Straight Outta Supertest: Object 244 and Mauschen Nerf

Hello everyone,

according to supertester sources, the next premium tank to appear on the supertest is Object 244, tier 6 Soviet heavy premium tank. Object 244 is this:


That’s right, it’s a tier 6 clone of the IS (tier 7 tank) with 85mm D-5T-85BM (the 144 pen gun) and slightly different suspension. Because, you know, this game definitely needs more pure clones…

Also, as predicted, the Mauschen got somewhat nerfed, especially:

- reload time (by 1,5s for 12,8cm and 2s for 15cm)
- aimtime
- traverse
- accuracy on the move

More details later.

77 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: Object 244 and Mauschen Nerf

  1. I thought that Manchusen looked a bit too powerful on T9.

    And that 244, its track track is extremely slack almost like that of a German tan. Was it a prototype IS or a cross development? I’ll admit, I’ve never seen it before.

    • And it will be overall: 6 soviet heavy tanks.

      (IS-6, KV-5, IS-8 prototyle, KV-220, Churchil III, Object 244 IS prototype)
      (i do not include here tier 10 reward for IM)

      You know … to be honest … great news. Soviet heavy tank crews leveling will be even less painfull when before if someone will have money for all of them.

      I have 4 – all available for now. Soviet heavy tank crew leveling is easy with 4 premium tanks compare to for example german crew with Lowe and strenge Pz B2 (2 radiooperators for example zero loaders and zero gunners …). Can you think about leveing with 6 premium tanks ? Wow … :D :D :D Can you think about it during some special event for example x3 or x4 for first win … ?? Wow …

  2. With 120mm armor?
    This thing will be a super tough target when top tier..
    But useless against T8. Just like the Churchill VII.

    But.. another clone.

    • It’s the IS’s armour layout, so the 120 mm plate is only the less sloped upper part around the driver

      • Still tough as fuck on tier 6. I remember vk3600h being super as tier 6 and it had only what, 80mm front?

        But what bothers me more: so IS with 120mm armor and decent 85mm gun is good as tier 6, but god damn tiger with 100mm armor and mediocre short 88 is just impossible to make? FFS

    • it is too early to assume anything yet. sure, the gun looks good and i expect it to behave like it does on the t-34-85, but we dont know anything about speed, mobility, agility, viewrange and that sort of stuff. say what you want, but WG generally makes a good job at balancing premiums except for tanks like the su-122-44, type 59, e25 or su76i, which are at the moment the only premium tanks that can definitely be argued to be OP and three of the four arent available for purchase anymore.
      TL;DR: let WG do their job first, then we can bash the sh*t out of them

      • Type 59 => argued OP
        top lol

        In other shocking news, the FV4202 is super OP because it has a semi-reliable UFP than can troll lower tier tanks.

        • With a turret that can be relatively reliably penetrated by the T-54 gun with a miserable 201 penetration unlike the Centurion 7/1′s turret.

          ( Of course most people driving that unbalanced tank will shoot gold at it anyway because 201 penetration is too likely to troll you and not penetrate and the gold ammo is only 3 times as expensive as the silver shells on that tank so it’s generally more affordable than getting bounces. WG logic~ )

        • the type WAS OP, why else shouldnt it be on sale now. however with the current competition, i agree with you, type sits btween balanced and sub-average, and personally wouldnt mind if they were to re-introduce it. back in the days it was removed because it had the best mobility and agility if memory serves me right and only the panther 2 had a better gun with its long 88mm, and the armor was so much better than any other tier 8 medium tank that it was too good and there were too many of them, just like e25 now.

          • It’s not put on sale probably because 75% of people would buy it, games would be filled with them for a week, they call it absolute trash and demand refunds/buffs.

            It never had the best mobility. The only tier8 medium that had worse mobilty was the Pershing, and even it had better traverse anyways.
            It was all about one thing : the UFP. It could make 175mm pen guns bounce very reliably, and without gold ammo, it could troll every tier 6 tanks, most tier7 tanks, and tier8 mediums.
            It deserved some of the nerfs it got, I’m not unreasonable, but to consider it anything more than average would be drastically overestimating its capabilities.

