier 10 Maus with 150mm gun.

      Just because faster firing guns help such slow tanks in my opinion. Also the Maus can’t even flank enemies, so it would be much harder against some enemies with just 225mm penetration. Another HEAT-spamming tier 10 heavy. It’s that what you want? WG surely hates the Maus, like they do with all German tanks. For sure…

      • This will be tier IX spam gold mate. Look on pen, and take a good look, on pen for all tier IX HT.

        • I was talking about a tier 10 Maus with a 15cm gun, like “usertext” wanted.
          225mm pen are…ok…for a tier 9 heavy. It’s not really good, but you can deal with it, if you aim a bit carefully. You can penetrate every other tier 9 heavys frontal armor nearly reliable, if you aim at the weakspots (except E75 and angled ST-I)

          The penetration seems pretty fair, if you consider the armor it has. Plus it has ~ the same RoF as an E100…

          • USEREXT

            why people cant damn read this shit right go get glasses people

            Maus was produced with 128 kwk but there were 3 types for this tank on paper
            128 kwk 44L55
            128 kwk L72
            150 kwk L60

            on paper hitler wanted 44L55 first with the time moves it changed to L72 and at last project was to put 150mm canon which also can be seen in WT panther project

  3. So the Maus must be crying for not having a 15cal there.

    Btw SS, back mounted turret is correct?

  4. I thought the Mäuschen had a more forward mounted turret?

    Anyway, coolie! I really do like the look of this tank.

  5. This tank is bullshit it looks like Maus and E100 had sex and child is a retard mix they need to fix german heavy tank lines give E-75 150 mm instead of 128 give maus line 128 instead of 150 so there can be a diffrence between them or else it will be shittier

    • Don’t you freaking dare take my beloved E 75′s 128mm! 150mm derp guns are good for stupid Soviet KV-2s, the allmighty German steel rolls with perfect RoF-acc-pen-alpha wombo-combo of 128mm!

      • i m saying there is nothnig special about Maus line or E100 line if they bring this tank in game

        let maus line have 128 and make e100 line have 150 so there can be at least a diffrence

        And i believe it would be really stupid to give tier 9 tank 150 mm gun but leave teir 10 Maus with 128 maus is the worst tier 10 heavy tank i insist

        • The e 75 was never planned to have a 150mm. The Maus (in the early stages of development) was.

  6. So, how do you play this? Same gameplay or maybe some e100 tactics? Hope that turret is less pnt then the VK B…

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  8. Terrible E-100 drivers will spread their influence from tiers 8-10 to 7-9, as well, using this. Good.

  9. Power-to-weight: 8,82 hp/t
    Terrain resistance: 1,726/1,822/2,877

    It is going to race with TOG :P

    But really…
    OP armor.
    TOG with armor confirmed

    • OP armor….oh god you must be one of those ppl shooting VK4502B lower plate and crying nerf nerf nerf op op op. Vk4502B has a weakspot on top of it which is easy to hit unless rng screws you. This one is 3 fucking times bigger than 4502B cupola!

      • You dont get it do you? It is not OP in tier 9-10 games, but this meet tier 7-8 and armor is OP because most tanks cant even pen it anywhere. Think T32 and Vk045a and most tier 8 meds, they have 200mm pen, they can forget penning it anywhere not even in the rear due to 180mm sloped armor.

        • The armour shouldn’t be a problem for tier 8′s as they already face tier 10 tanks every other game any way and there is no out cry about that.
          as for tier 7′s well they shouldn’t be taking on tier 9 heavy’s any way let alone super heavy’s, when they do its either their own fault or the team has died and left them in the poop.
          But the first weeks it go’s live will be fun with 10 of these on each side derping the hell out of each other , there will even be the odd 15 v 15 game the first few days as well lol

  10. This tank will be a tank that will not be popular with people who dont know how to aim, also its odd that the turret front is actually thicker than the maus turret. also the rate of fire is way better than i imagined but with an accuracy penalty.

    i wonder what the grind would be like on it? (i dont think much will carry over from the vk 4502a) i imagine youd probably start off with id say a 1000hp engine and have to grind for the 1500hp engine. its nice to see that the maus predecessor will actually represent the maus’ might and im glad to be able to say so far it doesnt suck :)

    • It already has ~4 hp/t effective power in elite config.

