31 thoughts on “New Ranzar Video

  1. The vidéo is not wrong about trolling arty and FV… One shot missiles are pretty borring.

    Arty make too much direct hit, and USA and german one can even OS anything when missing because of their splash.

    The only arty who does not make rage people are those with light damages, like french one.

        • I feel so sorry about player getting one shot by arties, whining about it all the time (do you tell your family how bad is arty as well?), everywhere and anywhere they can, but at the same time never even touching an arty once… Or in some cases without the knowledge of how it looked like pre arty nerf…

          Oh wait I’m not really sorry… Arty IS annoying and broken, but in both ways… It could use a total rebalance. Maybe more accuracy, less alpha (much less in some cases) and more splash?

          • More accuracy less apha would be something like bert. When it hits 2-3 times, no one notices but when it gets regular, we hate that pesk don’t we?

    • the receiving party in the system arty – target only notices the direct hits and disregards all the shots that dont even land on the same map because of the fact that arty is completely balanced and in no way, shape or form highly reliant on our lord and savior RNGeezus

    • Tier 10 turreted batchat arty has 4 shots that can all one shot lightly armoured tier 10 tanks. It has a good aimtime as well and is just as likely to track you as other arties when it hits.

      The downside is terrible splash, ”low” damage per shell on non-penetration (But if all 4 hit the best burst damage out of all arty) , only slightly better shell-arc than 261 and taking forever to load the first clip. ( battle can be over before it actually get’s good shots off )

      The batchat arty can be just as annoying as ”bert” when played competently. It’s bloody hard to catch in anything other than a batchat too due to nice mobility. ( and since it has a turret it can point it’s hull toward escape routes during magazine reload, unlike the sluggish turning 261 with terrible gun-arc )

      but neither the 261 nor BC 155 58 is overpowered, CGC is the closest thing to overpowered and arty are a broken mechanic. Trust me when I say that they generally don’t hit many shells and have a good chance of not even doing splash damage WHILE FULLY AIMED.

      Most arty would take it as a blessing if they could get lower but more consistent damage on people who simply camp in one spot forever without moving.

    • NO! JUST NO! If they’ll nerf my MT’s I’m gonna be so pissed I’m gonna write an angry post about it to let everybody know how pissed I am…

      But no really, it’s so accurate… Unfortunately…
      HT potatoes would want their tanks to be ridiculously armored, with gun that can pen anything, and everything else to be useless…

      Good thing there aren’t THAT many potatoes around… Or are there? -.- RU Server…

        • T-54 gold ammo deserves nerfs.
          Actually it generally deserves rebalancing.

          Give the T-54 historical 100mm thick frontal plate.
          Give the 100mm gun less awful penetration (218+ ) but worse handling.
          ( but not as terrible as the D-54 gun )
          Give the 100mm lower DPM.
          Give the 100mm worse Gold ammo or something like HESH + Gold ammo price increase.
          Give the T-54 a mild mobility + agility nerf. ( Acceleration / Hull traverse )
          Give the T-54 a higher Repair bill
          Give the T-54 less retardedly expensive ammo.

          Tada, a balanced tank which has a good turret while not being exploitable by using HEAT to compensate for it’s only major downside. ( Penetration ) ( Other than gun depression )

          • “Give the T-54 a mild mobility + agility nerf. ( Acceleration / Hull traverse )”

            You want to nerf a tank that is already a bit sluggish ?

    • Not everyone. Some of us just accept it as a fact of life and try to work around it, instead of whining about it.

  2. This game is going way down hill. I remember when WoW did this balancing thing out. It ruined the game. Thank god for 8 years olds taking the original players spot of the company would go under… wait. What’s next only one tank available for every line and they all are exactly the same? Oh and make sure no shots ever hit to make everything really fair for the people that actually aim. FUCK OFF!

  3. I guess this video is saying: if you don’t want to get nailed so easily, don’t drive something big and slow.

  4. THIS IS A TRUE STORY, at the request of the victims the names has not been revealed, out of respect for the “nerfed” the rest has been told as it occured.

  5. So much truth with the whining…

    All of it could have been avoided with tank-class hard-caps… but hey… it’s WG… logic does not apply.

  6. Because something that regularly does 1000+ damage from around T7 on up (get into T10 and you see 2000+ damage) with a massive splash radius (that on a “boo-hoo I missed” does as much if not more damage than the biggest baddest TDs on a direct hit) all while being able to do it from the opposite side of the map and sending it up and over most cover, totally isn’t unbalanced and it’s just people “whining”.

    >Inb4 “b-bu-but it’s a 200+mm shell what did you expect it to do :^)” shitposts.
    You’ve just outlined the major issue here, they shouldn’t have put cannons over 155mm in the game period, it’s a balancing nightmare that ends up pissing off people on both ends of the gun.

  7. Wow….that’s just what I thought the whiners causing less fun to the game now….

    nerverthless in ASIA server seems arty is still usually more than 3 per side which pissed me off anyway….(IMO cap of 2 spg is reasonable…..3 will just able to secure all the World of corridors