    • He will be slow which – i have no problem personally with 20km/h tanks, but is still … a problem in some maps and situations. He need to have good armor to compensate low speed because Mauschen compare to current VK 45 02 B is slower. I am waiting for more details. Especially about stats on 15cm Mauschen gun which i – for now – consider to be main gun for me in this tank ( i have VK tier 9 in garage and grinded – soo i will have Mauschen from the begining).

      • I also want to re-buy the VKB. That tank is awesome, one of the best in the game for it’s tier. Also, I have to grind the gun for the KingTiger, so win/win, can’t wait to play the tier 9 Maus.

        • Also i cannot wait for play tier 9 Maus.
          What stats it will have in the end we will see. It could be also nefred for example after they include this to the game.
          But … idea to have tank close (in general idea) to Maus but in tier 9 … sounds little op (in all my posts about Mauschen i always say: remember it will see IS-6 and KV-5 for example !!!!!!!!). Of course they he will be balanced by: terrible speed and traverse, bad reload in both guns, bad aimtime in both guns, size and all other factors but still …

          Maybe not “op” but … stil could be strong option. But we can only speculate for now.

          • I rather keep my VK45B with it’s bad side and rear armor and fight with the 12,8 cm gun than spending hours to get to the front, the enemy base or somewhere else. There may be good situations for slow tanks, but in the end they suffer more from their speed than they benefit from their armor.

            There is a simple solution for every tank with bad penetration: Use gold or your definitely superior speed to get away from the Mäuschen. Nobody forces you to fight heavy armored tanks and there are plenty ways to win.

            I’m pretty sure Mäuschen will have the same fate as the WT line. OP or nerfed to havoc.

            • It will troll scouts a lot though, till they start shooting gold ammo into the side. But tier 8 mediums with bad penetration will suffer even more than they do now. Luckily hardly anyone plays them for fun.

              • The Mäuschen will be imba but not OP. I think even if the VK45B is unhistorical, it’s a well balanced tank right now. I just see no way for Mäuschen to be that.

  3. I don’t get it. The Mauschen is already a weak version of T95, which is mostly unplayable due to speed and arty. And they are nerfing it? what for?

    • They nerf it because they feel like doing it and because it needs nerf considering it has OP armor for tier 9 (tier 10 maus armor at tier 9). There must always be a tradeoff kid.

      • mistermex1 T10 maus armor at T9.

        What are you complaining about? We already have T10 maus armor at T9 and thats Vk4502B. And this is small, has decent mobility, great frontal armor.

        Mauschen is just one GIANT slow as T28 XP pinata. It will be arty’s sweet delicacy.

        • VK45b has much lower side and rear armor and side and rear turret armor. Look my list I made in another thread comparing the pen of tier 7 heavys and tier 8 meds in relation mauschen armor.

    • Cannot agree with you.

      Mauschen is weaker version of T95 ? For me personally of course – this can be only bad joke. Never a tank with turret (full rotation) can be weaker version of tank with no turret and no epic gun traverse (like AT-15 has).

      Mauschen is slow, heavly armored, super heavy tank with turret. Sorry … but comparing this to T95 is a bad idea.

      They are nerfing Mauschen because … it will play against tier 8 tanks with limited matchmaking and they need to have ANY chance against him (IS-6 with 217 mm penetration MAX as good example).

      • Yuri is also talking about a important point. This tank will be next to unplayable with arty around. It’s to slow to evade them and it’ll get punished by them every time it is at the frontline on most maps. There won’t be many of them, most probably just 1 per 10 games or even less. Of course there will probably be more once it’s released because people want to try it. Then they will notice it that the armor isn’t going to compensate for the other weaknesses it has and they will stop playing it. Comparable to the T95 and Maus. Strong tanks doomed to exist with arty which makes them no fun to play on most maps.