      If you have to grind some stock engine, and suspension for that matter, I guess it will start off with like 2 hp/t effective.

      It will take few minutes to leave base circle alone.

    • It doesnt have any weakspots for tier 7 and 8 tanks it is 200mm all around, even the rear is 180mm in angle = higher effective armor. Barley tanks with 225mm can pen it.

      • oh you dummy -.- the armour at its back is not up there and even maus in game has 160

        tier X maus isnt historical in game too front is supposed to be 220mm and all around 190 but in game its 200/185/160 so i m pretty sure that this tank will not have any better back hull armour than tier X

    • It is a fucking joke, vk045a, T32 and a buch of other tier 8 mediums cant pen this shit not even on the sides or rear because it has 180mm sloped armor on rear. I dont even know if +212mm can pen the cupola since it is 200mm thick and you need to aim up = better effective thickness. This will also meet tier 7 lol. Vk045b was a OP joke, but it had at least a thinner cupola, sides and a much thinner turret that you could pen if you could flank it. There is no need to flank this one with you have 175-200mm guns like tier 8 mediums and heavys have.

      • WTF?? Vk had thin cupola but was quite small. Do you even see how big this one is?? it’s a freaking furnace! it’s even bigger than A-44′s.

        T7 already cannot reliably pen Vk cupola so who cares. IS-3 BL-9. T34, ISU-152, rhm, tiger 2, 4502a will shit on this giant cupola. And these are T8 tanks.

        A T9 will have no problem at all penning this giant power plant furnace.

        • Vk045b has 200mm pen it will not pen the weak spot due to aiming upwards, the cupola has more then 200mm effective armor. T32 can forget it as hell. It doesnt matter how big the cupola if its 200mm thickness. But diont forget, the vk045b has much thinner sides and rear and turret side and rear, you can flank it. This fucker has 200mm all around, nothing at tier 7-8 can even pen it even if they outplay it. And that is pure wrong. A maus that sees tier 7-8 tanks, is that reasonable?

          • using your fking logic, the matilda should be nerfed to 10mm armor cause the panzer 3 can’t penn it

            • Nope, because high tier balancing is different from low tiers. This mauschen is the only tank having those characteristics in tier 8-10. In higher tiers a balance between HP, alpha and armor gets more important.

  11. The machine gun port on the front isn’t modelled (on the collision model)? It would be a quite bad joke.

      • And why the hell is that? They give you an opportunity to pen monsters like this without gold. It’s a small weak spot, only vulnerable in close-quarters combat, especially after the accuracy nerf. Fuck logic. Or just make people buy gold.

          • This is a joke tank in terms or armor, sure with all the high pen in tier 9-10 it will get penned, but this fucker meet tier 7 and 8, and has much better armor than vk045b ever had, vk045b only had frontal armor thick, sides and turrer was the same as E75.

        • WG had a chat with Hilary Doyle and he said MG’s aren’t weakspots on a panzer in terms of armor protection, so for several patches now WG has been removing them from German tanks

          • Oh my God, cut the bullshit, WG. Much realism, such historical, so why does shooting commander’s hatch damage tanks? Balance parameter? Just like machine gun ports.

    • Even if it is modelled it would still be very hard to pen it. Vk 4502B has it on the collision model and it’s hard as a rock. I think in 50 games ive been penned there twice.

      • Anyway i’ve taken a look at Tiger model and the MG port+drivers hatch are not part of the collision model. Also checked Panther 8.8 premium and it’s the same situation. Mg port is cosmetic only.