        • Marcelofdeath1, the same (“next to unplayable”) you can say about:

          - Maus (always),
          - E-100 (always / terrible weakspots, big, faster but not fast),
          - any player with over 60% win rate or even over 55% win rate with enemy artillery alive,
          - Jagdpanzer E-100 (always / even hull down – frontal “turret” plate is easy to penetrate … really easy … tested myself before i stopped play JgP E-100),
          - any high tier artillery that was spotted by enemy with high tier artillery alive,
          - any heavy tank (do not include french onces and T57) with enemy over 60% (of even over 55%) win rate player in medium tank …

          All i want to say is that – we all know – Maus is situational and in for example Prochorovka you can go to garage even before battle (joking but true …) – but do not say unplayble about Mauschen … I always say in my posts … this will be tier 9 – he will see iS-6′s, 112′s, WZ-111′s, … “Unplayable” is too strong word. I understant your point of view but Maus in tier 9 … will have his strong points …

          • Just like the Maus does, but aslong the amount of arty will stay the same or even more players decide to play them, this tank won’t be fun. It’s extreme slow, it’s a huge target and arty does not care about it’s armour. ALmost all tier 8-10 artys will do 400-1k with a direct hit, 50-1k with splash. Nobody is going to enjoy it to be devestaded by artillery if you fight on the frontline. It does work on some maps or in cases when there is no arty ingame, but those will be pretty rare and thus it won’t be fun for most players. This tank is not going to affect the gameplay at all. It will just be one of those that exists but almost none is playing them. It doesn’t really matter if the tank is then op against low tier stuff (basicly all tanks two or one tier higher are that anyway). Also I agree it won’t be always “unplayable” but it will suffer a lot in every game in which there is artillery.

          • Maus is bad, the other tanks are not slow. 30 km/h on flat ground are not great but more than 50% higher than the speed of the Maus and Mäuschen.

            Just look what a speed nerf do to tanks: FV215b 183. Armor has been increased a bit, speed has been nerfed along with the gun handling. What happened? This tank got form bad to worse.

            Unplayable is the right word. Just think back to the days before WG buffed the LFP and UFP of the VK45B. It was unplayable due to the fact that it was inferior in every single aspect compared to the E75. Same goes for the Maus, TOG, British TDs and the T95. Their armor is overwhelmed by most guns of the same tier, their strength depends completely on the situation and lower tiers can still fight these tanks without any problems with gold ammo or simple with flanking. The easiest way to win against a team with a few slow and heavy armored tanks is to avoid these tanks, kill the rest of the team and then swarm the heavy armored vehicles. They will stand no chance.
            Speed and relocating will win the battle, not the right angling of armor.

        • Spall liner will e a must, at least for me. Arty will be a very big problem, like in all slow tanks. Still, imagine those games when you are top tier on Himmelsdorf.
          Also, without arty this behemoths could easily get OP, I would like to see arty limited to 1 or 2 per battle. Enough to prevent the big guys from getting unstoppable but not too many to ruin all the fun.

          • Yes, without arty this tank would be a serious problem. It would lead into higher popularity of it and thus there would be way more of them. But right now this tank isn’t going to be a real problem. There won’t be eve rmany of them unless WG would nerf arty again that hard or give them the possibility to play without arty. However, that is highly unlikely. And yes, you can imagine those top tier HImmelsdorf battles but they will be rare, very rare. Would you expect many people to suffer through all the battles when they get annihlated by artillery just to get that one game?

            • Well, there are a few maps in which this tank will be completely useless. Just rush forward to the enemy base and wait to get killed :)

              On the other hand, many maps offer nice choke points with arty protection.And then there’s the city maps, in which this tank will rock.

              Also, with the massive armor and a spall liner arty with small guns (french,brit at lower tiers) will have a hard time inflicting significant amounts of damage. Of course a direct hit from a GC will ruin your day..

          • Marcelofdeath1, i underestand your point of view and arguments.