        Then i guess this is final. WG wont model them anymore. Interesting choice.

      • You still have more chance penning it than the UFP. In fact, it can be penned on VK45 in close quarters with T9 guns easily. Not like the rest of its front, which is practically unpenetrable.

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  13. Penetration: 225
    Reload: 19,178
    Accuracy: 0,46
    Aimtime: 3,07s


      • I’m guessing it will be similar like with Borsig, that has a very serviceable stock 128mm, but offers 150mm gun as an option.

    • Well, that’s the elite gun, stock might be 88 L/71.
      And something between could be 105 L/68, 128 L/55 or both :)

      Edit: Ninja’d

      • E75 has a weaker cupola than tiger II and E75 has thinner sided and rear that can get penned by 175mm guns as well as thinner turret sided and rear. Thick fucker is 200mm armor all around more or less and even the turret. With 200mm you can pen the e75 on sided while beeing angled and track him and make dmg, good luck doing that with the maus proto.

        • E-75′s cupola is very small, if you bob a little it’s almost impossible to get hit. This new tank has a pretty big cupola, E-75 vs this guy, I’d bet my money on E-75 anytime.

          • Yes, but E75 has weaker side armor, rear armor and turret. This shit there is no point flanking it unless you have +230mm pen since many tier 8 mediums and heavys cant pen it from no angle, specialy vk45b and T32.

            E75 has 246mm pen it can pen the lower plate as well pretty consistent. Tier 8 heavys have like 198-227mm pen kid. Mediums hjave 175-218, but most have 180mm pen.

  14. I hope it stays this way. But I certainly feel a nerf coming, the russian bitches will do what they do best – bitching.

    • i hope they change the terrain resistances because right now those look like the worst i have ever seen in the game and with those that 1500hp engine may as well be a 750hp engine and with that it will make a Lowe look like a pz 1c. plus an accuracy buff to about 0.42 would be nice because 0.46 is a little over the top especially with the upcoming global accuracy nerf.

  15. wait if this cannon is an l/31 15cm and the e 100s cannon is an l/38 15cm shouldn’t there be a bigger difference between the penetrations?

    • It’s kind of a mixed bag

      The L/31 on paper was supposed to penetrate 190mm at 30 degrees at 1000 meters

      On the other hand, the L/38 in practice couldn’t even do that at 100 meters

  16. Another inpenetrable tier 9 heavy. Think that this will meet tier 7 and 8 regularly and it will be even more OP in terms of armor for these tanks. At least Vk045b had cupola and sides to pen, tier 8 mediums can even pen sides on this and not the cupola either because you need to aim up = higher effective thickness on the cupola. What a fucking joke.

    • Because tier 7 and 8 medium’s job is totally killing the most armoured tier 9 the enemy has.

      • Yes it is since they are also included in the MM. All tanks at tier 9 could former be damaged by tier 7 and 8 if hitting sided and rear, this fucker cant, it is immune to 200mm pen guns.

        • >.<

          Let's drop all the armour to 1mm for all tanks, just so bottom tier medium can have a go at top tier heavy.

          • Up untill now all tanks in the +2MM can pen eachother even if that means penning sides or rear. With this maus pussy thing, not even tier 8 heavys can pen in in any areas.

            • They will be able to do that still. Get some prem ammo with you. It’s part of the game, not a privilege.

              • Pls not the prem ammo bullshit again. Some of use play with standard ammo because we rely on skill and that worked fine up untill this mauschen pos will be implemented. Also why even introduce a heavily armored target that people will use gold againt, fucking retarded logic. The mauschen can have armor but at least make weakspot on top weak as fuck so people can damage it with standard ammo, since the sides and rear is so fucking thick.

  17. Is this tank physically smaller than the Maus (as in scaled down hull) as well? The turret is kinda obvious but the hull still looks fairly large.