            All i want to say is that i I just think that you are going too far with this and you see only one side of coin. Artillery is aiming also fast medium tank drivers with over 60% win rate … for example …

            But i see no sens to say my words again – i made my point of view and you made yours. I think that, now, just real server will show us who is right, not is not.

            But … the same time, i was big fun and i wanted to play Jagdpanzer E-100. I grinded all tech tree just for this tank. Now, i sold him and i will never go back. Sooo … i can change my mind even to the point of selling the tank.

      • A tier 8 premium tank can’t penetrate a tier 9 tank up front? How terrible. Most tier 3 tanks can’t penetrate Matilda, please nerf it! And I always have problems fighting a E75 with my tier 6 light tank. Nerf that, too!

          • So what? Happens all the time. There is no need for an IS6 or T44 to win a 1vs1 against a Mäuschen. Seriously. It happens on other tiers with other tanks as well.
            If you can’t penetrate the Mäuschen, avoid it. You can still cap the base.

    • The Russian IS in-game potraits the IS-85 and the IS-85 refitted with a 122mm gun.
      The Chinese IS-2 in-game potraits the IS-2s made post 1943(?) and every IS with that kind of hullarmor had an 122mm gun.

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    • Don’t worry, by next year they’ll figure out that my proposal was what they are looking for…

  6. Wargaming must be desperate for money, no serb to the moon then! So many Russian potatoes will buy this!

  7. Really? Nerf?

    Reload with 128 mm almost 16 seconds? More than 21 seconds with 149 mm gun? Are they fucking kidding me?

    There is not even one tank that is close to these reload times. With these stats everyone kill you with his DPM. You will have no chance and it doesnt matter how much armor and hp you have.

    • Good point.

      Well … we will see what will happen with Mauschen in real server.
      They are trying to make long reload time a way to balance his good armor and luck of penetration in some of his heavy tank enemies from tier 8 for example.
      Will it be balance … we can only speculate.

      • Would be interesting to know how it performs even on test server, but since the only ammo used there is gold… Why not cap those to the average of the vanilla server, so it really tests how a tank performs in a “real” battle?

  8. - reload time (by 1,5s for 12,8cm and 2s for 15cm)

    Ooooh my God xD enjoy Vk4502B whilst you can ppl. This is gonna get ugly with this new T9. What a POS!

  9. I really wonder what would happen to the Marks of Excellence people already has on the VK B, any news about it if we keep it on the t9 Maus? got 2 on it and don’t want to lose them.

  10. Year 2017, patch 0.9835:
    There’s an Object version premium tank for every tier and class in the Soviet tree.

    Ia am not complaining, but trust me – it will be so! ;)

  11. ”That’s right, it’s a tier 6 clone of the IS (tier 7 tank) with 85mm D-5T-85BM (the 144 pen gun) and slightly different suspension. Because, you know, this game definitely needs more pure clones…”

    A fat KV-13 on tier 6, because balance.

  12. I’d rather to get the FCM36 as a gift tank instead of another clone in the shop..
    Ok, it would be Tier 2.. But trollarmor and it is an historical vehicle. (Historical battle? :D)

    However, I don’t speak a single word of russian so I can’t ask devs..

  13. I think this Ob. 244 will be reward tank in next batch of IM’s. I don’t really care about it, as I have Churchill III. But I am really afraid the AMX-13/57 will be a reward tank also, it would be such a pity.

  14. Although it’s a clone, I suppose it’s fine in the respect that unlike the Churchill III, it actually PLAYS like the higher tier Soviet heavies, thus serving as a better crew trainer for those who can’t afford an IS-7.

  15. Whatever you say, but the soviet line needs a proper T6 premium tank. This SU-100Y sh*tbox doesn’t exactly suit ANYONES playstyle (long-distance troll, but that’s all, KV-2 is way funnier). Here we now have a decently armored, decently gunned and probably well-maneuverable heavy tank.

    (For the record: The Nazi-Line has their “Dicker Max”, the Chinese the adequate Type 64, the french—well who cares about the french, ‘muricans…well they are needy as well, the tommies have their “gunship”)