    Kinda sad they didn’t throw a render of a Panzer IX “propaganda” tank as a possible replacement to feed the speculators =/

  18. I like this…guess I should break down & buy my 45.02B finally (only been unlocked for close to a year now…).

    • 4502B is a fantastic tank with only cupola as the only frontal weakspot. Play it and enjoy it while you can. You will miss it after getting rekt game after game because of this giant thing on top of it.

    • Machine gun port will fake so many people out. It’s going to be glorious!

      But yeah, I think this thing needs a weakspot somewhere just to give the tier VIIs a chance.

    • Are you trolling? there’s a giant fountain well on top of the turret and you’re saying there’s no weakspot? do you know how much penetration T9 guns have? not to mention T10 guns will piss on your armor. Hulldown will be suicide in this thing in T9-T10 games.

      That 250mm front turret will be totally negated by that giant weakspot. T110E5 still suffers from it. Tortoise also has good armor but if someone gets close to you and targets the big MG port then you’re fucked.

      • Tier 9 tanks yes, but this will see tier 7-8 regularly. This is the best armored tank in tier 9 and even better than some tier 10. This shot dont belong at tier 9.

        • I dont think so. Vk4502B is :

          - faster
          - smaller target
          - cupola is the only weakspot and it’s smaller. Can be hit from close ranges, but it’s hell from bigger distances.

          This Mäuschen is :

          - bigger (arty will love this)
          - slower (arty again will love this snail and open maps will be torture)
          - it’s entire armor will be totally negated by that humogos cupola. Even tomatoes will be smart enough to ignore everything and target it. WG might aswell paint that into a police red beacon for the lulz! oh and you can bet it will be penned from any range.

          Mäuschen will be a nerfed 4502B.

          • Against 10-9 it will have a hard time. 8′s stand some chance with gold(or those with rather high pen like some TD’s and heavies).
            A player who can play smart in a Maus and with experienced SA will be able to easily overcome any shortcomings with the turret hatch which is 200mm thick, most tanks will have to aim up increasing the total armor value by around 10-30% depending on the angle of the shot along with the turret isn’t even that close to the front of the tank, it’ll be hard to hit in encounters of around 100m.
            Tier 7s have some chance with the rear depending on what value it is given, if it’s given standard Maus rear armor which 160 angled slightly it will be somewhat tough to go through.
            Arty will only have a hay day with stupid drivers using this thing as a moving bunker rather then a well placed wall…

  19. Funny to see completly different opinions about Mauschen. Test server with this tank in the game will be super, despite that test server in “gold ammo only”. Chance to test it … great will be.

    I think that variety of opinions comes also from that if you like and if you can use Maus properly in map that allows for it – you will like Mauschen, if you do not with Maus – you won’t with Mauschen. Simple is that.

    I am more optimistic about this tank from most of forum people here. You all do not remember that this is tier 9 tank, not tier 8. This is huge element – more important that everybody thinks. It will be top tier many times, it will see IS-3 and KV-4 with less hp and half of aplha damage with the same penetration, it will see Jagdtigers 88, it will see all tier 8 tanks with preferential matchmaker i mean is-6 or wz-111 or lol … kv-5 with 167 mm penetration … I do not want to say that it will be super tank, but come on … it won’t be terrible. Just situational just like Maus.

    To be honest it need to feel it in play in test server to say more. Now we all speculating with opinions about Maus in the head.

    One more, i saw many times people asking if E-100 will have Maus turret or if Maus will have 150 mm gun like E-100 (more number 1 questions). Now you have one – as Mauschen – in tier 9 not in tier 10 ! Soo tank that will meet is-6, wz-111, kv-5, Jgt 88 … many times.

  20. So, tier for tier this thing will be better than the actual maus? Pls Wargaemin buff the tier 10 variant of this gets the 15cm

    • Maus proto will be much better because it will see tier 7 and 8 and many cant pen it even on the sides and rear and even less the “weakspot”.

      • what the fuck are you smoking. tier 7 and 8 can pen 200mm, not to mention 180 on the side.

        • Nope, because the effective armor is dependant on the elevation of the gun in relation to the enemy tank and also the impact angle. If you have 200mm pen you can forget penning the cupola because you need to aim up = higher effective armor even after normalization. The side you can prolly pen straight on if you have 200mm pen gun, but just a few degrees and you will bounce. 175-180mm pen guns can forget penning this at the sides unless they get a lucky pen roll. The rear we dont know but 180mm angles = 200+ effective armor.

          There are several tier 8 mediums having less than 200mm pen.

  21. A Tier 9 heavy tank with Tier 10 levels of armour and 750 alpha that meets Tier 7 tanks. What could possibly go wrong?

    • It only has 225mm which is too little, it needs at least 260mm AP pen and 1.3s aim time and 5 in rof. And 550mm heat pen.

      No but seriously, havent anybody thought what issues this tank will cause? It is totally POINTLESS to flank it with anything that has less than 225mm pen (big no to tier 7 heavys as well as tier 8 mediums and a few tier 8 heavys). The irony is that the sides are 180mm thick but a slight angle and they will have above 200mm effective armor also if you aim upwards where there is no spaced armor, armor effectiveness will increase even more. Also the rear is 180mm sloped = 230mm effective or so.

      The vk45b could get flanked and penned by tier 7-8 mediums in the rear and sides, but that wont be possible with the maus proto due to the 180+mm armor on sides and rear.

      • Regular Maus has 200mm Front 180 hard side 105mm side skirt 160mm rear
        Turret is solid at 240mm front 210mm sides and 200mm rear (maybe 210 don’t remember to well) gold rounds should be taken into effect though tier 7s might as well forget it.
        Tier 8s stand a chance with gold and MAYBE their AP rounds if it is at least 190.

        • That is what im saying if you have 200mm pen you can pen maus on thr side and rear but your gun elevation in relation to the enemy is important, if you have to aim “up” the effective armor increases as well as the impact angle of the shell. You maybe not can get a straight shot when you flank since mostr shots will be from some kind of angle. How ever this is at tier 10, this mauschen will be at tier 9 and that changes alot since penentration increase alot after tier 8, and this will see tier 7.

          In a tier 8 mediums with 180mm pen you dont expect to pen a maus at tier 10, but at tier 9 you expect to pen a heavy on the sides and rear due to the +1 MM only. That is why I say that E75 and vk45b are much easier to pen on the sides and rear as well as on their turret because they have less armor = better for flanking mediums that dont wanna use useless gold.

  22. Why does this thing get 250mm frontal turret armour but the maus gets 240? Damn the weakspot, it’s still thicker with the more snapshot panic misses that’ll happen in 9.6 accuracy. GIB MAUS 250mm TOO, or nerf this to 240, either way

    • They need to nerf the weakspot at least to 150mm so give tier 7 and 8 tanks chance to penn it, because all tanks having less than 225mm pen will not reliably pen the sides, rear (including turret) or the weakspot because one have to aim up = higher effective armor. I think WG will nerf the cupola once they realose 200mm is too much for a tank that will see tier 7-8 very often.

  23. Yay…because the VK B isnt slow enuff…

    I dont think I’m going to like it. Every single person these days, be it unicum or bob, constantly shoots the VK B roof’n’cupola which renders its frontal armor useless. The armor on this Mausie is going to be ever more useless because the cupola is a freakin big piece of grill. Its a insta pen spot for t10, pretty much most of t9 and some t8.

    I’m 100% sure that it will be changed few times after the swap

    Oh yea – If we have a fully researched VK B, I assume that we will get fully researched Mausie ? Or at least exp compensation to research its modules ?

    • If you think like that all tanks have “no armor” since even 225mm pen guns can pen the maus and E100 in the lower plate if they get a good oen roll and or if enemy driving over a slope.

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